Air guns are also up, crossbows too

Yesterday a highly placed source in the air gun industry (who wishes to remain anonymous) told me that air guns sales are also riding the gun buying frenzy wave. Crossbow sales have also noticeably increased.

There is a lot to be said about air guns at a time when ammunition is so expensive.

Steve Johnson

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  • TheGunGeek

    Yup, when you can buy pellets all day long from just about anywhere (and not a single one of them needs a primer or powder) for a penny or so each, it’s easy to justify picking one up.

    I just got the latest clearance/closeout flyer from Natchez Shooter’s Supply ( and they’ve got some fan-freaking-tastic deals on a bunch of air guns. From cheapie BB guns to some pricier pellet shooters.

    My will power was weak and I succumbed to the siren call. In fact, the big brown truck of happiness came today. I’m itching to get home, but it will probably be raining all evening and I don’t have a suitable indoor backdrop.


    • You can make your own as well! They are recyclable (can be melted down and recast)

  • Dom

    Anyone know of any good resources that break down the airgun hype into stats? Maybe even independent chronometer tests? With lead vs. PBA and all the different cocking mechanisms and so forth, there’s a lot to airgun selection. One other thing to think about; there are airguns much larger than .17 or .22 out there that guys actually hunt medium game with. Other than needing a scuba pump to be practically used, they do look pretty cool.

  • higs

    i shot Competition air rifle in high school, and have really thought about picking up a nice .177 cal air rifle. id love to find my old gun, the Avanti Valiant. a czech gun imported by Daisy.

  • anon

    Visit the Pyramid Air Blog, it has the best discussion about air powered guns….

  • TheGunGeek

    Okay, who makes a mold for casting .177 pellets? Cheap pellets are awfully cheap. I imagine it would take quite some time to make up the cost of the mold.

    In a SHTF scenario, however, it just might be worth it to already have it on hand.

  • anon

    I’ve found Beeman Kodiak Match pellets excellent. They’re lot# marked and batch tested for top quality. Each pellet comes out looking great and shoots accurate.

  • Seth

    I understand why sales are up, several states are going full inclusion on crossbows (mine goes in next year). As far as airguns at one end of the spectrum they are cheap and quiet to shoot. At the other is the Quackenbush guns which have been used on on Bison, Black bear, some African plains game, Pronghorn and I personally used my .458 Quackenbush on a Whitetail last season. As a side not about casting small caliber pellets, they are not commercially done that way they a swaged in dies.

  • TheGunGeek

    Okay, so who makes pellet swaging dies?

    • TheGunGeek, harcore air gunners 😉 Actually it is a necessity for the big bore airguns. Bullets traps catch all the lead so recycling is not a hard job.