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  • War Wolf

    I just ordered a Savage MKll-BTVS 22LR and while it has the Accutrigger, I am certain is does not have the Accustock. Is the aluminum spine not required in rifles of small caliber? Is there “barrel whip” from an HBAR .22? Does the laminate stock not suffer from the same distorting effects of heat/cold/humidity as the regular wood?

    • War, so far only one centerfire model has the stock. I imagine it will be rolled out to other models int the future. Don’t worry about it. The model you got is a good one.

  • JeffinNZ

    Savage rifles have a very strong following in the production class of the Cast Bullet Assc. competitions. They are well thought of as accurate out of the box.

  • ThomasL


    Laminate stocks are much more stable than wood. I read an article on the AccuStock recently. Its main contribution is to create very stable, low-cost synthetic stock. The two had previously been largely incompatible: one could have a low-cost synthetic stock, or a one could have a very stable synthetic stock, but not both at the same time. It is a pretty important step, particularly for mass-production, to be able to offer both.

    I don’t think you’re missing out on a thing with your laminate, though. Laminate stocks are inherently more stable than wood, and usually less subject to flexing or temperature changes than synthetic stocks. And, to top it off, they look and feel nicer than the plastic ones.

  • Any additional feedback on this stock?

  • tonys

    I’m currently looking at a used Savage model 16 .308 stainless barrel w/black checked synthetic stock & Accutrigger,but is there a way to tell if it has the Accustock by looking at it(without removing the stock).