Ruger SASS Vaquero

Ruger have partnered with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) to produced a special edition Ruger Vaquero single action revolver. The SASS Vaquero is sold as a matched set (two guns) bearing consecutive serial numbers.

Ruger SASS Vaquero

The new revolver features a high-gloss stainless steel finish, the lower and wider hammer from the Ruger Montado and SASS markings. It is chambered in .357 Magnum and has a 4.62″ barrel. MSRP is $1459 (that is for a pair of revolvers) and will be available in August.

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More info available at Ruger.

Steve Johnson

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  • Ruger SA’s are built like a brick s**house. Need very little work, if any, to make them competition ready.

    All I did for mine was replace springs, and open cones and gaps to match each other. Voila…..

  • T Sarp

    Nice. I wish I had money.

  • I wish i had money too. Hell I’d take one!!!

  • Taylor’s Smoke Wagon Deluxe, in sequentialized pairs, would be cheaper by a couple hundred. Will be interesting to see if there is any competitive markdowns. Competition is good 🙂

  • Mark Staebell

    Curious: why .357 Magnum and not .45 LC? Does SASS have a bias in favor of .357 Magnum?

  • Dave

    Because .38 special ammo is cheaper i would assume.

  • Jim March

    I’ve had one since 2005. It’s a New Vaquero with a 4.68″ tube. I dropped a SuperBlackhawk hammer in it :).

    Seriously, the SBH and “Montado” hammers (same as the SASS hammer above) are identical in reach and “side profile”. Only the thumbpad pattern varies. I prefer the SBH, personally. It’s side-to-side grooves lets me slip my strong-side thumb off the hammer at the end of the cocking stroke. I don’t cock with the off-hand, I think it’s not a good idea and when shooting real ammo (hot 357s in my case) there’s no disadvantage at speed. The advantage is that the operation of the gun is basically the same one handed or two.

  • jeff moore

    nice……grips are lame but thats ok

  • Don Harvey

    I just bought a new Ruger Vaquero in 44 Special. The hammer is much too high for me and I would like to put an SSS hammer on it as it appears to be much lower in the Ruger adds. Also, where could I get this done?
    Thank you.

  • Jay Andre

    If anyone out there is interested. I have an “old model” 3 screw Ruger in .45 Long Colt. Has the 7 1/2″ barrel, a Super Blackhawk grip frame and fat hammer and trigger. It is nickel plated. Production date is May 1973 and I’ve owned it since about that time. So almost 40 years. I also have an “old model” 3 screw Super Single Six Convertible with 6 1/2″ barrel, also nickel plated. Production date is April 1972, and I’ve owned it too since just after that. The aluminum grip was lengthened by my father when he worked at Pan Am. It fits much better in your hand than factory. Your pinky doesn’t dangle in the air. Made a set of grips for it back then that look original to the gun. The ejector rod housing on both guns is black as are the grips. So there is the perfect contrast of Nickel and black. They are both for sale. Make me a fair offer of what you think they are worth. I can’t seem to find any good price info anywhere on the internet as to what their value might b. About a year and a half ago, someone I thought was a “friend” screwed me royally when I need cash and didn’t have a computer to look up things, as I do now. I sold him a Ruger .44 Mag. Super Blackhawk in a mahogany presentation case along with a Ruger .357 that looked like the ones described above, for $450!!! Found out just recently that the box alone could bring more than $500! The gun and box is worth between $1100-1200! And since a deal is a deal, I, unfortunately,can’t go an kill him with my remaining Rugers!!! The lesson learned is….”don’t sell anything when you’re desperate!” No matter how hungry you are.

  • Tomahawk

    I may be a bit of a prude, after all I’m 50, I am entitled to some modicum of individuality. But I am wondering when Ruger will make the SASS in blue, 4 3/4″ barrel, .45 LC, and sold singularly. Arthur has take away my reason for carrying two of them and since it will be for self protection, I don’t like flashy nor longer than it needs to be.
    Presently, I carry a similar Colt package, built in the 1950’s, and want to retire it, for preservation. I have long admired other contenders from Taurus and Berretta, but their no longer around and I don’t trust the sub par entrees (I.e. EMF and the like)