New Leupold RX-1000 Rangefinder

Leupold’s new RX-1000 Rangefinder is very impressive. It is lightweight, compact, has a 6x zoom and can measure out to 1000 yards.

Picture 1-14
Standard model RX-1000


There are two models, the standard and the TBR model (True Ballistic Range). The TBR model includes an integrated ballistics computer which can calculate MOA elevation adjustment or the hold over point and the equivalent horizontal range when firing at an angle … the only thing it does not do it skin the game 😉

I am not sure what the official MSRP is, but have the standard model listed for $350 and the TBR model for $400.

Steve Johnson

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  • The TBR model would serve me well for deer hunting during rifle and bow season. They’ve really slimmed it down since the previous model!

  • I absolutely love this thing. I’ve been using it all this year…fantastic!

  • Victor Valdez

    I received this from my wife for Christmas. I love it. She said she bought it I couldn’t use it for deer hunting season this year, but I can not wait to use it. This is my first rangefinder so I will have to report more when it is finally used.