Safir Arms T-14 .410 AR-15 Uppers now available

Earlier this year ATI began selling the T-14, an AR-15 style .410 shotgun that uses a standard AR-15 lower. I have been asked many times if and when just the upper on its own will be available for sale. I learnt from Suburban that AIM Surplus are now selling just the upper for $499.95.

The upper had a 20″ smoothbore barrel and is supplied with a five round magazine. Two models are available, the Classic and the Compact. The only difference between the models is the handguard length.

 Acatalog Att14Compactbig
The Compact Model

 Acatalog Att14Classic
The Classic Model

Steve Johnson

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  • Tyson Chandler

    Hi Steve,

    I love this blog! This is a great idea, I wish they would come out with a 12ga. version.

  • Tyson: There is no way a 12ga shell would fit in the magwell of an AR-15 lower.

  • Matt Groom

    OMG! That’s the coolest upper ever! EV-AHR!

    I thought these things were awesome when I saw them at the SHOT show, but now that I can get the upper by itself, it’s way up there on my list. The fact that it’s cheaper than a 5.45 Upper or that neato 5.7 upper make it my very next fun gun upper.

  • Flight-ER-Doc

    OK, I must have missed the question, because this answer makes little sense…for the money, buy a Saiga if you want a semi-auto, magazine fed shotgun. Already available in 12, 20 gauges and .410 bore

    Plus, just how reliable will an AR action be with shotshell powder dumping into it?

    • Flight-ER-Doc, it is not a standard AR-15 action, it is quite different.

  • Very cool! So who here is going to buy one?

  • JeffinNZ

    Just one question. Why? What is it good for?

    • JeffinNZ, I guess the same as any other .410: hunting, fun, self-defense (buckshot and slugs: lower penetration than 5.56mm NATO is a positive in some environments).

  • I’m pretty sure that .410 slug would penetrate more than 5.56.

    I’d think 000 buck MIGHt penetrate more.

    • Roughedge, a .410 slug has about as much energy as a .357 magnum (much lower than a 5.56mm round). The greater caliber will also mean less penetration. If the slug is lead and not a fully metal jacketed round like 5.56mm ammo, it will penetrate less and deform more.

      Saying all that I have not fired a .410 slug so my opinion is not based on experience, just the ballistic data.

  • WB BRYANT, sorry I have removed your comment. i am sure you knew what you were doing but I don’t want to give kids any dangerous ideas. In TX that is legal, but not in all states.

  • Quarter

    So, does anyone know if it fits on an AR lower? I searched for a bit on the web but no real strait answer….

  • Dennis

    I suppose if all else fails, you could always read the top of this page – you know, the story that you are commenting on?

  • Quarter

    Dennis if your are replying to me, please excuse my ignorance. I dont see any where on there were it says that it fits he ar lowers. After searching the web I had found one site were someone had put his lower on one of the t-14 uppers and said there was a gap and the mags were very tight. I could not find that link again. I did find this today though were what I think is the manufacture is saying that they do not fit. (post 9)

    I was seeing if this one is some how differnt. Thanks for your lack of help Dennis.

  • one shot one kill

    Well lets just if big brother jacks the price up on 410 shells now. Myself thinks this would be a good in. A little to pricey it seems to me ,but I am going to save my pennies.SEE YA

  • tj

    1.) ar,s arent the most reliable weapon in the first place, now im not saying there a bad rifle because as we know every rifle has its ups and downs. but the powder dumping into the reciever and bolt. makes it jam more and makes it less reliable, which could be bad as with all weapons, if you needed it in some sort of situation that involves life or death. and it wont work , well thats just not helpfull at all. and the last two things are the magazines and ammunition. i have looked alot of places for the magazines, they are fairly expensive and hard to find, and the last thing is the price of ammo, as most of us know 410. gauge is just about the most expensive shotshell out there,in all i think you should just stick to the ar in 5.56.

  • dgc

    hi steve 12 GA. is the diameter of the bore, not the length of the shell. I have seen short 12 GA. shells sold for quail and dove, so i think it may be possible for them to fit in the AR 15, furthermore i think you should try a 12 GA. shell in a lower reciever because a standard 2 3/4 shell fits the magwell of my bushmaster with enough clearance to have a magazine around it. So it is entirely possible in my opinion.

    • dgc, interesting, when you say short, do you mean less than 2 3/4″ ?

  • dgc

    yes they are shorter than 2 3/4, they are funny looking little buggers and if memory serves me right they are 1 3/8, the manufacturer is Aguila.
    I like this web site, I wish more people would participate. I am gonna say I agree with you entirely about the 410 vs. the 5.56 on the penetration issue. I would say anyone who has any experience with either firearm would know that.

  • dgc, your email address is invalid.

  • Dan

    the upper will fit on any lower but its pointless because the special magazine that is used to accomodate the shot shells only works with their lower. (I have this gun)

  • Matt Groom

    Good info, Dan. I figured it might be something like this.

  • Nj

    I have to agree with many people on the cost of the ammo, and i prefer a rifle, but in ohio where we are only legal to hunt with shotguns and i was able to find a t-14 for 700$ It’s as close as i can get and stay legal. I just purchased it and haven’t taken it out shooting yet, so I’m hoping it’s worth the money.

  • Tom O.

    I am thinking of buying a Safir Arms T-14 410 shotgun. I have only seen the 5 round magazine avalible. Where can I buy magazines with larger capacities? I have heard the 30 round AR-15 magazines can be converted to accept 2.5 inch 410 shotgun shells. Is this true and how difficult is the conversion?

  • cruzan

    I purchased the T14, got a great deal, new for $ 499 ( complete rifle ) ! I have since purchased a 223 upper and interchange them ! Questionable I guess wether a .410, AR type shotgun is worthwhile – but it’s cool looking, has been totally reliable for me, and is fun to shoot !

  • Jim Eley

    I wonder whether this would work on a full-auto lower? Any ideas?

  • jafish

    Ok, where can this actually be purchased? I’ve searched AIM’s website and it isn’t there, the link in the blog goes to an error page and I’ve googled it and gotten nowhere. So, please, help me out here.

    On a side note, I love the blog.

  • cruzan

    They are usually at gun shows and at or gunsamerica. But shop wisely – many sell them for $ 750- $ 1,000 – but shop around, like I posted, got mine for $ 499 new !

  • ace

    will not work FA. I just checked the BCG, it is semi-auto type.

    I am still trying to find out if the 15 rd. mags will work in a standard lower (mags from cope’s).

  • brian

    Just got one today. They do fit ar15 lowers. 2-1/2 inch shells were too tight to freely move in the magazine. Does anyone make shorter shells. Right now im filing out the back of the plastic magazine and have the shell moving freely. Will have to till tomorrow to shoot and see if it feeds

  • dcbeattie

    I have been using Remington sporting clays(they are gold colored) with 8.5 pellets. That length is just about the max.. I had to be careful to whack the mag to make sure all was well. Winchester will not fit in the mag. I just bought some federal 7 1/2’s that fit better than the Remington’s. It looks as if the Federals are all a little shorter than some of the others. Estate 410 are supposed to fit also. I don’t have a store that sells them so I can’t tell for sure. Take the mag to the store with you. That’s what I did. I was sort of surprised that 2 1/2 shot shells are that different. I am still waiting to pick up a couple of extra magazines and maybe a 14 shot one for fun.

  • PoPo

    Has anyone heard of any law enforcement use with this .410 guage shotgun

  • john warner

    i own one , the spring in the mag is weak, Jams

  • biomed

    Iam looking for another mag for my shotgun, I use a S&W MP15 Lower , , went to the range to shoot clays, the range master was taken back, he loved it, every one who sees it ..thinks it is cool

  • dano

    John, in my case it doesn’t seem to be the tension of the spring but more so lubricating the shells? I’ve found that if I shoot bird shot which has ribbed shells my gun seems to jam more. If I shoot only Buck shot or slugs which have no ribs on the shells it seems to work much better. I also lightly lube the shells prior to putting them in the mag. But in any event its never a fully reliable gun in my opinion. Mine jams a lot. I also have two plastic mags and two steel mags. The plastic ones don’t seem to work as well as the steel.

  • Eric

    My question is on the gas system……… How much back pressure is needed to cycle the bolt. On regaurds of shorting the barrel to 11.5.

  • Wiley Rutledge

    I’ve shot a .410 since the days of paper cases and have ALWAYS noticed the differences in length, in 2.5 and 3″ (magnum???) shells. The 2.5 has approximately the same projectile weight as the typical .45 Colt shell. I have a friend who has a Judge and he has to buy Remington (I think) shells for it to rotate correctly. In this case IMHO it’s kinda like buying a Judge because it looks wicked (perception of power?) rather than considering a more powerful gun that may not look so wicked. Having said that I think the .410 upper would be a good alternate for in home protection and I bet it would be a fun gun to pass around at the range.
    BTW, the 1 3/8 12’s were initially made for entry weapons for Entry teams to provide a modicum of power (blowing locks, etc.) and increased magazine capacity.

  • chuck

    Hi, I’m considering about buying a safirarms t40 rifle,
    But the negative comments about jaming problems
    Are making me think twice about this, could any onwner enlighten me on this subject.


    • David

      These guns will jam, repeatedly, and you will have to shoot it one shot at a time. Even worse, the company will not help you with the problem. They just keep repeating that the ammunition is the problem. That is not true, I’ve tried all the brands they’ve recommended. The barrels have a feeding problem and Safir Arms apparently has no intention to fix the problem.

  • Dear Chuck,

    Safir Arms LLC NJ will have guns in stock by another 30-40 days. The intial batch distributed through a distributor did have jamming problems with some brands of ammunition.

    This shotgun is chambered for 2 1/2 inch shells. Practically, it is found that different manufacturers’ 2 1/2 inch shells are not the same size. Actually most 2 1/2 inch shells are between 2-5/16 and 2-3/8 inches. Some fit with no problems, some rub a bit but work and others are just too big.

    When you buy the gun through a dealer, you will get a note on the recommended ammunition. I am sure, if you keep the gun lubricated and use the recommended Ammo, you will not have problem.

    Safir Arms LLC NJ

  • WileyR

    Have you priced .410 shells lately? I’ve shot a .410 since I was about 10 and decided long ago that the 3 inch shell was a minimal load for anything larger than a squirrel or rabbit, and a .410 is more of an experts weapon for anything that flies. Having said that it would probably be a fun gun for shooting cans and much like the Judge 45/.410 revolver, it looks menacing.

  • T-14 Uppers and shotguns, flat top and Carry handle will be available with us at our New Jersey facility soon, within 1-2 weeks. Please check out our website.

  • scott

    i just bought an ati upper in 410 at a gun show for 100 bucks! a lil grinding had been done to the upper and i did not get a mag the guy said he lost it but it is functional i shot it one at a time seems nice and you can adjust the pressure for different shells if you have cycleing problems ive heard you can mod a standard ar mag to work does anybody know about mags shoot me an email scotty82g@yahoo thanks for any help

    • I’m looking at a purchase of an AR-14, any idea of their worth? Gun, 2-30 rd mags & case. $500. Sound right?

  • Yonkers

    This is bull shit. This gun is a piece of crap. Chinese make better than this. I know there are a lot Turkish manufacturers that make better quality than this. Safir no way matches lthat. Safir only gives bad named to Turkish manufacturers. Sarsilmaz, Huglu, Akdal, Tisas, they make really good excellent guns unlike Safir.

    • I have a Safiar T14, an Akdal 1919, and a Saiga 12. All are excellent rifles. All are excellent designs, well made and reliable.

      • Tennessee Tom

        New Zealander: I have a relatively new Huglu 20 ga. shotgun with a defective firing pin….gunsmith says he needs new parts to fix it properly, but we can’t find anyone who has Huglu parts in the USA! several gunshops selling Huglu shotguns per their websites will not return my email requests for parts. Any ideas out there?

    • jfella

      Jfella I own a T!$ I love this gun! It is a great shotgun!

  • Rohola

    سلام – من بدنه تمام فلزي اسلحه تي 14 را نياز دارم . قيمتش چقد ر است

    • Hi I can make a fire pin for your huglu
      Maniatis gunsmiths

  • Troy

    Hello, I’m looking for a bcg for the safirarms t14 shotgun. Or any other parts , if you have some let me know

  • john

    I have a magazine for this. Call 509.535.4444