AK-47 Photo Essay

Wired has published a photo essay about the AK-47.

Ak47 3A
Beautiful wood on that rifle. Pity it is not real.

The AK-47 has evolved over the years, which keeps it relevant to this day. This gallery charts the history of this terrible, remarkable weapon.

The photo essay has some technical mistakes and does not in fact chart the development of the AK-47, but it does feature some great photos.

UPDATE: A couple of commenters have pointed out that the above rifle is probably a fake or airsoft!

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Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    I saw this yesterday and I considered e-mailing the author or editor to tell them about the improper use of clip vs magazine but I wasn’t sure if they’d care and it might come off as bitchy so I didn’t.

    Also notice the horrible trigger discipline by the woman trying to ban guns. No wonder why she thinks they are dangerous, she’s got her finger on the trigger and pointing it at a crowd of people.

  • I blogged this over at my site yesterday


    the abbreviated version, another gun bashing article from the left.

  • Jon

    I considered emailing the author because they seem to not see the clear difference between these weapons they only at best have 2 true AK-47’s in that lineup and seem to not realize they have akm, akms, aims and for some reason a Tokyo Marui AK-47… nice wood indeed too bad its plastic 🙂

    • Jon, HAHA, which one was plastic? I did not notice that.

  • higs

    I believe the AK in that picture with Mikail is a fake. if you look at the gap that the Safety would cover it appears to be solid.

  • Maze

    Pretty sure that’s the new .22LR AK replica from GSG. They signed a deal with him to reproduce it (Like the GSG5 for an MP5)