Wilson Combat SPEC-OPS 9

The previously unnamed 9mm polymer 1911 has been named the SPEC-OPS 9.


It is being marketed as a full size concealed carry pistol. One of the main selling point is the lower weight of the polymer frame. The pistol weighs in at 29.6 oz., about 25% lighter than the stainless Wilson Combat Classic. It holds 16+1 rounds and has an accuracy guarantee of 1.5 ” at 25 yards.

Caliber: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: 16 rounds
Barrel Length: 4.5″
Overall Length: 7.9″
Sight Radius: 6.2″
Height: 5.3″
Width: 1.3″
Weight Empty: 29.6 oz.
Weight Loaded: 36.7oz.

As you can see in the photos it has all sorts of fancy 1911 doodads such as ultra light hammer, extended safety and Wilson Custom Three Hole trigger.

The price is $1995.


What do y’all think of the star burst grip pattern? I can’t say that I am a fan.

More info @ Wilson Combat.

Steve Johnson

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  • So who won the gun?! This was the one we submitted names for.

    • Mike, this was the one. I can tell u it wasn’t me ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I am not sure who won.

  • Joe

    The winner was a gentleman by the name of Douglas Ervin. It was in today’s Tactical Wire.

  • B Woodman

    Too fancy.
    Too pricy.

  • The grip pattern makes it look like a Ruger pistol to me.

    I’m not a 1911 guy, but I’m always glad to hear when one of them decides to start carrying more than 8 rounds in a full-size gun…

  • Erik

    Is there a big demand for 9mm 1911’s?

  • Spaker

    No rail? I thought this was posta be takticle spec opzz!!

  • Valhalla

    While it is obviously a 1911, I think the slide looks a wee bit to much like a SIG P226 (or is that just me?) and a 1911 should always have those classic diamond checkering on the grips.

    Other than that, looks kinda cool.

  • T Sarp

    Well, I didn’t win…

  • Thomas

    I’m actually a pretty big fan of the Starburst grips. I have a Wilson Protector with them and they work well. It’s hard to describe, but they provide a great grip on the weapon without being tacky, pointy, or sharp.

  • Freiheit

    Its kind of like the Pontiac Aztek, they designed it by committee.
    – 1911ish styling for the traditionalists
    – polymer frame for the techies
    – Glock-ish looking barrel fit at the port for the square-gunners
    – doodads with holes for people who never get their guns near dirt or gunk
    – A tactical name for the mall ninjas
    – A billion round magazine for people who buy a $2000 gun but won’t spend $300 on an eye exam and some spectacles

    If someone would like to give me one I will not say no, but I’ve got better ways to waste $1900.

  • Tony

    “What do yโ€™all think of the star burst grip pattern? I canโ€™t say that I am a fan.”

    Eh, if they work I have no problem with them. They’re not that ugly, and they look like they might be functional. A lot of grips are either too slippery or too abrasive, so new ways to solve the problem are always welcome. I must say though, with that name, they should have just named it the Tactical Penis Extension-9, instead. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • I like the grips, unless they chew up hands when firing. I mean, as long as you’re going with plastic and a europellet on a 1911, why not?

  • I guess “Darth Browning” didn’t tickle their fancy…..

    • truthsayer, HAHA, thats is AWESOME

  • This was what I submitted:

    I choose the name “Scout.” The lightweight, high capacity, sleek design and dark color scheme provide the operator with the stealth and firepower to overtake anything and the confidence to complete the mission. Defending the innocent from evil foreign and domestic, the Scout is the latest in technology as well as quality and safety. The Scout, by Wilson Combat. Undetectable. Dependable.

    I also toyed around with these names:


  • “…yes, I know it’s a 1911, but what have you DONE to it?”

  • kevin h

    plastic is good in alot of places… just not in firearms….

  • AJ187

    MOST GENERIC NAME EVER!!! Mike had some good ones though.

  • Tony

    Mike, those are much better suggestions for a name than what they went with! Shows what they know, eh? ๐Ÿ™‚

    And kevin, nothing wrong with plastic in a firearm, except for the top-heaviness polymer frame pistols tend to have. That trigger guard is Teh Stupid though – nice work ensuring it won’t fit into a generic 1911 holster…

    Since I made the mistake of thinking about current affairs and am thus feeling a mite grumpy, some generic observations about the pistol for y’all:

    For two grand, I would have expected them to include a friggin’ thumb safety in the weapon! (Why yes, I am left-handed. How did you guess?) This is one of my pet peeves with 1911’s – nobody ever puts an ambi safety into the weapon at the factory, and most of the aftermarket ones are garbage. People, please! This shouldn’t be that difficult, even if you entirely forget that some 1/6 of your client base is left-handed. Is it a defensive weapon? Yes, you say? So there is a chance that the operator might get shot in their right hand, yes? Well then. Would probably help their survival odds if they could manipulate their weapon even when wounded.

    Also, I note that this gun too comes with the standard ski ramp rear sight. I guess nobody ever thought about the possibility that the guy who just got shot in the hand might have to do a malfunction clearance drill or a one-handed reload from slide lock? (Reloads are one thing us lefties have the edge on, though. Nyah. :p Never did understand the idea behind putting the controls like that, but hey – works for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) This, too, is one aspect of firearm design that nobody who makes 1911’s seems to take into consideration. And yes, I have heard the standard excuse that the slope on the forward side of the rear sight is so the weapon won’t snag when drawn from a holster (which would be a motion pretty much towards the rear part of the weapon…) but give me a break.

  • XxleoxX

    blasphemy, 1911’s are .45 not 9mm’s! and im a fan of the checkered grips ๐Ÿ™‚ i really dont care for the star burst grip pattern.

  • Kyle Huff

    Ugliest Wilson evar.

  • Carl

    Why deviate so much from the 1911 design/look if you are calling it a 1911? Seems like a bad decision marketing-wise. Still might be a good gun though. But very expensive. Does this thing have that bizarre blade spring in the grip?

  • Blackwater

    Cool gun. But way too expensive. I can get a Glock for $500. So why would I pay $2,000? Especially when the Glock is still lighter, holds more rounds and has a reliability record which can’t be beat? The only thing that’s better about this gun is the trigger and grip. And that isn’t worth $1,500 to me. Still cool though.

  • Doug

    And here I was thinking that 2k for a AR was outlandish. Now we have 2k for a plastic 1911 frame that isn’t even chambered in 45. Whats next, a single action that shoots 9mm??

  • Dr. Feelgood

    No rail, no lanyard loop, no threaded barrel–how is this spec-ops? I called it ugly when I named it, but my official submission was the Wilson Combat Carry Elite. I guess they went with the tactical-tommy name since only a SOF fan-boy would pay $2K for a polymer wondernine. And the grip just hurts my eyes.

  • michelle

    WHAT?!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED with name choosen for this gun!!!!! From a female perspective, they should have taken the top ten names and let the readers vote on the best name. From a marketing stand point, you might have generated further interest in the gun if you would have gotten your readers opinion first before calling it “SPEC OPS.”

  • Frank Grimes

    I would have called it the Wilson Combat Sassy Nine. Is it too late to re-name it??

  • Komrad

    I have never owned a 1911. I have never fired a 1911. I have never seen a 1911. If I buy that gun, I will still say the same thing. For two grand, why not get something more traditional, or at least more functional. XDs, Glocks, SIGs, or really anything else would be better.

  • manville smith

    I actually like this pistol own one and love the looks its accurate comfortable and great for IDPA. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Viking45acp

    I shot the Spec-Ops 9 last week for the first time. Shoots as good as it looks. Very accurate. Polymer composite grip size felt a tiny bit larger than a single stack 1911, but fit my smaller hand just fine, especially considering there are (16) 9mm rounds in the clip. The texture and ribbing gave me excellent control without any discomfort like some stock grips.
    I shot nearly as well as the impressive target that came with the gun in my first outing. I can’t say the same when I shoot a new .45acp, but the reduced recoil on this 9mm makes for improved accuracy for me, and probably others as well. The trigger is excellent, as all Wilson 1911’s are, that I have shot. The slimmer rail on this redesigned Spec-Ops 9mm, looks and feels great. It was redesigned from the previous KZ-9mm.
    The size, length, balance, and weight felt perfect for the 9, movement to target was smooth and fast, and I liked the shorter 4.5″ barrel on the 9mm(compared to my 5″ barrel that I do like on my larger and heaver KZ.45acp) and the tritium sights. Because of the redesign, the gun does not feel like a 1911 .45acp with a retrofitted 9mm barrel. The redesign from the ground up was very smart, and worth the wait,….and ultimately the price. The only down side to all this redesign from scratch, and the thoughtful improvements by Wilson, is that Wilsons’ cost to bring this gun to market obviously came at a price. Re-tooling is very expensive, ESPECIALLY when it is done right, and done right here in the USA. Several folks have complained at the $1,995 list price. (plus another $28.00 if you want the ambi-safety for weak-hand shooting which I recommend). We all hoped (me included) that it would be around the same price as the KZ-9mm, ~$1,500, maybe $1,600 at most. The additional $400.00 to $500.00 was a little painful at first, HOWEVER, after admiring the workmanship and then firing the first 300 rounds through the gun, I forgot all about the price. Most of the guns that folks are trying to compare to this “expensive” 1911 9mm Wilson, are not custom hand made in the US of A. Did I mention that this was really fun to shoot?
    I submitted “Surgical Defense 1911-9” for it’s new name. I thought for sure I was going to win that gun with that name. I still like my name better than Spec-Ops 9, but apparently Bill Wilson did not agree with me. Too bad for me, because I would really like to have another one of these for my significant other to go with her new carry-purse. Without a picatinny light rail, this gun will most likely not see Special Ops work as many of you have stated, but I prefer to hand-hold (weak-hand) and control my Surefire E2D LED Defender flashlight (200 lumens) when cleaning a room anyway.
    As for holsters, this 1911 Spec-Ops 9mm fit all 4 of my 1911 holsters perfect! Since a few people have asked about holster fit here for this new 9mm, my favorite holster for this gun is a BLACKHAWK.com (made in Italy) leather holster Model; Compact Askins Leather Concealment Colt Gov’t/Comm Size 01 that I purchased from Wholesale Sports in Oregon for $60.00. (also available on-line http://www.blackhawk.com/product/Com…,1170,1418.htm
    It is a very nice soft Italian leather that fits the Spec-Ops 9 as if I had sent them the gun for 2 weeks to design a holster. And, even though my KZ-45acp has a slightly wider slide, this holster also fits that gun like a glove.
    I am also enjoying the less expensive 9mm ammo while still shooting with a single action 1911 gun using the same muscle memory as my 1911 45acp’s.

    • Viking45acp, thanks for the review.

  • Carl

    I’ve heard it said about 9mm 1911’s that the recoil feels funny, like the slide is to heavy and thus moves slower than usual, so you can feel it return to bettery.

    Good for you that you like the gun, Heather. I think if I hade $2000 to spend on polymer pistols though, I’d end up with four Glocks…

  • viking45acp

    Hello Carl,

    Regarding the heavy slide feel and possible slow action on a 9mm 1911 style handgun, I did not feel that was the case with the Wilson Spec-Ops 9. Perhaps “maybe” that was the case on the original Wilson KZ-9mm that did have a larger and heaver slide on it (Wilson originally used the same slide on the KZ-9(now discontinued) as the KZ-45acp). Wilson redesigned a new slimmer, lighter slide for the Spec-Ops 9. I liked it.
    As for the preference on the Glock 9mm if you were to go polymer; You would have to compare the 2 guns in your own hands, shoot them, feel the balance, compare the trigger and action, and then decide. My feeling is that you can’t compare the two very different guns.
    “To my limited knowledge”, most of the Glocks are completely manufactured in Austria, although some have just the top half made there and the polymer frames molded and finally assembled in Smyrna, GA. Wilson’s Spec-Ops 9 is completely custom hand made to order in the USA. Everyone is different, but if I had (4) 9mm Glocks, I would look for someone who would be willing to trade me for one of these Wilson Spec-Ops 9. I liked it that much. But that’s just me.
    My feeling; buy the gun you like, the one you like to shoot, the one you like to carry, and appreciate. As long as you buy one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Carl

    I think the 9mm 1911 I heard about was by one of the other high-end manufacturers. SVI, STI perhaps.

    I personally couldn’t care less where my pistols are manufactured though. Not that I’d have much choice if I was to limit myself to firearms made in my country (which is Sweden)… ๐Ÿ™‚
    But that applies for all products. Global trade is a win-win situation.

    Anyway, I think I read somewhere that Glock were going to open a US factory for the Gen 4 pistols.

    Other ways to spend $2000: Six Norinco 1911:s? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wilson Combat Spec Ops 9mm 1911

    Reviewed by Charles Coker 12/20/09

    This is a new polymer framed, double stack 9mm (16+1) 1911 pistol


    * 4.5โ€ณ barrel
    * Full sized grip
    * Night sights (yellow rear, green front)
    * carry cuts in slide
    * Slide narrowed and beveled for carry
    * Beavertail safety and thumb safety minmimized for carry

    So, everyone wants to know if this is really a 1911, yes, it is with the slight exception in barrel lockup, it locks up more like a Sig, otherwise, standard 1911 internal parts.

    Why no rail? Well, itโ€™s designed for carry and a rail adds width and bulk, not to mention itโ€™s not really ideal to try to have a tac light on a concealed carry piece!

    How does it feel?

    Well, like a 1911, it points like one, handles like one and of course, has that great Wilson Combat trigger!

    I let lots of people fondle it, everyone was really impressed

    I took it to the local law enforcement shop (GT Distributors) and the guys working there were all very impressed with it and wanted to shoot it of course. There is always DPS troopers, active military, PD from around hte state and the occasional Texas Ranger in there. The day I brough it in was no exception and one Texas Ranger, who, incidentally was carrying a Wilson 1911 asked if he could check it out.. well of course.

    His response was โ€œcrap, my wifeโ€™s gonna kill me, I gotta get one of these!โ€
    a few guys shot it and were all like โ€œman, this is SWEETโ€

    How does it shoot?

    First off, I am no master pistol shot..

    25 yard groups
    headshots were slow
    center shots were quick and dirty
    fed everything I gave it

    Where does this gun fit in? Who is it for?

    Well, it is sort of a niche product, certainly their are cheaper reliable semi autos that are suitable for personal defense, range and some competitive use.

    I see this gun being for the guy that loves the 1911 platform and wants a lightweight, high capacity 9mm in an ultra reliable and extremely accurate pistol with personal defense being itโ€™s primary role.

    Wilson Combat has a reputation for building the best 1911 pistols and is known to have the best customer service in the industry.

    for more info visit: http://www.wilsoncombat.com/p_specops.asp