S&W M&P15-22 “Compliant” model

S&W are now selling a version of the .22 AR-15 patterned M&P15-22 that is compliant with Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey and New York law.

811031 Large

It has been made compliant by fixing the stock so it cannot be adjusted and supplying a 10 round magazine. The MSRP is still $499.

The pistol grip and removable magazine prevent it from being California compliant. .22 Rifles are exempt from California Assault Weapon laws.

Steve Johnson

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  • Erik

    Wrong. California law and AW regs specifically exempt a rimfire rifle from the fixed mag requirement. You can have as many “Evil features” as you want on a Rimfire rifle here in the PRK. Removable mag, tele-stock, VFG, Flash Hider, Droppable mag, etc. Centerfire rifles are where it gets tricky.

    • Erik, thanks for the correction. I have updated the post.

  • Erik

    You’re welcome.

    For future California Reference regarding AW laws, check this out.


    Specifically CPC 12276.1 (A)

    “Notwithstanding PC section 12276, assault weapon shall also
    mean the following: Rifles
    (1) A semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that has the capacity to accept a
    detachable magazine CCR 11 § 5469 (a) and any one of the following:
    (A) A pistol grip CCR 11 § 5469 (d)
    (B) A thumbhole stock. CCR 11 § 5469 (e)
    (C) A folding or telescoping stock.
    (D) A grenade launcher or flare launcher.
    (E) A flash suppressor. CCR 11 § 5469 (b)
    (F) A forward pistol grip. CCR 11 § 5469 (c)
    (2) A semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that has a fixed magazine with the
    capacity to accept more than 10 rounds.
    (3) A semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that has an overall length of less
    than 30 inches.”

    Or the interactive version of the AW Flowchart here, http://calnra.com/cgi-bin/flowchart.cgi

    That all being said, the CRPA, CalGuns Foundation, and the NRA hope to be making progress against these BS laws soon…

  • I read, “Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey and New York” – and don’t see California listed in the mix.
    I’m also very hopeful that the CRPA and CalGuns Foundation along with the NRA will continue to make progress, especially against the cosmetically driven and very expensive gun-test that CA requires.
    Given that it will have to go through such test costing tens-of-thousands of dollars, and the recent ban on lead ammo in any potential so-called “Condor Habitat” I’m not real hopeful to see it in California. Along the Central Coast area, .22lr which is mainly lead has disappeared from some dealer shelves – at least in Salinas last time I checked – and deer-tags are way down as hunters have abandoned the area and even plinkers are in jeopardy/fear of Fish and Game enforcement action. THAT’s the kind of backdoor twofer effort that’s shutting down hunting AND shooting that we should be worried about and fight to overturn…

  • John

    So… those unfortunate enough to be stuck in the PRK can put a flash hider on their baby-eating, global warming-causing plinking EBRs and all is fine and dandy but swap out the upper and mag for their larger caliber counterparts, and it’s a felony? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Sigh.

  • Monty

    In addition to classification based on ‘evil features’ the NY assault weapon ban also includes specific weapons
    (d) any of the weapons, or functioning frames or receivers of such weapons, or copies or duplicates of such weapons, in any caliber, known as:
    (iv) Colt AR-15;
    Is this different enough that there is no risk of it being considered a copy or duplicate, in any caliber of an AR-15?

  • B Woodman

    Sigh. . . All the brain-dead libbers. . .

    Are the magazine and stock fixed so that they can’t be removed and replaced?? There’s a way around anything / everything if one wants to work at it hard enough.

    Other then that, just another overpriced .22. Really, $500!!??

    • B, I think $500 is pretty good. Not cheap, but you get a .22 AR-15 patterned rifle without the need to do a caliber conversion when you want to shoot .22.

  • Ed

    Any ideas on when we can see the S&W M&P15-22 hit dealers’ shelves?

  • Ed

    Last I heard was July of this year….

  • noname

    I just bought the M&P 15-22 yesterday. I haven’t had it out to shoot it yet but it’s really cute. Just like any AR…but in .22 … It even has a real AR-type trigger group so you can add an after-market kit if you want. I got mine for $409.00. The real reason I signed up for this place was to say that even thought its name includes the words “Firearms..not politics” I see that most people just cannot make a post without adding a political blurb…somewhere!!

  • Ed

    Just bought one this week for $495, and took it out today and ran a couple hundred rounds through it. Then I fired my Colt AR-22 from the same bench rest, and got similar groupings. I thought the Colt was really neat until I got the S&W. Similarities are clearly greater to a standard AR-15 than what the Colt offers. Pistol grips, butt stocks (without tube), picatinny rail accessories, and trigger assembly interchange with standard mil-spec AR options. That part is really nice. I saw some links where folks think the Colt is more accurate, but I do not find that to be the case. They are fairly equivalent in my testing at 25 yards. The S&W, however, seems to take-down easier for cleaning, which is a plus.

    BTW, I also saw the S&W at Academy for $449. Of course, I stumbled across that after I already bought mine. Oh well….

  • 1969 fed

    just got a M&P15-22, really nice…Got some upgrades and wil go to the range next week. Let you know. Do any of you guys know where I can buy a couple of magazines for the M&P15-22. The local dealer indicated that they are coming…

  • ron thomas

    Just got an e-mail from S&W yesterday. They have the 15-22 magazines for $20!!

  • noname

    ed & 1969: I wasn’t going to say anything about “the Colt being more accurate” but since you mentioned it……. no way someone can say that about any .22 unless they’ve tried every flavor of ammo made. Everyone (I thought) knows that every .22 likes its own brand and model of ammo. I have a Kimber that will out-shoot another guy’s when he uses $6.00-50rd-ammo and I use the bulk stuff from Wal-Mart. (really irks him too!!!!)

  • Jim C

    From the NYS Assault Weapons Ban:

    “(d) any of the weapons, or functioning frames or receivers of such weapons, or copies or duplicates of such weapons, in any caliber, known as: ………(iv) Colt AR-15………..”

    I live in NY, and want an AR styled gun. No one has told me how NY law enforcement interprets the line above. Isn’t any gun based on the AR-15 receiver design regardless of name, going to be considered a “copy or duplicate”? I’d buy a Rock River LAR-8 (.308) in a heartbeat, but since the receiver, recoil damping, etc. is based on the Colt AR-15, and looks like an AR-15, isn’t it possible I would get arrested by some overzealous law enforcement official? Or has this “copy” business already been defined in some prior court case?

    Other sticking point is the welded on “muzzle brake” some people say is NYS ban compliant. How many people can tell the difference between a flash suppressor and muzzle brake? Would a police officer make the distinction?

  • Don C -So Cal

    So where did you buy for $409? Anyone else know a great place to get a good price in Southern CA?

  • Gene in So Cal

    I don’t think they’re available here in CA yet. I saw on another forum someone claiming that Sportmen’s Supply in San Jose is importing ones with hi-cap mags and selling them for $499 without the mag. Then when the 10-rounders come in, they’ll give those to out. I been calling all the LGS every week or two and they all tell me the hold up is that the 10-rnd mags aren’t made yet and no ETA. Anyone else have any luck?

  • Don C -So Cal

    My local shop Uncle Paul’s Gun Exchange said $499, but he is waiting on the order. Maybe a month or two, but I’m in no hurry & they are great guys to work with!

  • Kevin

    Is it possible to put a standard A2 handguard on this carbine? I’d like it to be more similar to the standard M4 platform…

  • Don C -So Cal

    I just got mine the end of December and went out shooting with my kids. This gun is a blast! Now I just need a few extra magazines and I’m set. If you are unsure about this gun it is awesome. Also, much lighter than the Ruger SR22 or Colt too. Uncle Paul’s Exchange in Ventura is such a great local shop to deal with. Keep them in mind if you are in the area.

  • Viper4507

    “Don C -So Cal” said it, Where is it for $409? and can I get it in Southern CA? I dont “need” it, but if I see it for $409 it will probilby follow me home. (guns are funny that way)

  • Brad Gilbert

    The Smith M&P 15-22 is a dedicated >22 L.R.platform. The lower has different dimensions than a center fire AR so an AR upper will not fit, and an AR mag will not fit. This prevents it from being classed as a semi-auto version of a military colt rifle. So, if your tricked out Ruger 10-22 is legal in your area, then the Smith M&P would be legal also, at least in the fixed stock, 10 rd. mag model.

  • jimmy q

    Just bought a ‘MA compliant’ M&P 15-22 and started to take a look at it 1 hour ago. I’m taking this thing to my NH house to plink around so I’m going to get some 25 round mags for it since you can only get the 10 round mags in Mass.

    The adjustable stock was pinned in the long position and I prefer it in the short position. Easy enough, the small pin was metal and it took about 1 minute to drill out so the stock could be moved. I’m making sure to drill out a hole so I can pin it in the position so I’m legal in Mass (home).

    I really need someone to explain to me how the ability to move a stock from one length to 4 inches longer or shorter to accomodate the shooters arm length makes it an assault weapon.

    I have a license to carry in 3 states and can arm myself to the teeth if I want to but I can’t adjust the stock so it fits my arm length ? DUH

  • Calib

    saw one at big 5 for $189

  • Raul

    Is it possible to replace the fixed stock in The S&w AR 15-22 CT compliant model and replace it with a Ssar-15 Bump fire stock?
    Will it be legal, technically this is not a colapsible stock

  • What the heck does having the convenience of an adjustable stock have anything to do with a weapons lethality? Some people need to adjust the stock. What the heck?