New Bullpup SKS Stock from SG Works


Shernic Gun Works have unveiled a new bullpup conversion stock for the SKS rifle.


Two things differentiate the stock from other attempts at SKS bullpup conversions. The first being that it can be loaded with stripper clips and the other being the low price of $159.95.

Picture 3-30

I am not entirely sure how it works, but from what I can see in the below video, the bolt dust cover / cheek rest, for lack of better terms, is spring loaded and can be popped open, either with a button or unlatching it somehow. When it is popped open and the bolt locked back a stripper clip can be inserted into the magazine. After loading, the cheek rest can be push closed. While it can be used with SKS rifles that take either AK-47 or Tapco magazines, many people, including myself, don’t like the magazine conversions and prefer the simplicity and robustness of Simonov’s original design.

The SG Works Bullpup in action

The stock does not require any permanent modifications and the original front sight assembly can be left on the rifle, but it is not heigh enough to be of any use.

The stock will not be shipped before September, but it can be pre-ordered at a discounted rate. The manufacture will be sending me some more photos of the stock shortly.

Hat Tip: Хроники безумного Макса

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