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  • Matt Groom

    Where did they find that AK guy?
    What? How about SELL. Full auto at a $1 a round? Please.
    Yeah, a single use item that is buried in the dirt and forgotten about, what a moron. You can’t invest in landmines! You can only step on landmines!

    ARs are going to continue to hold their value, whereas AKs have already peaked. I don’t know too many people who would buy a Kerbs Custom AK for $1000, but most people I know who own decent ARs didn’t hesitate to spend over $1000.

    Also, if the Brady Center to Prevent Freedom and Liberty is opposed to the acquisition of these items, I think the conclusion of the piece is correct, buy both.

  • Don

    I don’t even like ARs but materially there is no denying they are of more worth. S&W and Colt revolvers are the best investment right now.


  • Valhalla

    Buy both, so if you have to you have a crap gun that will work at all times (read AK-47, AR-15s jam more often) and then you have a 5.56 sniper rifle just about.

    Or, better yet, get one of the 5.7 conversions for the AR-15 that use P90 rounds and magazines, but with a longer barrel.

  • Big Daddy

    Buy both you never know how it’s going to be with Ammo. In fact I would think you should own a few different ones that shot different ammo. Even 6.8MM, the 9MM or maybe .45, .308/7.62 AR-10. AK in 5.45×39 or 7.62X54. I know this was a joke but I am serious. You never know how the price of ammo is going to be so when everybody is hurting in their wallets and can’t shoot you can just go out there and blow off some lead.

  • AR-15 or AK-47? Oh, please. FN-FAL and Steyr AUG.

  • alex

    Steve, so what do u think? if you were gonna invest in a rifle, which one? AK or AR?

    • alex, I really do not know. The question is if the price will stay this high. If the AWB 2.0 happens, it is safe to say that prices will shoot up for pre-ban models.

      I bought two guns earlier this year, not as investments but because I wanted them. I do not expect them to decrease in price, I expect them to at least keep up with inflation, although I will probably never sell them. I expect the same from every gun I buy.

  • Sean

    i’d think that IF an awb happened (and i sincerely think it won’t, take that brady foundation) that the M1A SOCOMs would be the sought after piece. they fire .308 (which is also a hunting round, so probably wouldn’t be affected by an ammo-ban), no bayonet lug, and no pistol grip, so their only “sin” is a detachable magazine, which if they used similar language to the previous awb would still be ok. also, just a rockin’ firearm.

  • Matt Groom

    AWB 2.0 (Which isn’t even going to be discussed by the Dems until they secure their majorities in 2010, and then, only if.) would seek to outlaw and/or force the registration of ALL semi-auto rifles, and probably pistols.

    The best firearms investments are always oddballs. It was the unorthodox things that commanded high premiums last time. I remember when .45 ACP caliber H&K USP mags were going for $150 a piece. For two extra rounds, that’s one hell of a premium. I saw a semi-auto FAMAS variant going for more than a registered M-16A2. Not an A1, an A2. That FAMAS is still valuable, even though you can get better rifles now.

    Buy the things that no one else is buying, and buy items that deteriorate, like magazines. The rarer, the better.

  • Phil Ward

    Haha, nice to see they’ve been reading their Arfcom: “GET BOTH!”

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  • chatchki

    great video

  • jdun1911

    Alex, both are good investment. As a rule of thumb firearms do not lose much of their value over time. If you can only pick one go with the AR15 because you can resale it faster.

  • wow, lol that is clever though. Maybe internet sales will go up too?.

  • Alex C

    @ Don

    I really disagree with “smith and wesson/colt revolvers being the best investment right now”.

    Transferable machineguns are the best and have been since 1986.