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  • Matt Groom

    I wish people would give up these Don Quixote type quests to make the AK not suck. Just admit you were wrong people! I used to believe the AR was crap too, but I’ve learned! Don’t ruin your MOE grips!

  • Bolter

    Yes, best question is why do this? Leave your AK alone, the thing works fine already. Does the high-speed grip really make this a better rifle? If you need addtional bits, buy them off the shelf, many companies make nice stuff for the AK and variants.

  • benEzra

    Hogue now makes an excellent AK grip as well.

    The AK is a good all-around carbine, and ergonomic improvements make it even better, just like current AR’s are an improvement over early 1960s ARs. Saying that AK owners should stick with the traditional 1950’s AKM look is like saying AR owners should stick with fixed carry handles, triangular handguards, plastic grips, no rails, and no optics/lights.

  • ZomBkiller

    Ak’s do not suck. To the contrary, the have proven to be a very effective weapon even when engaged in firefights against M4s. Do i think one should try to make a grip designed for one rifle fit on a different rifle? Not unless you have the dough to buy a few and make sure its done right. I’ll take my AK over your AR any day. ARs are not crap, AKs are not crap. Your post however is crap because it fails to acknowledge the decades of quality performance the AK has provided their operators worldwide, even in the hands of the “muj” who jerry rig like this all the time

  • Kyle d.

    How could you say a AK sux? They are far more realiable then ANY ar 15.

  • Infidelcell

    Ak rule I have both ak & ar and if I had to chose which weapon to rely on for a fire fight ak