Dakota Arms Acquired by Remington

Remington has just announced the purchase of Dakota Arms, a manufacturer or semi-custom and custom rifles and shotguns.

Lilsharps Lg
Dakota make a wide range of arms. From single shot Model 1874 Sharps reproductions …

Picture 4-38
… to high-end tactical bolt-actions.

The Freedom Group who owns Remington (which in turn, I believe, is owned by Cerberus Capital Management) notably also owns Bushmaster, DPMS/Panther Arms, Marlin, Harrington & Richardson (H&R) and New England Firearms (NEF). They are leaving no segment of the market untouched.

Steve Johnson

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  • Canthros

    … there’s something just plain wrong about a Sharps rifle in .223 Remington.

  • B Woodman

    Speaking of which, any word on Montana’s going into the internal state firearms business (or allowing a private manufacturor to do same), since they passed their Tenth Amendment resolution?? Just asking.

  • K. D.

    I hate to see any smaller company get “gobbled-up” by a major corporation. That said, I hope Dakota made a good penny from the buy-out.

  • Matt Groom

    OH. MY. GOD.

    Cerberus MUST BE STOPPED!!!

    I’m terrified of these bastards! What the hell are they buying everyone for? I understand the profitability of firearms is enticing to a major investment conglomerate, but I smell a rat. All we need is for Cerberus to pull a Tomkins and a major percentage of the firearms on the market will suddenly have round counters, RFIDs, and “Smart-Gun” technologies incorporated into them. With the stroke of a pen, it all goes away. I’m tempted to boycott companies owned by Cerberus so that it stops being profitable for them to buy every single firearms company that’s so much as considering selling.

    Except Knight Rifles, I may note. They didn’t buy them, I wonder why? They didn’t buy Winchester, either. Maybe they didn’t think they could be profitable? They probably could have gotten these companies at a significant discount.

    • lol, I don’t think Cerberus are overly concerned about profit … they did buy Chrysler after all 😉

  • Jeff M

    Smart move, I sense this’ll be the next manufacturer of US long-range sniper rifles in .338 lapua.

  • Jim Thomas

    There is a rumor out there That George Soros is a major share holder in Cerberus.