New Nighthawk bolt action rifles: Tactical and Hunting

Nighthawk Custom have introduced two lines of high end semi-custom bolt action rifles.

The Nighthawk Tactical series is available with either their own hunting action, which includes a bolt-on picatinny rail, or a Surgeon action which has a picatinny rail machined into it. It is stocked with a Manners Composite Stock that can be finished in a Perma Kote color scheme of choice. The rifle can be chambered in .308, 7mm Remington Magnum, .300 Winchester and .338 Lapua.

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 Rifles Tacticalrifle2

The Nighthawk Hunter series is similar to the tactical series. The main differences are that it is only available in the Nighthawk action, it can be stocked with a HS Precision stock instead of a Manners Composite stock and can be chambered in a variety of hunting cartridges.



No prices are listed … in other words they are very expensive.

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  • Valhalla

    Remind me of M24s

  • Warren Peace

    I respect Nighthawk Customs. From what I’ve read their firearms are of high quality and their service is excellent. However, their choice to use HS Precision stocks may harm the sales of the new rifles. Many people have long memories and HS Precision’s choice to use Lon Horiuchi as a spokesperson damaged the brand. Damage that, considering HS Precision’s response, won’t soon be forgotten.

    More here:

    • Warren, I agree, the HS Precision saga is very unfortunate. Personally I would think twice before paying for an HS stock. And to think all it would take was an apology.

  • Kevin Delaney

    Whats the story on the HS Stocks? Im newer to the shooting scene.

    • Kevin, Have a read of this:

      Ultimately they stuffed up using somebody they should not have to endorse their products. They then *really* stuffed up by not admitting they made an error.

  • Great looking rifles! I have got a Manners stock on my left hand Remington 700 chambered in 338 Lapua.

  • I guess I wasn’t aware of the controversy surrounding HS Precision. Amazing.

  • whackahog308

    This Nighthawk really shoots. In order to qualify at my range for shooting at the ranges over 300 yards, one must put 5 shots into a 5 inch circle at 300 yards and prove it to the staff of the shooting range. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but some guys can’t do it. Without thinking much I put the 5 shots in a 2.5 inch group at 300 yards using some reloads I put together using SMKs with low end charge of AA2520 powder behind them. The loads were not especially put together for this rifle. A couple of the shots actually hit the X ring. Then to rule out the “lucky shot” factor, for grins I repeated the same group on another target. For an “off the rack” ready made custom rifle, Nighthawk got it right.

  • joe

    i just bought a new nighthawk 308 rifle hope they are a good choice/

  • joe


  • Jacob Epstein

    what type of barrel is that on the hunting model ? any ideas?