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  • Carl

    Why do todays weapons look fatter than yesterdays? This looks positively un-italian.

    Also, tinkering with the gun without unloading or engaging the safety looks like safety FAIL to me.

  • Tom

    I was thinking the same thing as Carl.. Why are all the newer Rifle designs so large, and bulky ? Then they have skinny barrels. Its only a 223.. it could and should have 1/2 the bulk.. i`ll stick with the AR15 thank you

  • Jim

    I agree that a modern rifle should be slimmer (I usually roll with an Garand, so it really doesn’t bother me) but I think that once/if it hits the market, people will either:
    A) Bitch and complain enough to have the manufacturer work on that or
    B) Modifications will flood the market so you can make it look like whatever the hell you want.

    Holy Run-on Sentences Batman!

    But either way, I am relatively impressed with the burst grouping at 100 yards…and the gun in general. I wouldn’t mind owning one (but buying it might be a different story).

  • Sven Ortmann

    Is his hearing protection invisible or is he mad (or deaf?).

  • Carl

    I wonder if it is the plastics that need to be bulkier to achieve the same rigidity as metal. I guess it doesn’t matter all that much as long as it keeps the weight down.

    Synthetic handguns aren’t particularly bulky though… but perhaps they don’t need to be as rigid as rifles.

  • SRD

    All these new rifles do look bulky. is it me or is something like the sig556 seem much more compact? i like that rifle shoots very. Rifles shouldnt look like space guns and should be more compact.

  • Vak

    I guess modern guns are fatter because they need to accomodate all the tactical (gasp) accessory rails. I think that the rail part on an AR weapon is always significantly fatter than the upper/lower receiver.

  • XxleoxX

    It looks extremely controllable on full auto.

  • Dom

    I almost didn’t comment because this is sort of redundant, but +1s all around. It is pretty bulky, like Sci-Fi channel-bullpup bulky. But darn if those targets don’t look pretty good. What are they pricing it at?

  • EzGoingKev

    It kind of looks like someone took a Sig 556 and stuck a SCAR lower on it.

  • Kevan

    I agree, but still… sign me up!

  • vxbinaca

    Hey guys, look! It’s Italy’s answer to the SCAR. Change up the design of the M-16 a little but keep it so infantry can get a general idea with little re-training on how to maintain and fire the rifle, make it a selling point that it uses the same magazines and ammo, and make it out of as much polymer as possible and BAM, new rifle for your forces.

    Now before I end this comment, normally I prefer rifles with wood parts, but the new trend towards plastics is worrying. What happens when…..we find out the plastic stuff degrades from UV light, like that body armor years ago that sank Second Chance?

  • Hey guys,

    I recently made a video showcase of this weapon for a job I was doing.

    Its a great weapon 😛


    The Beretta ARX-160 looks like a rifle Batman would use in the next motion picture. But it is a very sexy rifle: caliber 5.56 NATO. So ammunition will be available worldwide. The oldest corporation in the world should be able to assemble it in the USA. Also, some specialized parts could be manufactured in the US. Available last quarter of 2012. Priced at $2,400.00 The fantastic plastic should be inexpensive to manufacture. Now that Bushmaster screwed up the ACR rifle. And their multi-calibre 6.8 kit is nowhere to be found.
    On the bright side Robinson Arms did release the XCR-M in .308 and Remington .260. And it is also made in the Greatest Country in the World. Wait until you see the new stock of the XCR. Priced right too. Robinson Arms also has all flavors available: 5.56, 7.62X39,6.8,.308, and the .260. So I am personally psyched. Bring it on Beretta… build it and we will buy it.

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