Fast Money interviews S&W CEO

CNBC’s Fast Money show talks to Michael Golden, CEO of Smith & Wesson, about the gun market and how S&W is faring.

He says that the gun market is cooling but S&W’s M&P rifles and tactical rifles are selling well. I do not dispute that S&W is doing well, but I find it hard to believe S&W, or Ruger, will be able to maintain their current stock prices. Both stocks have more than doubled since February courtesy of the gun buying frenzy.


Golden mentions the M4 competition. I expect they will have sometime more interesting up their sleeve than the M&P4, a pretty standard direct gas impingement M4 clone, which the Military Times reported a while back that S&W would be entering.

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Groom

    I can believe it! They didn’t insert any editorial comments about crime, or murders, or rednecks, or anything! Has the world gone topsy-turvy?! I almost forgot that I was watching clip from a network that ‘s owned by GE!

  • War Wolf

    I bought an M&P .40c and really tried to like it but it was plagued with so many problems (even after a trip back to S&W and two stints on the bench at my local smith) that I was left with no other alternative but to get rid of it and roll that money into a Walther PPS. The M&P had dozens of FTF’s, dozens of FTE’s and numerous instances of failure to completely go into battery. The PPS, while distributed by S&W, is as close to concealed carry perfection as I could have hoped for. Thin, very well made and 1000% reliable. I liked it so much I went out and bought a .40 PPS a few months later to round out the set. Maybe they have the kinks out of the M&P postols by now but like most introductions; you only get one chance to make a first impression.

  • Reed

    I have an M&P 9mm currently and aside from a broken extractor, which S&W fixed at no cost, it runs absolutely flawlessly. Also I’m curious if S&W intends to use their M&P Rifle in those military competitions that were mentioned, or if they’ve got something else up their sleeve.

  • Has anybody sent back their ppk for the recall and noticed its been gone three months and counting?