Norwegians finally getting used to their new HK 416 rifles

The Norwegians finally seem happy with their new H&K 416 rifles. They have solved the problem of soldiers getting sick from inhaling the fumes of their “green” 5.56mm ammunition by simply not shooing at their indoor ranges.

St Ende Stort 123332A

Of course it is summer in Norway right now and I wonder how much fun the HK 416 troops will be having when thier fellow H&K G3 equipped buddies are using the indoor range!

From the Norwegian Military website (translated by google)

Gisle Mjaatvedt is in the HV-16’s Battle Claymore and has shot up to 5000 shots with the new rifle to the military. He has never felt that he himself or any of his colleagues in the Home Guard have been sick as a result of that they have shot with the lead-free ammunition that has been as much about skriverier. – No, the health problems that have arisen because of the gunpowder gas has we have been free of, “says Mjaatvedt.

The report that has analyzed the issues around health as a result of firing states in part: “Based on the reported symptoms and the composition of the gunpowder gases from HK416 is likely that the cause of health problems are high concentrations of copper and zinc in the exhaust fumes.” Summary is that as long as it is shot outdoors with the HK 416 and its ammunition will exhaust concentration is so low that it does not give health problems. To Mjaatvedt and colleagues have done all the time.

Thanks to Daniel Watters for the link.

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  • Supernaut

    I’m Swedish, but Norwegian is close enough, here is a slightly more accurate translation:

    Gisle Mjatvedt is a member of the HV-16 (Norwegian home guard, district 16) task force “Claymore” and has shot up to 5000 rounds with the defense force rifle. He has never experienced that he or any of his colleagues in the home guard have become ill due to shooting with the lead free ammunition that has seen so much press coverage.
    – No, we have been free from the health problems that has been created by the gunpowder residue, says Mjaatvedt.

    The report that has analyzed the health problems surrounding the shooting says that: “Based on the reported symptoms and the composition of the gunpowder residue from the HK416 rifle it’s probable that the source of the health problems is the high concentrations of copper and zinc in the fumes.” The short story is that as long as shooting with the HK416 rifle and the related ammunition takes place outdoors, the fume concentrations are so low that it constitutes no health problem. Mjaatvedt and his colleagues has done this all the time.

    • Supernaut, thanks for the translation, I appreciate it!

  • Vitor

    Wait, the problem is clearly ammunition, not the weapon, and some folks dare to call it a “HK416 problem”?

    It’s like putting a poisonous food on a plate and blaming the plate for making you sick.

  • Kyle Huff

    It’s Norway. How hot could it be?

  • jdun1911

    I’m more interested in how well it hold up in cold weather environment. Primary if the piston freeze/ice up.

  • Supernaut

    No problem, I am an avid reader of your blog so it’s the least I can do to help out.