New Bullpup SKS Stock from SG Works

Shernic Gun Works have unveiled a new bullpup conversion stock for the SKS rifle.


Two things differentiate the stock from other attempts at SKS bullpup conversions. The first being that it can be loaded with stripper clips and the other being the low price of $159.95.

Picture 3-30

I am not entirely sure how it works, but from what I can see in the below video, the bolt dust cover / cheek rest, for lack of better terms, is spring loaded and can be popped open, either with a button or unlatching it somehow. When it is popped open and the bolt locked back a stripper clip can be inserted into the magazine. After loading, the cheek rest can be push closed. While it can be used with SKS rifles that take either AK-47 or Tapco magazines, many people, including myself, don’t like the magazine conversions and prefer the simplicity and robustness of Simonov’s original design.

The SG Works Bullpup in action

The stock does not require any permanent modifications and the original front sight assembly can be left on the rifle, but it is not heigh enough to be of any use.

The stock will not be shipped before September, but it can be pre-ordered at a discounted rate. The manufacture will be sending me some more photos of the stock shortly.

Hat Tip: Хроники безумного Макса

Steve Johnson

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  • Avtomat

    eh, all my skss were imported as C&Rs–I’m guessing that stock is not legal for those….

  • Matt Groom

    I like it. If I hadn’t sold my crappy looking but reliable Chi-Commercial SKS for a Refurb Russian, I would be interested in buying this kit. The SKS is one of my all time favorite battle rifle designs (Top FIVE!) and I adore it for it’s rugged simplicity and quality manufacture (except those chi-com ones). But I think it’s horrible to find sporterized 03 Springfields and M98 Mausers in the discount rack at the gun store, and I will not sporterize my Tula! But if I find a cheap Yugo at the flea market, it’s game on!

    • Matt, I agree with you. I love the SKS design. One day if I ever earn a few million I will get my gunsmith to make me a modern SKS. Replace the steel receiver and dust cover with aluminum, get a match grade barrel made, a decent sized wooden stock that is weighted in the butt for balance. I can dream 🙂

  • BrassSlinger

    $160 seems like a very fair price. It should sell well but I would still like to see some close up shots of the stock.

  • Matthew

    Aesthetically it pulls some cues from a few other bullpups. I think these may sell pretty well, they’re seems to be a decent amount of folks that like tinkering with their SKS. It definitely seems like something more than worth looking into for SKS owners. Wish SG the best of sales.

  • While I enjoy the brutal simplicity, and rugged reliability of my Chinese SKS, that looks damn cool.

    I would never do it, but maybe if I had one with a destroyed stock

  • Erik

    If I can find one with a busted stock I’d be all over this! I wonder how hard it would be to run irons though… I never did like relying just on optics…

    Looks like a standard rail so maybe a set of BUIS from an AR set up for the 7.62×39 and then a quick release mount with a 4x fixed power scope on it…

  • higs

    O My God, i want it. looks way more ergonomic than the other bullpup conversions out there. I got an Chicom SKS that gets no lovin….


    looks like the halo battle rifle.

    PPS i really apologize for that.

  • Matt Groom


    It has been a fantasy of mine for years to build modern versions of several classic battle rifles like the SKS. I wouldn’t go with an Aluminum receiver because of the tilting block action, but an Aluminum, slide-on dust cover and Aluminum bolt carrier, oh yes. Call it the SSC. I’d have an option to chamber it in 5.45×39 as well. But before I did that, I’d build a “Baby Garand” in .223 and 6.8 SPC, complete with miniature En Bloc clips. Premium wood on both would be a must.

    • Matt, I am no engineer, but there must be a way to ensure that the “locking cross bolt lug” (for lack of a better term) does not put to much strain on an aluminium receiver.

      Isn’t the mini-14 a baby garand 😉 Just a joke. Why they went with the shotgun recoil system they used is beyond me.

  • Martin

    Very interesting conversion. Absolutely no left-hand compatibility, so a little bit of a tactical trade-off there. Though, considering the price, it shouldn’t be too big of a concern.

    The thing that caught my attention is the added flap to deflect the spent brass to the right, as SKS’ tend to eject straight up. It made for a little peculiar loading sequence. Open the flap, insert stripper, close the flap, and release the bolt. A detachable mag-fed version would make this stock very worthwhile.

  • Matt Groom


    I’m not an engineer either, but as far as I’m aware, there has never been a tilting block action built on an Aluminum receiver, and there have been at least a dozen such weapons that I can think of that have used this design. I would surely change from a square shoulder pin used in the SKS for a round one, like the one used in the FAL, but while the Aluminum would work, it would not hold up unless the receiver was made significantly thicker in several areas. The headspace would slowly stretch until you had case ruptures. Aluminum is never used for locking surfaces. It has the strength to perform many tasks that were traditionally performed by low-grade steel, but it does not have the toughness to withstand stretching because it cannot be through hardened to the same degree. Have you ever seen an Aluminum spring? Springs have to be heat treated through out in order to maintain their springiness.

    The use of Aluminum in various other components would greatly reduce the weight of what is actually already one of the lightest weight main battle rifles ever fielded. If you were to change the action to be more like a Chinese Type 63 it would work, but it would not be an SKS.

    I knew at least one person would make that Mini-14 joke. My original idea was inspired by making conversion parts for the Mini-14, which I was going to call the “Guerrilla 14”, but ultimately I wanted to change so many parts it would have been a different weapon entirely anyway.

  • I myself am a gun collector and have already ordered this stock plus 2 days ago I bought a china commy SKS. I am actually giving this project to my 16 year old daughter to build she is my range buddy and has always been interested in guns. If you check out the myspace website below you will see the three other SKS rifles I have two of which are Yugo and now I have 2 commy china rifles. I already modified two of my Sks rifles one of each and I kept the nicest Yugo original. I need to update the myspace gun collection since I have added about 7 more to my collection. I also do all of my own work am a self taught gunsmith. Mabe I just got really lucky on my Chinese SKS rifles but I have been able to find ones that look like they never been shot as well as brand new in appearance no rust hard cromed barrels. The chinese rifles would work better for this project anyway because the front of the barrels are so clean compared to the Yugos with no grenade launchers and such. Anyway check out my collection and in sept I will have this one on there as well. Good luck fellas dont forget to support the 2nd amendment write your congressmen.

  • Had a Chinese Para once upon a time. Fine rifle, what ever possessed me to swap that?

  • daniel childs

    How about a 100 round drum to go with this? Nobody that I know of is making one.

  • Dave

    With that stock your shoulder is in line with the barrel as well, so you’d have the muzzle flip of an AR approximately. I like it

  • If I still had my ChiCom Para, I’d have one of those!

  • As a vet, I to like guns. Targets and deer. 4 the last 4 years, I,ve been trying to make my Yugo a BP. I used Hardwood (Heavy), Had a block of Delrin machined (it started to melt after 7 rds). My last effort was a peice of plywood from the trash bin (fragile). I had a block of aluminum milled to hold a sliding trigger that pushed 5/15″ steel rod bent 90 on both ends. The rod is reccessed in a groove routed 1/4 bit. More routing, bandsaw and dremmel. Sanding (lot’s), priming and OD Krylon. It works. But it wasn’t the way it wanted it. Too long still, bit heavy, bayonet lug gone, (after checking atf rules) the barrel lost 2″. Still not right. Mounted a Minimag, Luxeon and still carried batteries. Also noticed, when turn light off, superdark. I no longer make forced entries, I walk the woods alone.
    Electronics, I been testing lifespans of alkalines, lithium, nicads, and li-ions. Both AA, &123’s. Have a collection of leds (5,8,10mm, white, green, IR). I think I’m almost got it. I don’t want nothing detacheable, built in! At the forward end, should be led, laser, on the left side of grip(clicky switch like maglite). Along the forward left side (switch for either reg light/off/IR). Where to put the Batteries has left me puzzed for a while. Maybey a solar panel and a charger jack. I do prop my rifle against a tree or in the corner.
    When I get some more money, I think i’ll but two of these stocks. One will not get modified, the other will…

  • Wow

    Wow you must be a poor as group if you can’t even afford a stock that cost’s as much as this. In my eyes this is thebest stock on the market!!!!! So stop being cheap and buy it!!

  • Can this unit like with other be fitted for ex. mags

  • Austin

    If you check out their website, you will see they made some changes. There is a tri rail on the front and a few other improvements.

  • TDC

    I’ve been watching the evolution of the Shernic bullpup and I’ll probably buy at least one. I already got an SKS bullpup stock from Bernie Rolfe over at and I really do like it. Mind you, I’m going to mod it a tad to suit myself but right out of the box it fit both my Russian and my Yugo perfectly. Due to work, weather and an incidental gun show (picked up a green laser and an EOtech reflex sight for said bullpup) I haven’t had time to sight it in yet. If it works and holds up as well as the Mosin Nagant stock I got from him I’m going to get another one for my Remington 597.

  • michael

    It has been a long while, and I’m loosing my patience. I’m fixin to request a refund. Furthermore, I’ve looked at the CBRPS website.
    I think maybey they can deliver on a date. The white looks very cool. It just maybey a little heavier but, whom can deliver to my front door first. Someone needs to say “POP” and get it out. I ain’t ever going to do another preorder again. If It ain’t in stock, ready to ship: I ain’t spending a dime. I’m sorry for those whose hearts is good. This is the USA. It is a capitalist nation. If I were a billionaire, buying a big new boat, I’not going to wait ten years for it to be ready for sea. I’ll fix something in a few months. And catch me a lot of fish. SGWorks needs to send the deliveryman to our doors. If he can’t he should say why every 2 or 3 days in the website. Bussiness is bussiness, Keep the customers happy, and don’t let them think the’ve got jacked.

  • James


    I just pre-ordered one of their stocks. I talked with them on the phone and they said the stock is scheduled to ship some time in march. ( I realize this stock has been supposing to ship for a while now) Apparently someone that needed to send them some information or parts or something Took a 3 week vacation so we will see how that affects the ship date.

  • TDC


    I would recommend a little more patience as well. Bringing a new product to market can try the patience and sanity of the vendor and the customers.
    I have to wait just a bit on ordering one of the SGS stocks until the first of March (kind of overspent the budget at a local gun show). It looks like an interesting stock and the price is right. I picked up a Yugo just for this.

    Having said that, I still recommend the stocks that CBRPS offers as well. Bernie is a straight shooter and a good businessman. I have a Mosin stock of his as well as the SKS and will be getting a couple more of his models as well.

  • michael

    “Okay”, Had to go back and read. Chinese New Year got Ebay too. But, Tri RAil! I got several dohickies to put on it.
    1st, a small action or helmet video cam w, sound and 4GB sd card. AVI. I had a cheap red dot that stop working after two new batteries. I Dremmeled the rings and attached to my cam. 2nd, I been using them project boxes with the battery compartment. AA alkalines put 3 volts. Using the Lithium rechargers, 3 makes 3.6volts. Go to either Luxeon or The Germans got Osram spot models. They screw into with M10x1.5. I got Green and soft white. Using 2 AA alkalines, you’ll need a buck puck. Any ways, I got a IR that I made, Putting the goggles on, IR works good. Got a green lazer.

    Summary, Lazers, 2 very powerful lights that are good on batteries, powerful IR, and can record 4 hrs of video from the front of my gun.

    If you want to know where I get stuff or how to hook it up, Post, I read, I repost.

  • James

    where did you get your green laser? Im lookin for a good one.

  • michael

    James, go to ebay. search for green laser sight or module. They normally come from China but, some US vendors may have the upscale and more expensive ones.,, will have them for more money. You can also search google.

  • Tex

    Do you have to use stripper clips, or will it accept Tapco 20 round mags? I really like this concept.

  • aj

    I just got back from the Crossroads gun show @ Costa Mesa (Calif.) and preordered one. Note: I’m not a forum regular here, but found this page googling last night, after a friend saw this stock and emailed me the infos on it.

    Polymer stocks are nice on SKSs and lighten them up a bit, but the balance gets FUBAR as a result. This brings things back in line very nicely (he had his prototype available for liberal handling, and a stock SKS for size/weight comparison).

    To answer a question above, yes, it can use TAPCO removable magazines. Being in CA I am relegated to fixed 10 round, and this works fine with stripper clips. As mentioned, the design has changed a little on the top with regards to rail mounts as pictured here.

    One mod that does need to made, and they do reference this on their web page, is removal of the rear site. Taps out easy enough.

    That said, can anyone recommend a good US-made gas tube and piston? I picked up an old Chinese SKS from a buddy and it hasn’t been fired in… probably 14 years or so. The gas tube’s a bit on the corroded side, so I’d rather replace than refurbish.

    Thanks in advance!

  • michael

    I’d like to see the close-ups of the production model. That’s with the tri rail. I want to make my own forward handgrip, possibly a cheap AK grip. Could someone tell me that the cheap black AK grips are hollow inside? I want to put it in a vise and drill 5mm holes in the front perpendicular to the barrell. I have some very bright 5mm leds to light my way. I have three AA battery boxes (68mm x35mm) that I could submount with black resin and they’ll look like they were made that way. Or, if the trigger gaurd is large enough, I could dremmel around the screw mounts to put my smallest wire in. Put the hand/grip assembly in vise, line up my square and drill,5mm bit.
    Any advice would be appreciated!

  • michael

    (Preliminary Update) #2

    Now his molder/manufatacturer has thier head up thier *%#, and there’s another holdup on getting us our kits. Seems like the employees don’t want to do the work or, they don’t want their jobs. No hard fellings to SGWORKS, but they’ve been picking some of the worst I’ve run across.

    My personal experience with folks of this kind and had good things to say about is ( They getter’done. I wonder if I’ll ever get to take my new sks out to the feild.

  • Big Red

    Wow, i want to buy one right now. Only problem is where the heck do i find one?

  • James

    Wow. Now Big Red I dont like to berate people online, its too impersonal. But did you even google SG works? It is the first hit on there.
    anyway the website is
    And huzza! If everything goes smoothly shipping should start soon after the 16th! Ive been waiting sence feb (thats my post up there) But I cant imagine the people whove been waiting a whole year for this thing. thats crazy.

  • Annoyed

    I have been waiting about 1 year for this dumb thing to ship. I understand that there are production delays but I am starting to think this is just some type of scam. I guess I will believe it when I see it. And after a year this better not suck!

  • Matthew

    Have these shipped yet? I am looking for a Bullpup stock for my Chi Para. If I had realized they sold them before I purchased the T6 Fusion I would bought this instead.

  • From SGWorks website:

    “Friday, July 23rd, 2010
    We will begin our shipping process within two weeks from today, July 23, 2010!!! We were able to confirm this morning that the metal reinforcements would be finished in time to begin shipping August 8, 2010. We will start shipping sooner if we receive them earlier. The price for our SKS Bullpup Kit will be going to the retail price August 8. The Front Tri-rail Mount Option/Accessory will be $24 and the Extended Magazine Release Lever Accessory for detachable magazines will be $18 and will not be included with the stock kits after August 7, but will be offered separately.

    We will be posting an assembly video and close-up pictures the first of this next week.”

  • Annoyed

    I have heard this line befoe, I will believe it when I see it all packaged up on my doorstep

  • Nick

    Matt, the gun shop that I work at buys used guns and we have an original German Mauser 98k that was dropped into a modified Remington 700 stock and chambered to a .30-06. It’s a damn shame….

  • mike

    Now they’re shipping. Either they have 437,463 orders or they shipping by chinese immigrant bicycles. Is there someone who is familliar with this site have thier kit yet? Fuck going to the PO in a hyundai, rent a frickin U-haul. There are many shipping services out there that can “git er done”. Please SGworks and others, don’t be offended by patience running out. I’m ruuning out of time for adventure. Within 5 weeks, I’m gonna have to go back to work and; I will not have vacation time for another three years. Shait, I hope I live that long.

    I,ve got things to do. Shiat, I’d like to submit some laser, led illuminators to sgworks. I was in the last class of jungle training and I’m familliar with the desert. My testing intergrated lasers and various (nichias, luxeons, osrams, and ebay leds just may go in the trash, if I cannot get in the field with a good platform.

    What shall I do, Hire a lawyer? I too have very little income. I’m Christian and, I need to do his tasks that I believe he put before me.

    I’ve got a very small forward 635nm laser module (XY adjustable) and many leds to include “Osram, Nichia, 850nm lasers and leds, Luxeons”.
    I need to deploy these in the field.

    As many know, A long rifle gets caught in the brush, and branches like to disarm you. You’d know what I’m talking about if you had 11B10 training. Here’s a question. Who or what is in your backyard?You need to protect you kids, parents and I think you love your dogs too.

    To do that, you need shot placement, target aquisition and to be certain that you hit what you want and nothing else.

    Now, Am I a fool? Not today I ain’t. Not tomorow either.

    SGWORKS, SHIP MY STOCK KIT ASAP… Or do I need a lawyer?



  • monitor

    I’ve been following this for several years. Looks like the SKS bullpup man strikes again. The first man had more photos and a better website than this guy. Hell, I got took too. We are now investigating his involvement with Madame Abacha in the Congo. Also thier many other names and accounts.

    There is an multimational internet party that solicits many different forms of money scams and, they have mastered the “Paypal”, database too.
    They focus on creating the Preordering websites, mirroring those websites, and can also dupplicate the SSL security to show on your monitor.

    If you are using any “Microsoft, Windows (XP, Vista, or Windows7), now matter how Much you pay for security. “They’ll get paid, as long as you pay”. So watch all your banking, credit, medical accounts. Window operating systems will allway have a back door; and anyone who is smart enough to get in will.

    Back to SGWORKS.

  • michael

    It is 22 Sept 2010. Has anyone whom reads this blog gotten their kit yet? Do you have it yet? I’ve watched the assembly video so many times; I’m starting to like the girl. Why does it take so long for them to ship?

  • James

    I ordered mine in February. Ive been checking the site every day looking for the 1/2 month shipping update. Im excited too but ill be happier when they finally ship February.

  • I yes have received my kit. I must say it is much better quality than I expected the polymer/nylon whatever is very sturdy and plenty well supported inside with a honey comb type design plus there is a extra metal support bracket on both sides underneath the trigger housing. I am still removing all of the pieces of stock that leaks out around the mold during manufacturing. The same stuff that you get from models easy to do and not terrible but I plan on painting the stock a desert camo and I am a perfectionist. Oh also to all those still waiting they are currently shipping 1-15 Aug 09 orders I placed my order on 27 Jul 09 so they are good for there word and trust me 100% ligit. The only problem I have is I got the bracket for the tri-rail but they forgot to put in the tri-rails themselves. I am very happy so far and they seem very prompt to resolve any problems that occur.


  • michael

    IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME! Yep, mine came today (Thursday, October 21, 2010); and me is happy. Thanks SGWorks. It’s beautiful.

  • Gary Brown

    I ordered my stock well over a year ago when first advertised. I was patient because I understand the problems of small and or new companies. I got my stock at the end of AUG and it would NOT work! I sent it back and 2 weeks later got my replacement. It worked perfectly! I had to use a riser AND tall rings to get a good sight picture thru my scope but I believe this is common to all bullpups. I fabbed a mount for the forward grip and went to the range. After sight in I fired 200 rounds and performance was flawless. My only complaint is mag swapping is difficult at best so I’ll have to get more stripper clips. Overall a very impressive looking weapon and well worth the wait.

  • michael

    I’m almost done. found it easier squeezing upper and lower together with my big wood vise, screws lined up perfectly. Also, discovered my trigger group was dammaged, I’ll get another from sksman. I’ve milled two very small laser modules with X,Y set screws. for a built in look. the front metal peice will come in very handy. sksman has ak grips. I’m gonna vise it in and square it. drill for my lasers. and for my leds. should be strait and sturdy. would hold my switches. Gonna clean my old sling rings and mount with the same screws.
    Question, who sells some cheap peep sights that I can put on top that does’nt sit too high? And the guy in sgw’s site who painted his sand, Just what kind of paint is not gonna scratch and peel off the kit? Everything I’ve ever painted and took outdoors scratched and looked horible. Would like to do it in the old army woodland camo. Otherwise, the original black is fine.
    By the way, Ebay has a 12″ gijoe of my unit invading Panama, looks like “Gator”; Manchu hair and the pig.
    Thanks again SGWORKS, Damn good job but, I have too tweek mine just a very little. Bloggers, give me a holla, We are a whole new group in our very own.

  • skscanadian

    Is there a five round clip available for these as I am Canadian and that is the max allowed here?

  • Hydrocram

    @7a948222e3c9699fb0f926abdc8f18e2:disqus because our Canadian gun laws are so lame Bullpup stocks are prohib here. However you CAN get a bullpup rifle…like a Tavor and it’s non-restricted. If it comes from the manufacturer as a bullpup it’s A-OK but for some stupid reason converting the SKS to a bullpup makes it prohib. Don’t ask me why we suck, we just do.

  • SKS-AR enthusiast

    @9fe139bff3f029e3b33b6ba2e3304eb4:disqus- I’m from Canada too, and thIs is always my big question with our RCMP and other politicians. I don’t see any logical and legal basis why a piece of a polymer plastic is a prohibited one in comparison with the non restricted Tavor 21, FS 90 and now the chinese bullpups. It doesn’t make sense at all.

  • Fish

    is this a scam?