Remington Model 597 VTR : AR-15 style .22

Remington have announced a new addition to their line of Model 597 semi-automatic .22 rifles. The VTR (Varmint Target Rifle) is styled after the AR-15 and features:

597 Vtr
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* 16″ target-style heavy barrels.
* A2 style stock or Pardus M4-style collapsible stock
* A2 Pistol grip
* Free float handguard
* 1913 Picatinny rail for optics.
* Black finish on all parts.

It is not clear if standard AR-15 compatible stocks and pistol grips can be attached. I will try to find out from Remington.

Two models will be available. The “Model 597 VTR 22LR with A2 Stock” model will MSRP for $445 (10 round magazine) and $479 (30 round magazine).

The “Model 597 VTR 22LR with Collapsible Stock” features a Pardus collapsible stock and had an MSRP of $445.

UPDATE: According to John, Product Development manager, different AR stocks should be compatible. AR pistol grip interchange will be limited because of the receiver design.

Thanks to Linda from Remington for her help getting me information.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jason in Iowa

    Photos and details available on the “AR style” 597 VTR black rifle here:

    Yes it has a pistol grip, collapsible stock, and floating tube forend, but unlike the new Colt and S&W AR 22 rifles, the reciever is not in the AR configuration, and no one will mistake it for an AR-15.

    • Jason, thanks. Looks like they just added the pages on Remington.

  • Erni

    That’s not a photo! That is a rendering of a CAD model. So this is either in the plans or almost there and photos are not available.

    • Erni, you think? Hard to say because gun companies do air brush their photos.

  • Jeremy

    That’s a pretty cool looking deuce deuce, but for that MSRP I’d probably just stick with the 597 standard or go with a spikes upper.

  • higs

    calling this a .22 AR15, is like calling a tactical 10/22 a .22 AR15

  • Carl

    Looks like a shotgun with some crap added to make it look more “assault-rifley”.

  • Erni

    Steve, yup it’s a rendering. Perfect surfaces, perfect lighting, perfect angle and proportions. A rendering for shure. I do product engineering for a living and that is what a rendered assembly looks like if you futz with it a bit.

    • thanks Erni, I updated the blog post.

  • the only limit I can possibly see for grip interchange would be some of the snazzier rubberized handgrips that extend up the side of the reciever a little. If it fits one, it fits them all as far as the “socket” goes.

  • Looks like a ripoff of the Nordic Components AR-22 to me.

    • it does look quite similar.

  • sportbikerr

    I wonder if this rifle would accept the same 30rd magazines Remington has produced for the 597 last year.

  • connor

    Would this rifle be considered restricted in Ontario Canada?

  • The 597 VTR is available in ontario but over 75% sold out, theyre special order and being brought in with out the collasible stock its got a standard ar-15 stock, yes the 597 regular 30 round mags fit it, they will be coming in fall 2009 Mines on order.

  • should mention, if you want one of these you should have your local gun shop contact grobel. I’m not 100% sure of the spelling but this is how it was pronounced. Grobel will answer questions about this fire arm but they will ask your local dealer to call them to place orders they will not sell them directly to you. again theyre not restricted and do take the 30 round 597 mags but the ones coming to Canada will not have the collasible stock. I got a rough idea of my cost I was told 531.00 plus taxed Im in ontario so about 600.00 out the door, about 25 bucks extra for the 30 round mag. say 650.00 cause i want a sling too LOL should be a great plinker with a nice re dot on it. hope this helps and answers some questions for you guys.

  • Just got the Remington 597 VTR, havnt shot it yet and I’m in ontario canada, cost was 438.00 plus tax! thats 90.00 less than i was orginaly quoted. sighting it in this weekend.

  • Jim

    This thing is heavy, I’m not sure that I would want to lug it around.

  • Yeah it is a bit on the heavy side, but a sling will fix that. It’s cool though they incorporated a storage compartment in the butt stock, I like it! doesnt work well with cheap ammo, you gotta use better stuff like CCI stingers, remington Vipers or yellow jackets, those 20 bucks a box crap just dont cut it, the bullet heads are loose and cause jamming, the 35 bucks a box stuff or 50 bucks a box works flawlessly never had a jam with the yellow jackets or Vipers.

  • CanadianBeef

    Non-restricted in Canada, and yes it comes with collapsible stock, here is a place in Alberta that is selling them… they offer free shipping within Canada.

  • CanadianBeef

    and yes they take the normal 30 round mags for the 597

  • Andrew,

    Plse advise on where you p/u your 597 vtr 22 for 438.

    I’m also looking for one and found one for 500

  • shooter

    I bought one of those 597s; the cost is $475 at Shooter Choice in Kitchener, Ontario. It is NOT restricted. This a great gun; it come with a free floating, heavy barrel and is as accurate as a target gun. This is posssibly the best .22 Renmington has ever made. These guns will sell fast so get them before the store is sold out. They are really a great gun, my only negative is a bit heavy at 7.5 lb – that is a lot for a 22. But I still love it!


  • Randogger

    will they come out with a magnum or 17 hmr??

  • Révérend Dane

    I buy this new 597 VTR for only 389$ + tax in Quebec, Canada at S.A.I.L.
    Very good price for this new 597 vtr

  • Sedge18

    Picked one up about a month ago in Alberta. Shoots about the same as my heavy barrelled 10/22. Anybody know if you can replace the round hand guard with a rail system?

  • Kerry Darnall

    Ruger makes one that’s alot better out of the 10/22

  • Sedge18

    I’ve yet to see one. At least not in Canada.

  • Kent

    Can you replace the hand guard with an ar-15 type FF quad-rail system?

  • martin

    Yeah, wondering about the possibility of installing a bi pod and spot light on mine …will i need the quad rail?…does it fit? Im thinking so! really impressed w/this rifles accuracy!

  • jeremy

    Does any know if I can buy just the stock and grips? I’ve got a few year old 597 and would like to put this stock and grip set up on the old receiver and barrel. thanks for the help

  • martin

    I have been trying alot of different ammo starting to like the cheapo remington, and round nose CCI the best, …dunno mostly testing below freezing! jamming with “yellow jackets!”

  • Larry

    Just got one with a solid stock at Gander Mountain for $296 w/ 10 rd magazine. gonna upgrade to the 30rd. Haven’t shot it yet but I think I’ll like it.

  • martin

    Ok put about 1000 rounds through this one now…jamming like crazy its back at ganders gunsmith …no ammo works”well”…eley,cci,stingers,remingto,winch super x,it all jams missfires and refuses to eject! Pretty dissapointed. If it can’t be repaired it will be for sale cheap!

  • dan

    just picked up a 597 vtr for $296 at gander looks great feels great gotta figure out what kind of scope to put on it

  • Mark

    We have had less jamming issues the federal ammunition, it seems to burn a little cleaner.

  • martin

    Did a thorough cleaning and tightend up some lose screws yesterday …ran 100 rounds of cci ammo..much better I will try federal next!…thanks!

  • jose

    Bout a 597 vtr and could not get it to shoot right with any ammo. Bout remington dry lube to lubricate worked a little better but still jammed. Upgraded the extractor works perfect. I shoot about 300 rounds thru it this morning and not one jam and it was cheepy amo. Definit fix with upgrading the extractor.

  • Cooler

    Just came from Gander Mountain where they have it on sale for $296, but how as a canadian can we purchase them???

  • Andrew

    Got mine at Elwood epps in barrie orillia area ontario, martin experience the same problems buddy! Im F-pissed to say the least. the only ammo I found thatw wokrs best is the remington Vipers but even then lots of DNF do not fire and FTE failure to eject. Im gonna have mine ripped apart and everything polish up and re lubricated. im gonna see if I can over bore the chamber EVER so slightly and have the ejectors and firing pin checked, if it still doing this Im gonna take it to the highest cliff I can find and have a friend throw it off while I blast it with my 12 guage!

    I’m sure a smithy can fix it though, just aggravating as hell!!!! cant get through a 10 round mag with out 1-2 problems. yeah tried the 30 round mag too same sheeet! different pile!

  • Andrew

    MARTIN i did also try mine is plus 20 degreee weather and honestly the Vipers workded Amazingly and truthfuly from my last post being negative all thaose failures were in under minus degree weather! I wonder if the cold and the teflon coating have anything to do with this, because mine was firing EVERY round of the Vipers in the hot weather no problems, I put it way took it out in January 2nd and this all started! Im gonna hold off on doing anything and wait till march or may and try again in decent weather and see my results, ill keep ya’ll posted!

  • Andrew

    I found this also, you guys asking about mounts and rails etc…. check this out maybe it will help you all.

  • martin

    Thanks to you all for the comments /help…
    Got mine back form the gander gunsmith here in colo. had him run 100 rounds of cci through it after he was done …he “said” it was fine now no ,fail to fire or fail to eject…I took it out and put 100 or so cci’s ….had a couple of jams.better but not good!
    Brought it home and did a major dissasemely /cleaning myself(I am a high end european auto tehnician)…found three of the bolts loose! Just on the outer probably not the problem.
    I have put another 300-400 rounds through …all cci or eley match grade at an indoor range …very accurate @ 100 yards 3 inch groups! But jams? …oh about 25 or so!!! This thing I pissing me off !
    Will try to find this upgraded extractor? Not sure if is a replacement part or sompthing I can buy at the store?
    Plugging away,martin

  • Heinyho

    I just put 375 rounds of Federal bulk ammo through my 597 VTR with no problem. I love the thing.

  • Lonnie

    Anyone have a recommendation for a scope? I just bought a VTR on Gunbroker for $329, new in box.

  • Sedge18

    I gave mine a good work out today with several brands of ammo. It was +2 degrees Celcius. I found the American Eagle 40G most accurate. Tried CCI Mini Mags, Two types of Remington. No malfunctions. Worked great. You guys having issues may want to try loading your mags a few shy of max.

  • Andrew

    Lonnie, when buying a scope make sure the scope is made for .22 rimfire rifles. bushnell has abunch for under 80.00 bucks. I put a 2.5 fixed zoom on mine, I had atactical reddot, but it was only good out to 40 yards, after that I was loosing accuracy like mad. the 2.5 fixe is perfect I’m not shooting this thing more than 80 yards anyway, I bought it for plinking crap at the cottage while we BBQ on the deck LOL. works great for pest control too!

  • vincent

    Is this legal in california??

  • dave

    what is this EXTRACTOR UPGRADE ????? i feel i need it !!!

  • Andrew

    Well Seems like the warmer weather made a HUGE difference in the performance on my Rifle. I tied the cheap stuff it would barelyfire before and now that its had about 150 rounds through it again in plus temperatures the gun is firiring about 15-20 rounds without any problems and the problems that do occur can likely be blamed on the cheap ammo.
    Bottom line for me is mine does not liek cold weather!!!! guess it makes the metal shrink and maybne the tolerence levels are effected a bit much.

    Rifle is working great and as expected now! and I did not fix a dam thing or send it anywhere. patience i think is a key with this gun, Break it in well use good ammo and try to use it it warm weather not minus 10 LOL

  • Rusty

    Where you buying these and for how much? I’m close to Epps (2 hours)
    Has anyone had any time on the new Ruger SR-22. I’m leaning towards it right now

  • Eric

    I just checked all the Gander Mountains here in VA and the best price I’m coming up with is $349. Does GM price match their own stores? If so, what stores are you guys finding it at $296?


  • Rusty, I got mine at Elwood Epps. However the quantities were limited and it was actualy my original inquest that got Epps to roder them from Gravel the importer. Even Gravel had limited quantities. dunno man it might be tough getting one now, but call Epps see waht they say, or call the gravel agency and se if they are importing anymore.

  • Rusty

    Tx Andrew,
    Epps has lots and I picked one up last weekend with a Trophy Red-Dot. I bought some stuff for my SP01 Shadow while their and a couple of brick of .22s for the test. The remington hi-velocities were junk out of it -FTFs / FTEs
    I had some Wildcats that were the same. I’m going to try some CCI Stingers this weekend but I wasn’t a happy camper last Sunday. I’ll post up results.

  • Rusty

    Well it was around 22C today and with a good tear-down and lubing the little plinker worked flawlessly today through 250 rds of wildcats. Grouping is nice too – good choice 🙂

  • Airman767

    I recently purchased this rifle with no issues in firing the weapon. The problem I have with the gun is the disassembly and reassembly for cleaning. What a pathetically designed gun. I cleaned 2 handguns and an AR in half the time it took me to break this thing down, clean it, and put it back together. To make it worse, the right side plate was misdrilled. I had to keep the front and rear takedown screws loose (opposite of what the manual says to do) in order to get the side plate screwed back on. I don’t how it got past inspection at the factory. I like my S&W 15/22 way more.

  • Rusty, I had the eXACT same scope on mine. Man it was terible for me it was only accurate out to 30 yards or so. I had the trophy it went red/green with like 4 diferent reticles. I took it off and put it on my crossbow and I put the 2.5X30 fixed zoom scope off my crossbow on the .22 and it works much better very accurate out to 80 yards now. I dont shoot any further with this thing, If I did I’d just grab my .243.

    The wildcats and working great for me, In truth after allt his crap and testing and things, I personaly think all the gun needs is warm weather, a little lube and some break in time.

    Awesome man, those wildcats lol they didnt work when it was minus 10 degreee’s as soon as it hit like plus 5 they worked fine. Guns are like women, theres tons of them out there, they can be picky at times but when you got a nice one in your hands it feels so good! lol

    Take care all

  • Rusty

    Hey Andrew,
    I have the Trophy dialed in at 75 yds and find it good , although I did have to remove the polarization filter and add the extension tube. In honesty if I had thought about it I would have bought the Tasco 30mm…
    Cheaper and bigger optic -oh well
    I agree on both issues: warmer weather and lighter lube as well as the breakin. The plinkers work great with the above points.
    Sidenote on reachin out further. I picked up the Norinco M14S in 7.62 last weekend at Epps so my “reach” has increased 🙂
    Now I take both to the range- drop a box of 7.62 through the M-14 then switch to the 597 for cheaper fun.

  • Lebarons in Markham has 7.62X39 for about 2.50 for 10 rounds or bricks of 1200 rounds for $218.00 heres the link.

    Have buddy, and take care.

  • Rusty

    Thats the SKS rds -Nato = 7.62 x 51mm and there is no deals on that (while the wars are on 🙁

  • Dr Mellan

    Just bought my VTR with the collapsible stock, a 30 round mag and a Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9 x 40mm. It all came to just under $580.00 with tax. I live just out side Ottawa Ontario Canada. Got it at Al’s Corner Store, great little shop very helpful and knowledgeable.
    Fired 300+ rounds through it, used CCI Blazers and Winchester super-x, it worked flawlessly! mag never jamed action never jamed not one miss fire in the bullets. Unfortunatly from what Ive read some guns work and some are lemons. I lucked out and got a gun that works.
    Love the scope with this gun, dead accurate! no more pigeons no more groundhogs and the coyotes are a few less… I own a Ruger 10/22 also and it doesn’t leave the gun case any more since i got the VTR.

  • Curt

    As far as Remington calling this an AR style or whatever is no problem to me. Hell, if Ruger can say the same about their SR22 why can’t Remington? I do not have any experience with this unit yet, but it is on my list. I am too damned stubborn to listen to what others whine about, I prefer to check these things out for myself. Unfortunatly, my bank account screams for mercy whenever I do break down and buy a new firearm.

    Anybody know where I can track down an Austrian Sporting MK22? The tacticool version of the FN SCAR? Everywhere I look, they are sold out.

  • Doug

    You guys seem to know quite a bit about AR platforms. I am looking to buy an ar platform hunting rifle for whitetail deer). I know that they are available in baby .270 (6.5 mm), .308 etc… Are they restricted in Ontario (Canada for you yanks)? Where can I get one? any ideas on prices?


  • jamie stokes

    williams arms has ar platform i believe for 330 bucks. i dunno if that’s good but you can’t hunt with one anyway, they’re restriced…aren’t they? in port perry ontario.

  • jamie stokes

    and i have a 597 vtr, just haven’t tried it out yet…not many places for me to shoot at the moment!
    what do you guys recommend doing if it does end up giving me problems? seriously though, not throwing it off cliffs and stuff

  • jamie stokes

    ok…so, tried out the remington 597 vtr and it works great as long as i don’t use bulk winchesters like in the 333 pack. the firing pin hits them and they don’t go bang!
    other than that, i tried about 5 different kinds of ammo and they all work.
    any questions?

  • I picked one up myself and have to say I’m pretty stoked. It’s been a great little plinker for me and the kids to have fun with. I have to admit I was a little hesitant with some of the bad reviews I researched. But all in all, I’ll buy pretty much anything with Remingtons name on it, because they have a solid reputation for manufacturing very good firearms, and the history to back them.

    Anyway… I’m supper happy and very stoked I got such a wicked awesome deal, and this baby has been flawless so far. With any .22, you just have to use good ammo. It’s not like .22 isn’t super cheap to begin with and overly abundant at walmart. Just spend the few extra pennies to buy good quality ammo. I always buy federal, and or hornady.

    This has quickly become one of my most favorite firearms to take the kids shooting at the range with. The out of the box accuracy has been very typical Remington quality so far. Did I mention how much I love shooting .22LR? Among .22 and 17 HMR, they are a lot of fun to go plinking with, or even blasting those darn yotes. It’s a hoot!

    One great aspect of the AR-15 style and telescoping stock is that I have a very fun plinking .22 that all my kids can enjoy without needing to buy them a “youth” model. It fits me and my kids just fine!

    I’m thinking about prowling for another amazing deal and picking up another one for the kids. We all seem to get impatient waiting around for each one of us to get our turn on this one! =P

  • I think its very nice of remington to offer a $2.50.00 refund on their 597 17hmr rifles with the laminated stock rifle, as it only retailed for a little over $400.00 !!!, NOW THATS SERVICE FOR YOU !
    However, I think I will just wrap this piece junk remington made around a tree, and never buy REMINGTON firearms again.

  • john

    The Remington 597 vtr is a great gun for the price and right out of the box a great shooting gun, fun and easy to use and dead balls on! I have red some bad reviews of jamming or miss fire, I had None of these problems at all and I shot a little over 500 rounds today the gun was bran new right out of the box and it worked great and not one bad thing to say about the gun. I did buy some of the 30 round magazine and I noticed that if you put all 30 rounds in the magazine then the bullets would not feed so I put only 20 rounds in the magazine and it worked like a dream , for the people who gave a bad review that claimed they had jamming and miss firing , try paying attention to what’s going on and not just give a bad review if you don’t know what the cause of the problem is , I noticed the rounds wouldn’t feed with 30 bullets in the magazine so I made an adjustment and only put 20 rounds in the magazine and had not one problem . I picked up my Remington 597 vtr for 289.00 plus tax and bought a B.S.A. 22 scope for 39.00 and it worked great together and I think is a great gun for the money and is very accurate right out of the box and look forward getting back to the range and shoot it some more.

  • monkeyboy
  • dead eye dave

    I’ve had this riffle for 8 months i put a bushnell 9×40 on it i also bought the 30 rnd mag and new quad rail. i tried remington ammo, ………….jammed every 6-7 shot, i changed to cci stingers wholy crap what a difference! i’m really impressed i can make an accurate shot at 100 yrds. tried 150 yrds. scope is just a little under powered to see. but from 10 to 100 yrds this riffle is amazing. and the rate of fire is unbelievable for semi auto. i double trigger it as fast as i can and it spits em out out like a auto.

    • Troy

      I have a Remington VTR 597 that I bought for my son. I later ordered the quad rail from Remington so he could add gadgets to it like a forward grip and bi pod. But the rail won’t thread on and replace the foreend. Did you get yours to work? if so, How? Any help would be appreciated.


  • Brian

    I have the 597 vtr can you put a quad rail on it? i was thinking about adding some cool gaer to it