Raytheon applies for MILES Claymore mine patent

War games just got more fun. Raytheon has applied for a patent on a simulated M18 Claymore Anti-Personal Mine for the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) training system.

Picture 4-39

The patent describes a device that looks like a claymore but instead of hundreds of steel balls and C4 explosives, it is armed with over one hundred laser diodes and LEDs arranged to simulate a claymore explosion, including the back blast.

Picture 5-31
Real Claymore Range

Picture 6-31
Simulated Claymore Killing Zone

To increase authenticity, the device could be hooked up to a pyrotechnic charge to simulate the light, sound and smoke of a real claymore. In short, it provides everything expect the for horrific mess and mental trauma that is the modern anti-personnal mine. I am sure it will help green recruits learn that “FRONT TOWARD ENEMY” does in fact mean front toward enemy 😉

300Px-Us M18A1 Claymore Mine

Many thanks to Daniel E. Watters for telling me about the patent.

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  • Griffin

    mmmm the clacker

  • This reminds me of the TES system we use back when I was in the conscript army for training purposes. The use of lasers and satellite positioning for war simulation.