K98 Mauser Photos

Mike, a reader of TFB, bought a K98 Mauser from Mitchell’s Mausers and emailed me some photos.




Mike says …

I also have a Yugo Mauser from them. The Yugo was made in 1946 at a German plant after they were kicked out. The K98 was made in 1941, the quality isn’t as good as the Yugo one.

It didn’t come with a sling, just with a “military strap with buckles” (read, Mosin Nagant sling), and they were out of some of the goodies (new ads reflect that), but I’m happy. I wanted a German Mauser and got one.

Many thanks to Mike for emailing me the photos.

Steve Johnson

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  • Pretty!

  • War Wolf

    These are nice. The price seems fair for NOS/NIB German Mauser. I forwarded this to my FFL guy who showed me the ad a while back and said he was interested in one. I would be interested in a more detailed description and more detailed photos of this weapon. Is there any chance the original submitter could provide that?

  • Cyle

    Micheal’s Mausers are frauds. They sand down and refinish perfectly good historical stocks, force match RC K98 numbers and generally just mislead those not in the know about actual Milsurp.

  • Thomas

    Just curious, what grade is that one? Looks pretty nice.

  • Justin

    I perused onto the Mitchell’s Mausers site, and under the Yugoslavian M48 page they claim it is “A genuine Mauser 98”, which the M48 is not?! The M48 is supposed to me a modified verison of k98. They also list, as a wood used in the stock, teak. Unless Yugoslavia was importing teak wood (talk about excessive!) from tropical/sub-tropical countries, I highly, highly doubt the stocks on the M48 rifles is actually made from teak.

    The site seems pretty shifty to me!

  • JD

    Justin and cycle are right, Mitchells mausers is a Fraud company that has been ripping people off for years. Five minutes and the slightest inclination to look would show any potentional customer just what they do.

    Sorry, bud.

  • KP

    Frauds. They’ve towned down the REAL NAZI MAUSER re-marked Yugo stuff but that they did it in the past should be a BIG indicator. Still overpriced junk. Buyer beware.

  • Squidpuppy

    Caveat Emptor means let the buyer beware, it doesn’t mean don’t buy. So long as you’re not getting one of these as a genuine collectible, with serious collector value, and just want a Mauser to shoot, and the thing shoots, what’s the problem?

  • KP

    You’re paying a bunch extra for a fair clean-up job on a rifle of unknown quality.

  • charles

    I have heard the same complaints about mitchells mausers for years. If i want a good k98 shooter thats not a piece of junk, then where do i buy it from

  • Greg Alley

    I have a 1916 Erfurt Kar98. 8377 stamped on each piece. Got it from my grandfather. I put 8mm rounds through it, shoots straight. The tanget sight has been welded and the receiver is a bit discolored. Other than that its in good shape.
    Any suggestion on what to do to clean it up?
    Is it a collectors item?
    Should I retire it and keep it an a show piece?
    Would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thanks

  • to greg alley. its your choice…if i had your rifle i would refinish it so that you can pass it down to your childrens children and it can look nice hanging up on a wall. 1916? thats an old rifle! i would not take it out whitetail hunting! clean it up and mount some felt padded gun hangers on a wall.

  • Douglas R. Brown

    Just got my k98 from mitchels. Outstanding piece of equipment. All numbers match, the wood is correct and excellent and the bore is pristene. I think I got the better end of the deal. Can’t wait to shoot it!

  • Ken

    Which Grade Mauser is the one pictured?

  • Ken

    They have 3 grades for sale? which one is this?

  • Jake L.

    Please, if you think you might some day be interested in collecting, dont buy a mitchells mauser. All collector value is gone in these rifles, that said, they are typically excellent shooting rifles and are the perfect candidate for modifying in any way you see fit.