T/C Venture now shipping: 1 MOA for less than $500!

The budget priced Thompson/Center Venture rifle is now shipping. T/C guarantee that it is capable for firing 3 shots in a one inch group at 100 yards. This rifle is going to fly off the shelves!

It will be available chambered in .270, .30-06, 300 Win. Mag., and 7mm Mag. I hope it will be available in a short action soon.


Steve Johnson

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  • Freiheit

    I assume thats $500 + optics.

    The other thing I notice is that .270 and 7mm are ALWAYS on the shelf at my local Megamart so one might be able to get ammo to shoot this thing again.

    • Freiheit, yep, it would be without optics. A 1 MOA rifle probably deserves $500 worth of optics!

      If I was T/C I would offer a range of upgrade options. Many people will like the idea of starting with a cheap MOA rifle, then slowly building up accessories. Maybe fancy wood stocks, adjustable stocks, recoil reduction devices etc.

  • I’m shocked it’s not in .308!

  • B Woodman

    Would .308 fall under “short action”?

  • What the hell?! I bought three of these and I can’t get a single one to fire less than 1 MOA! These things suck.

    Oh wait. I think I figured out the problem. Anybody know where I can buy a sub-MOA me?

  • Woohoo .30-06sprg! I am curious about actual reports and not advertising, but that sounds good.

  • curtis

    If they make it in a left handed design i just found my next purchase.

  • Will T/C make a T/C Venture in a .308 caliber?

    • William, hopefully they will.