Stoeger Double Defense: 21st Century Tactical Coach Gun

The Coach Gun is the name given to the relatively short double barreled shotguns which were popular for self defense in the Wild West where they were issued to the drivers and security personal of stage coaches. If you have ever seen a Western movie you have probably seen a coach gun.

They were effective and simple to operate self defense tools back in the mid 1800’s and still they are today, although they are almost never mentioned in self defense literature. Hollywood movies reinforcement the perception that autoloader pistols are the only effective self defense option.

Maybe today this attitude will change. Stoeger, a Benelli brand, have unveiled their new tactical shotgun which drags the coach gun, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century 🙂

Double Defense
Double Defense 12 gauge. Click to expand image.

Double Defense-1
Double Defense 20 gauge. Click to expand image.

The Double Defense has a picatinny rail on top for red dot sights, and under the barrel for lights, lasers or pistol grips. Another unique feature for a coach gun is a fiber optic front bead. The photos above show red dot type sights and flashlights – these are not included.

The barrels on both the 20 gauge and 12 gauge models are 20″ long and have a fixed improved choke and can chamber 2.75 and 3″ shells.

It has single trigger which is more convenient than a double trigger in a self defense situation and a tang-mounted safety that is automatically applied when the action is closed. The hardwood stock and metalwork is matte black in color.

I think this gun is a winner for those who are not “gun” people and who are not likely practice at the range. The only problem will be convincing people that it is a better option than a pistol. James, a self defense expert and trainer who blogs at Hell in a Handbasket, often laments that he cannot convince his clients that a shotgun is better than a pistol. A few days ago Jay emailed me a link to this news article where a woman could not shoot a home invader because she did not know how to operate the safety on her semi-automatic pistol. Chances are that a round was not even chambered. From

“He had that gun pointed and he was hollering ‘sit down, sit down,’ ” Graves told WVLT.

Next came a struggle. Billy went for a gun in the bedroom. That’s when Vickie heard gunfire.

She says she had nothing to lose at that point, so she reached for another gun kept in the living room.

“I kept pulling the trigger and just pulling, pulling, pulling. I couldn’t get the safety. I don’t know. I hate guns.”

If your spouse, grown-up child, parent, girl or boyfriend “hates guns” or simply has no intend to practice but needs one for self defense consider getting them the Double Defense, it is simple, reliable and effective.

There a a couple of things I would change if I had designed the shotgun. I would have preferred a synthetic stock, a 18″ barrel and a butt stock shell carrier for quick reloading. A shell carrier is an essential accessory for a double barreled shotgun that will be used for home defense.

Thanks to Joe from Benelli for emailing me the photos.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Matt Groom

    Like the USFA Shooting Master it’s hideous…and I love it.

    Doubles are the fastest and most reliable firing mechanism on the planet. No mechanism to move, to rotate, to load, just two independent strikers. I wonder if it works as a take-down?

  • I just died a little inside seeing that.

    Seriously, I love coach guns for HD but come on. This is taking “tacticool” too far.

    • Caleb, LOL. I seriously do not think it is tacti-cool. A fiber front bead is very useful and I have never seen one on a coach gun. The rails are for the same kind of things people hang off their pump actions and ARs, sure none of them are strictly needed or even useful but people like them. If it makes people consider a type of gun that they would not have in the past, I am all for it.

  • Canthros

    I do believe I’ve now seem anything. Well, not everything everything. If somebody starts offering a tactical autorevolver, though …

  • Tango_Delta

    This is a great practical choice for home defense for anyone. Caveman simple, much less likely a novice would panic and screw it up as opposed to a pump action.

    Too many people rely on hanguns for home defense, I agree. There’s a misconception I’ve noticed through talking to my friends who aren’t “gun” people and they tend to greatly overestimate the power of handgun rounds. For whatever reason, maybe they’re letting T.V. and movies where people drop like a bag of bricks when someone gets shot with a handgun influence them too much or they’ve never heard stories of criminals being shot numerous times with handguns and not being stopped. They assume anything that goes bang will stop someone right away. That, and handguns are cheap, easily maintained and stored.

    After I got into reloading and understanding ballistics though I don’t think I would ever consider a handgun for home defense except as a last resort which is really what they’re supposed to be, at least in my opinion. There just are more benefits with using a shotgun for home defense than using a handgun. The wide spread of buckshot means more lead and more “stopping power”, if I can get away with using that phrase, there’s less chance of over-penetration than with handgun rounds like the 9mm and the bark of a 12 gauge shotgun going off is much more of a deterrence than any handgun round.

    And if they’re going for tactical they should give it a folding stock. Now that would be sweet, with a short barrel. Put an Eotech on that, oh yeah, gravy.

    I question the logic behind putting flashlights on firearms but hey, it looks cool, very steampunk.

  • SoloTwo

    Do want, and for no good reason.

  • I want it!

    • tacti-cool would be if it had one of those pistol bayonets attached 😉

  • Roadkill

    The rail makes sense. Mounted lights are useful on longarms. Especially for SD applications. Handguns can be used one handed easily, but try that with a shotgun! I really do like the idea of putting some modern touches on classic firearms. I think they could have done more on this one’s stock. It could have been adjustable or have a built in shell carrier. I’d like to see this treatment for some lever actions. Or some pump action carbines in .45 colt, .44 mag, or .357mag.

  • Don


    I want to hate it but it makes too much sense.

    A flashlight and a holosight on a double make home defense idiot-proof.


  • If it was really for self defence ; I would rather recommend to buy two tasers.
    They (usually) don’t kill, and that’s a serious argument if you look at the possible legal trouble and at the statistics about accidental use on ill-identified persons that too often turn out to be family members returning from a fridge.

  • Regolith

    I’m with Caleb. God that thing is ugly…

  • As a home defense tool, you can load your shotgun with less than lethal ammunition (like rubber pellets or home loaded salt cartridges). It’s still rather effective to stop an agressor, you avoid overpenetration, you leave the recoil at bay, and your agressor can’t know if your gun is loaded with wildboar hunting slugshot or self-defense ammo, so as a non-verbal mean of communication, the two wide mouthes of your gun are very effective.
    It beats one, two or ten Tasers everynight. And even if it doesn’t work, reloading with Brenneke cartridge is pretty fast, even in degraded conditions, thanks to the big size and weight of the cartridge and hole of the chamber.

  • “If it was really for self defence ; I would rather recommend to buy two tasers. They (usually) don’t kill, and that’s a serious argument if you look at the possible legal trouble and at the statistics about accidental use on ill-identified persons that too often turn out to be family members returning from a fridge.”

    I would be interested to see these statistics of accidental homicides of family members of which you speak. The only studies I’ve seen that claim family members are regularly killed deliberately bundle in suicides. (About 60% of all fatal shootings are suicides.)

    After all, if you are killing yourself, you are by definition killing a family member. I think that saying it is an accident is a bit of a stretch, though.

    According to statistics gathered by the CDC for 2005 (PDF file here, deaths caused by “accidental discharge of firearms” totaled 789. Inhaling poisonous fumes in the home claimed more lives.

    So far as tasers and other electrical devices are concerned, I am on record as saying that they are useful, but only in very limited circumstances. You better have a bunch of friends with you, or be in good enough shape to do some damage to your attacker, before you trust your well being to those gadgets.

    As to the gun pictured, I have no problem with it, although I wouldn’t want one myself. I wonder what the price is.

    One last thing. I would like to thank Steve for the link!


  • “As a home defense tool, you can load your shotgun with less than lethal ammunition (like rubber pellets or home loaded salt cartridges).”

    When is using a firearm for defense legal? When one truly thinks that they need to defend their life, or the life of another innocent person.

    I’m curious as to what you are going to say to the judge after you shoot up a home invader with rock salt. “Yes, I deliberately loaded my gun with a load designed to maim and cause extreme pain instead of reliably stopping a violent criminal assault. That way I could shoot the perp with the scarring, disfiguring ammunition if I wasn’t sure that I needed to use lethal force, and then reload to kill them with the effective rounds if I needed to. My plan is on the Internet for all to see!”

    Let us know how that turns out for you.


  • Rob

    I have been looking at Stoeger’s coach guns for some time… now I may have to actually make a move on one. Have to admit, they are a little “taticool”, but the rails and front fiber just make sense.

    Wonder if you can get it with the wood stocks?
    Next thing, would be if you can get it with pistol grips and 3-point sling?
    Stoeger are you listening?

    • Rob, the stock is hardwood.

  • EgregiousCharles

    I disagree with coach guns as simple self-defense for the untrained.

    While the mechanism is indeed simple, they are among the most complex guns to operate, especially past the second shot. Operation past the second shot is important because it is entirely possible for an untrained operator to miss, home invaders often appear in groups, and it’s extremely easy for a goblin to figure out how many shots are in a double-barrelled gun. With practice these can be reloaded very quickly, but without practice fumbling some more shells in will be near impossible in a time-critical situation with adrenalin and the Tache-Psyche effect interfering.

    This gun automatically applies the safety when the action is closed. So the operator must know how to disengage the safety, exactly what the woman in the story did not know how to do.

    I think reliable autoloading shotguns are the best choice for the untrained for the same reasons an automatic rather than manual transmission is the best choice for a new driver; while the mechanism is more complex, the operation is simpler.

  • Bill R

    I like it. But I would make one change and that would be double triggers for an extra dose of reliability. (Not to mention the ability to give the bad guy both barrels at once! :-))

  • Nice and interesting and I can see it for home defense to a point.
    But I’ll take my Winchester Model 1300 and double ought.
    Taser? Come on!! I’ve personally seen people tased and what happens especially if they are really pissed!! I held onto a dudes arm when he was trying to beat me to death while two officers tased him 5, yes five times before he quit. (they were on the opposite side from me and yes I was a bit nervous when they hit him the first time)
    Taser…HA!! You break into my house I will identify, because you should not even own a gun if you do not know that, then if you are a threat to my family and I…
    Boom…boom boom boom…

  • Matt Groom

    I’m also totally opposed to the Taser concept. Home Invaders are NOT opportunist predators. They can tell that someone is home, because there’s a car in the driveway or in the garage. Is it nighttime? They’re probably home.

    People don’t argue with shotguns. If they see a shotgun, the logical thing to do is RUN. If the see a Taser, the first thought is “Is that yellow thing a toy?” If they know what a Taser is, they think “I wonder if that hurts?” If they’ve been Tasered before, they already know. If they’re cornered with a Shotgun, they’ll likely surrender. If they’re cornered with a Taser, they’ll try and get to it, and to the one holding it, BEFORE they surrender.

    Tactical reloads are a MYTH. If you fire two rounds of 00 Buck during a home invasion and the goblin is still a threat YOU ARE FUCKED. You could be a CAS National Champ and you won’t be able to reload fast enough. Most cases of home invasions where more than one perp was present and a firearm is discharged result in the partners FLEEING after the first gunshot, not wandering around, looking for the source.

    I know a man who was carrying a 12 gauge in Korea. First firefight, a short skirmish, he cycled all the rounds out of the shotgun, thinking that he was blasting away. He found all of them a few feet away in a neat little pile at dawn. Stress does funny things to you. Pulling a trigger is easier than pumping an action, or figuring out why the gun DIDN’T go “bang”! Semi-autos are far less intuitive to someone with limited firearms knowledge than most of us think. Most people think “Semi-Auto” means “Machine Gun”, fer crysakes!

    Even a person who doesn’t know how to work the safety, such as an inexperienced person who hates guns and refuses to train, can still point the gun and yell “FREEZE!” which might do the trick. It could even be unloaded. Most firearms confrontations do end safely without the firearm being discharged.

    • I do know that if I was invading a home and was fired at twice with a double barrel, I would not do a mad kamikaze rush in an attempt to disarm even an incompetent user of their shotgun. Saying all that I am a sober rational person who does not do drugs, so I cannot comment on what a criminal would think.

  • >When is using a firearm for defense legal?

    In most european countries, very rarely. In France, you can protect yourself with a gun (provided you have the right to possess it) in your home, by night. That’s theory, and self-defense right tend to quietly disappear in favour of the right to call our local 911.

    To oversimplify, if you shoot at a burglar with your sport shooting S&W 686, you go to jail, if you do the exact same thing wih your hunting shotgun, your legal situation is far, far better. But you’d still be judged for voluntary homicide.

    Using less than lethal ammos (even artisanal) at first can be seen as a reasonable try to avoid that homicide. That’s why I use rubber pellets in my double-barrel shotgun for home-defense : my aim is not to kill an intruder, but to stop the intrusion, and through the pain delivered by rubber or salt (a secular method for farmers against fruit pickers, by the way), I hope to obtain it.

    But again, your legal system, particulary for self defense, and tools you can use for it, is a bit different from ours. For exemple, beside the french “castle doctrine”, legitime defense is characterized by proportionnaly resisting an immediate illegal action (by defending yourself, you don’t have the right to harm more your attacker than he can ham you, you don’t have tho right to go on the fight if he flee or surrender, and you can’t fight back a cop arresting you, for example).

    Is the way I am liking less than lethal capabilities of that kind of guns making more sens, with a little context ?

  • Jesse

    I want it and I have no idea why.

  • Dom

    At first I thought this was a solution without a problem, but then I remembered that not everyone is 27 and in good health. James (HiaH) often mentions the elderly or disabled and how their self-defense needs can be met. This coach gun might be useful if a pump action requires more mobility than you have. I’d politely disagree about the semi-auto shotgun; a semi-auto anything, to me, is more the realm of a true gun operator who can clean and maintain the weapon. If somebody is looking to get a self-defense tool but not train with or maintain it, _and_ they cannot use a pump…this might be good.

  • Stymie

    I know this is off-topic, but what exactly is “Centeruty”?

    On-topic, I personally don’t like having a light hanging on my gun. Laser dot, yes, but IMHO, I’d prefer not to give an armed perp a target to shoot at in the dark.

    In addition, if I’m pointing my light toward a family member for identification, I’d prefer not have it attached on the barrel of my loaded weapon.

    • Stymie, it is what is known as a typo 😉 I had fixed it just looks like I did not save it correctly.

  • T Sarp

    Whats ugly about it? I think it looks awesome. Definately something I would buy.

  • Given the the average number of shots fired in an armed confrontation (according to a study of shootings involving NYPD officers) is around three – and we’re talking handguns here- then I’d say that there is a strong case for the use of a coach gun (even one as ugly as this) for home defence.

    And don’t forget the recent video that surfaced of an attempted home invasion- four armed men storm towards a house and they were driven off by a lone, armed home-owner.

    Practising reloading a coach gun would have to be highly recommended of course- but this might be the simplest option for those who aren’t that interested in shooting but want a reliable weapon at hand just in case.

    As for the notion of using less-lethal rounds/rock salt- the very last thing you want to do is to wound and anger a violent criminal. If you’re going to use a firearm for self-defence then it needs to be one that will decisively STOP the confrontation before harm can be done to you or your loved ones.

    Birdshot won’t cut it (see Box of Truth for evidence)- and less lethal ammo and rock salt is just asking for trouble.

    BTW, the link for the NYPD shooting study is here-

  • A quick follow up to the previous post- the NYPD study also points out that officers were injured by assailants after using the less lethal alternative-

    “subjects were hit by multiple (as many as 8-12) bean bag rounds with little or no effect”

    The recommendation for deploying less lethal ammunition is that a second, covering officer be near-by prepared to use lethal force.

  • Stymie

    I’m in one of those families with members who “hate guns,” so early last year I brought home Stoeger’s polished nickel Coach Gun Supreme. Their response: “It’s too pretty to shoot!” (I should have married Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies) The new DD model is simply its evil twin with a single trigger.

    I DO think the sound of a shotgun being pumped adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the nervous mind of a perp in your castle.

    • Stymie, LOL

      EBS: Evil Black Shotgun

  • “Is the way I am liking less than lethal capabilities of that kind of guns making more sens, with a little context ?”

    It is, indeed, Laurent. Thank you kindly for the clarification!


  • Danny

    I love it. It makes perfect sense. My biggest dilemma in choosing a coach gun for my wife’s home defense is how to get a light on the stupid thing. I can’t flip through an episode of any gun magazine without seeing that commercial for Clint Smith’s video series and the picture of him holding a double barrel side by side with a flashlight cable tied to the barrel.

    Traditionalists will not like it, but it makes perfect sense. At least they kept the wood and didn’t add any pistol grips.

  • Bob

    I’ve been thinking about a coach gun for home defense, but not this Stoeger. I’m looking for one that has external hammers, like you find in Cowboy Action Shooting. Why? Because late at night, as you’re fumbling around, half awake, in response to a break-in, I’d prefer being able to determine, by feel, what condition my weapon is in. With external hammers, I can determine whether the weapon is cocked or not. Sure, it’s an additional step in the firing process, by the way I look at it, I don’t have to wonder. I know that hammerless versions like this Stoeger cock automatically upon closing the action, but I prefer the extra assurance of the hammers.

  • Stymie

    Exposed hammer coach guns are not easy to find. Here’s a link (I have no affiliation with the site) to a nice one, but its price is right up there with the Stoeger Supreme.

    I’d think twice about those snagging hammers; they were eliminated for a reason. Plus, you’ll be back to two triggers. IMHO.

  • Crabula

    Apparently everything is better if you can mount a vertical foregrip and a holographic sight on it.

  • Pedro

    One of the advantages of the exposed hammer coach gun is that you can leave the gun loaded for months or years with no weakening of the hammer springs.

    I leave mine behind the bedside table, loaded with 00 shot and put a couple of cotton balls in the muzzles to keep out the dust and spiders. t is a simple matter to cock the hammers if needed.

    I fully concur with the DB SxS as a home defense gun. Simple, scary to the bad guys, and nearly idiot proof.

    Not sure about the “tacticool” DB though.

  • I am surprise nobody said revolvers. Fully loaded and good to go any time. Nothing to fiddle around, just pull the trigger.

    Misfire? Pull the trigger again.

    Reload is a pain? Keep a pair. If need to fire more than 3 rounds, you are in serious pain.

  • “I am surprise nobody said revolvers.”

    Handguns are much, much less effective than long guns. I like to say that a comparable pistol has about 1/10th the ability to end a fight than a shotgun or rifle.

    So your two revolvers barely exceed the hurt launched from a single barrel of the double shotgun.


  • Peter

    I used to have coach “gaucho” gun. I wish I never parted with it. 🙁 Thats a perfect SHTF gun. Short, manoverable, intimidating enough to make goblins think twice, flexible enough in ammo variability to provide “less lethal” options and so easy to use, even the missus couldn’t get it wrong.
    It sometimes really is the simplest things that work best, no matter how you dress it up.
    Much lamenting… ensues, (i miss my gaucho). Thanks for the nostalga.

  • Chris

    Its Ugly, It makes absolutely no sense…….2 rounds c’mon I can hold 8 in my 1100, and a red dot or holo on a double barrrel? what?

    That said…………………..I can’t wait till it comes out because I’m buying the first one I find.

  • Jesse

    I believe the reason it cannot have an 18″ barrel is because then the overall gun length would be too short. It’s only about 26″ as it is.

  • Peter

    It is 16 “.

  • Henry Bowman

    She says she had nothing to lose at that point, so she reached for another gun kept in the living room.

    “I kept pulling the trigger and just pulling, pulling, pulling. I couldn’t get the safety. I don’t know. I hate guns.”

    Hm. This gun gave this woman the same service that Marie Antoinette received when she asked her servants to defend her from the mob — and for much the same reason.

  • Cymond

    Wow, I’m impressed. A tactical version of the humble little coach gun has generated 3 times more comments than the SR-556.

    Personally, I like it. I think it’s rather practical compared to other coach guns. It’s functionally no worse than any other coach gun, yet the rails give you the option to mount modern accessories.

    I’ve been looking at coach guns for a while now because of their simplicity. I’m simply not a shotgun guy. They may be effective but I just don’t enjoy them. I’m a rifle & handgun fan. I haven’t needed any of my firearms for defense yet but all of them go to the range for sport and practice. Therefore, I choose guns that I will enjoy at the range first and that will be good for defense as a very close second. Coach guns appeal to me for the simplicity and classic styling. I’ve been leaning towards something with external hammers for stylistic reasons, but this coach gun is so practical that I may drop that criteria.

    I do have a few suggestions and hopes though. Some kind of shell carrier would be great. I too would like plastic stocks to be an option. They’d cut the weight and could even have a shell carrier molded in. A plastic stock also opens the possibility for an integral recoil pad like some of the Benelli guns. If they have to use wood, they could offer a version with traditional styling (blued steel, stained wood) and rails. Perhaps in the future they will make an excessively tacticool version (pistolgrip, front pistol grip, telestock, more rails, etc) but I don’t think I’d want one.

  • michael

    I am no Side by Side fan but something is very appealing about these two shotty’s from Stoeger.

  • jeff neal

    The time isn’t far off when the most advanced weapons we’re allowed to own are side by sides and lever guns, because they’ll drag pump actions down with semi autos. I’ve ordered a Double Defense and sincerely believe we’re not looking at a throwback firearm but rather at the future of firearms in America.

    Personally, I wish it had two triggers, auto ejectors, and choke tubes; but that would have no doubt raised the price considerably [ price from my local independant dealer here in Arkansas is $399 plus tax ]. I’ll leave off the upper rail and use the fiber optic sight but the lower will carry my Sure-Fire light and a q.d. swivel stud. A neoprene five round butt cuff and swivel stud will be mounted to the buttstock and yeah, I feel certain this will work for most real world situations as well as feral hog hunting. And my Stoeger 20 guage Coachgun and go back to it’s primary job of rabbits and quail.

  • Ray

    Actually the Stoegers cock automatically upon OPENING, not closing, the breech.

  • Eager

    Use a Stoeger coach gun as one means of home defense and I have had to improvise light attachment. This is a great idea and combination as there are no third party or after market parts/accessories to make a double barrel viable under all conditions. Not “tacticool” just practical or better yet “practicool”. Can’t wait to get one.

  • Blackolives

    Interesting comment by the guy who said rails hold accessories that most people like but don’t need. Last time I checked most police shootings were in low light, or no light scenarios. Same holds true for home invasions. If somebody breaks into the house during the day, usually no one is home, and it’s a burglary. When someone breaks in at night when you’re home, it’s dark!

    Having a good light on the end or beneath any gun is a huge plus. A. it disorients, and temporarily blinds and assailant. B. it allows you to see what you are firing at.

    I love this gun, and plan to buy one as soon as I save up $450.

  • Blackolives

    How about the simple notion of keeping this gun, loaded with #4, or double 00 buck, and a loaded 6 shot revolver. Neither will jam, or malfunction. Quickest reload around is a second gun. I can’t think of too may scenarios where 18 .32 caliber pellets won’t stop your threat, but if they don’t you hunker down with a revolver if help is on the way, or reload the SxS and try again.

    Also for the humanitarian who want to bet his life, and the safety of his family on two tasers (at a cost of $1,000 per unit), or those who like the cool factor of a nice semi-auto, (usually $500-$800 or more), this $400 coach gun is a hell of a good bang for the buck.

  • Stymie

    My only gripe about a light on a gun at night is you have just given an armed perp a target to shoot at. Especially if you don’t shine it -immediately- in his eyes. I’ll take my chances knowing my room layout, clearing and cornering in the dark.

  • Ray

    As for the woman who was too flustered/ignorant as to how to take the safety off:

    The Stoegers safety is automatically activated upon loading the shotgun. This same woman would
    probably screw that up too in an emergency. Suggest giving someone like her an S&W 500 Mag.
    With a trusty, double-action, serious wheelgun, all she has to do is pull the trigger. Sure,
    she may end up with a sprained wrist…better that than a coffin.

  • J.A. James

    I must have missed this the first time around. Ah well. Some comments in no particular order, please remember these are my opinions and don’t represent formal doctrine or anything like that.

    1. Even inside my home, my handgun is only useful to let me fight my way to a safer location where I can use a long gun from as much cover and concealment as I can get. Fortunately I don’t have kids nor do any of my friends who are likely to be spending the night. I live in a medium-small city in a very rural state. My house was built by my grandfather who built it, “strong, sturdy and to last a long, long time.” It’s got an inordinate amount of concrete and hardwood in its outer walls. It’s also sited in a way that allows any rounds that penetrate the exterior shell to impact either on one of my own outbuildings or the bare ground. Any neighbors that are in a potential line of fire are situated so there are a number of their own walls between any incoming fire and the spaces they normally occupy. I will gladly pay to put up a new piece of concrete lawn art if it’s broken by one of my rounds fired during a defense situation.

    2. At the absolute longest possible range in my house, a shotgun pattern from any kind of shotgun will only open to between seven and ten inches. I still have to aim center of mass and shoot until the threat is identifiably neutralized, even with a shotgun. Using my own exposed hammer coach gun, firing primer powered blanks loaded with case diameter nylon rod; I have yet to find that I haven’t had to reload both barrels while relocating myself from my firing position. I can do it pretty quickly, there’s no way I’d suggest anyone new to firearms even try it. The physiological mechanics of reloading are simply too complex. Throw in the physiological responses to a massive threat response and you’re asking a novice to get their shoulder beaten worse than any single nuckle ‘noogie’ from a high-school bully ever hurt them. They’re functionally deaf from both stress response and physiological reaction to the sound of the shotgun shots. They’re close to functionally blind from effects of stress byproducts such as tunnel vision, hyper-focus and loss of color discrimination. If they missed high and left with the first shot AND they had some way of noticing that, statistically they then missed low and right with the second shot and they’re now out of rounds with a pissed off, hyper-adrenalized criminal no more than 30 feet away.

    3. After seeing a Turkish National Police officer have his shotgun taken away after having hit a criminal seven times at less than two meters, I don’t have any deeply seated illusions about the ‘stopping power’ of anything a human being can both lift and fire. (Summer 1982, Joint NATO Dog-&-Pony exercise in northern Turkey, a fair number of the NATO troops were seconded to the Turkish Police for perimeter security during a take-down of a smuggling ring… Don’t remember the name but it got a write-up in one of the NATO journals and hit both BBC and Reuters later that week…. Long time ago, far, far away…)

    I’m pretty sure I can teach pretty much any reasonably competent human being how to dial 911, get their family behind the biggest piece of furniture in their bedroom, make sure they’ve got an emergency set of house keys with a couple of chem-lights and fluorescent engineer-tape streamers available to throw out the window. I’m reasonably convinced I can teach them to recite a rotely memorized emergency message to the 911 dispatcher that will convey the essential information needed to get emergency medical and law enforcement services rolling to the individual’s home. I’m fairly certain I can teach them to shoot well enough to deal with reasonable threats during the time between realizing their home has been invaded and having the police take control of the situation.
    What I’m absolutely certain I can’t do is to ensure that they’re going to practice, make sure their cellular phone is charged and at bedside. I can’t guarantee that they’re not going to take keys off of that bundle of emergency keys to loan to the neighbor while they’re on vacation. Most importantly of all, I can’t guarantee that they’ll practice the skills they’ve been taught. I can almost guarantee that well over half of those folks will fire fewer than 150 rounds after they’ve left my class and I won’t be surprised at all if they never fire another round.

    So I have to go with the things I can control and one of those is to ensure that they’ve been taught to use the most effective firearm that they can comfortably operate. I’d rather have them using a .22lr than a 20mm Vulcan Canon if they’re going to practice with the .22. I just don’t think that a 12ga coach gun is going to be a comfortable shooter for enough people that I’m ever likely to recommend it as a primary home defense arm.

    That said… I found the checkbook… My wife is out of town until Friday… Somewhere in southwest Idaho there’s GOT to be a dealer with a Stoeger ‘Tacti-Cool’ coach gun for sale. It offends sensibilities I didn’t even know I had but there’s something weirdly cool about it as well. I’ve got to have one just to be able to say I’ve got one…

    As always, YMMV


  • varmonter

    I for one think this is a great idea.Almost as good as the ruger lcp.
    That little .380 took even ruger by surprise.This SXS will probably double(no pun meant)as a grouse gun for me.I think the addition of a laser will make this a superb HD weapon. One needs only to point the shotgun with a laser.
    You can shoot effectively without having it up to your shoulder.
    I agree having my .45 with me would be a quicker reload .But i doubt i would need it after 2 rnds of #4 buck.Stoeger has never impressed me much.
    kind of like mossberg . I will definitly look this over before i buy. Life’s too short to buy a poor quality home defense gun.”If you have a 2 dollar head buy a 2 dollar helmet” But again it is pretty cool…Ugly like a glock.

  • I just purchased the Stroeger Uplander Coach Gun 12 Gauge yesterday. It has two triggers. Side by side, as well. It’s a beautiful little gun. I put a Redhead 5 shell ammo sleeve holder on the stock. Is it possible to get a case or soft holder for this gun?

  • Dan

    If Colonel Cooper was still alive, I’m thinking he just might approve of this version of the “Lupara.” Couple that double with a .45ACP revolver and you might be set.

  • Samaritan

    I concur with Tango_Delta except for the flashlight portion below:

    -“I question the logic behind putting flashlights on firearms but hey, it looks cool, very steampunk.”

    My Force Recon unit trained with flashlights on our M4’s with a course called Combative Concepts ( before we went overseas last year and we put the foregrip-mounted lights to incredibly effective use. Used properly they gave us a serious tactical edge over our OpFor in low-light CQB conditions. We had instant-on switches so that the lights were not on all the time, which was key. Even when the enemy knew we were coming, they were not able to mount an effective defense. The home defense environment would be no exception. To caveat though, I’m sure most civilians might have trouble effectively employing a weapon mounted light.

  • Dan

    From a performance standpoint, that hallway howitzer sports 20″ barrels. Most HD pumps use 18″ barrels. The ironic twist is that the Defense Double is generally 2″ shorter in overall length than most HD pumps.

  • Dan

    In my own case, I already own a Remington/Spartan 220. I put on an XS tritium bead sight and zip tied a flash light under the barrels. The Remington also allows for the changing of choke tubes. Two Carlson full choke tubes pattern #4 buck quite nicely.

  • Tobe

    So all I’ve really read on here is home defense this and home defense that…has anyone even considered the possibility of double aught buck shot and a group of pigs? I mean come on. We are talking the most exciting advances in pig control. Spotlight, Mule, Couple boxes of shells, and a coach gun.

  • DT

    I’ve been a fan of double guns for hunting over 25 years. Killed many rabbits with my .410, many phesants and pats with my 20 gauge, even deer with my 12 gauge s/s. My home s/d guns are a 38 revolver and the taurus Judge with 00 buck and 45 colt. This DD is ugly, not practical for SD with only 2 shots, and not a hunting gun. Tommorow I will be at the gun store to buy this bad mother *#*#*# as I have to have one. Something scary about it!

  • I’ve got the Stroeger Uplander 12 gauge Coach Gun in my bedroom (no kids or guests) behind the bedroom door. Still has the sticker underneath the barrel. It’s definitely not ugly. Reassuring, I’d say.

  • 240bravo

    All this talk of less than lethal ammo used in your home defense. This is coming from the French who consider surrender a win. Of course I live in SC and in our state not only do you have to right to defend yourself with deadly force you have the right to defend your property with deadly force. Geeeez folks, do you really want to determine if an intruder has a weapon before killing him? Think about it, if he is standing over your 15 year old daughter and you can’t see his hands are you going to shoot him with Rock Salt, Rubber Bullets, or are you just going to kill the bastard. HOLY CRAP WAKE UP. As for the french, who cares what you do. Im sure when the next Hitler runs over your rubber bullets I’ll bale your ass out the same way my grandfather did. Oh yeah thanks for nothing in regards to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  • 240bravo

    As for buying a Stoeger Double Defense, I will buy one this weekend to employ in the defense of my fathers home. He is old school and likes the double barrel. I like the idea of a momentary light being mounted to such a reliable weapon for him….hee hee….blast em with light then lead.

  • Pep

    I saw this a couple of days ago on their website and thought that I had finally found that “one gun does it all” that I have been looking for. But…. It is missing one important thing. Choke tubes!! A folding stock? Sure, why not. Extra ammo at hand on the stock? Sure! But, if you add tubes, you’ve got what you need for ANYTHING!!! Okay, cylinder tubes and a 4 powered scope for deer season. Change those tubes to extra full, same scope, and you have turkey season. Change to modified and remove the scope and use the front sight, and your good for upland game. Stick a light, laser, red dot, what ever, and improved cylinder tubes, and you have a home defense system. It goes on and on. This could be the one:-)

  • I’ve just placed an order for one of these, I think they’re a nice bit of gear. The 20″ barrel is an excellent choice for us, since it’s the minimum barrel length on a long arm. On top of that there is the fact that Pump Actions/Semi Auto shotguns are basically illegal here, and pistol licences aren’t worth the effort considering the restrictions applied to the types you can own and when/how you can use them. It’s also pretty much illegal to defend yourself with a firearm in Aust, but tis better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6, and I’ll rexieve my Steoger in a few weeks.

  • Will

    I would not use a tazer for home defense a tazer. If you can hit someone with the tazer then it only gives you an opportunity to get away. I have been tazed four times now being in the Army. I have been tazed by powerful gun tazers and weaker hand helds. A person tazed for the first time might scare them but more than likely will just piss them off. I would be tazed every day versus being hit in the face with OC spray or worse yet shot by a firearm.

  • Sholms0311

    When I first saw this odd looking shotgun I was like ,Hmm that’s different. Once in my hands ,out came the wallet and after the 10 day waiting period. I now had the coolest 12 gauge s/s ever.
    I picked it up ,bought 100 shells,and off to the range I went. well the first shot ended up being both barrels at the same time. So I tried again
    put in two more shells ,pulled the trigger once and bang,bang! Both barrels again. So back to the store I went .They sent it back to stoeger for a warranty repair .After almost two months I call stoeger and ask for the status.They told me a gunsmith will be looking at it in a week or so. Well wishing they would just send out a new one,I play the waiting game.
    It is a sweet shotgun though. I cant wait to get it back…Fixed

  • Dennis

    Double barrel 12 ga., aka the “Italian Trench Broom”! Oh yeah!

  • Thomas

    wow lots of comments. at least i dont haft to duct tape a light to the gun.

    I think its a great gun but i would probly use an something along the lines aw a pump or mag fed shotgun. but i think its realy cool

  • Sholms0311

    Well I finally got my shotgun back from Stoeger.Slapped a red dot sight on it . Bought 100 shells and back to the range I went. I was very impressed.With the ported barrels there is not that much kick at all.I am very impressed with this Double defense 12 gauge. I would very much recommend this gun to anyone for a good home defense weapon.I keep 3″ mag 000 buck in the barrels.You know just in case… Check one out..

  • jreid

    When I took night fire training a long long time ago, the AF instructors stressed that we not fire our .38 pistols using the normal stance and sighting technique. They said the muzzle flash would ruin our night vision for several seconds. Of course I had to try it my way. Couldn’t see anything for several long seconds.

    My coach gun has a cheap laser mounted on top of the barrels. This weapon will be fired from the hip or a little higher.

    Anybody that hasn’t practiced with their home defense weapon at night should. It may change your thinking on choice of weapon, sights, lights and lasers.

  • newbie

    After I fire 2 rounds I still have that most basic self defense weapon. A 20″ steel club. Can I trade the flashligh for a bayonet?

  • reed cundiff

    With regard to last comment. A friend of mine got butt-stroked by an SKS in his first fight (on his first of five tours) and said it was not fun. 1st Sgt Sobieski told him it was just a split lip and cracked tooth and no big deal. CQC doesn’t get much more basic than this – unless you got bitten.

  • Al

    I hate it. Leave old school guns alone. I can just now see some douchbag doing tactical rolls back and forth behind his couch with this when his mailman shows up……

  • mike knowl

    I think the perfect home defence weapons system would be this shotgun,with, instead of a front grip, mount a laser sighted .40 s&w or .357 sig or simular semi auto pistol under where a front grip would go……………PERFECT!!!

  • Ken

    The shotgun is the next step in defense plus in action shooting where they allow it. The fiber optic sight is it replacable with glow in the dark fiber sights that are availabe? The rail was a great idea to mount a laser and light combo that pistols have and are very strong these days some from 150 to 190 lumens and with the strobe feature to disoreantate the attacker. The people here that think a pistol is to complicated for home defense then buy a revolver its simply as white bread. Also the saying that handguns are no good for home defense, well its up to the user on how mucg training they get and the type of firearm they use plus the caliber and the ammunition that is used. Myself I have several and I promise no human will walk away from a newgeneration Winchester SXT Talon .45, 230 gr. +P or federal hydra-shok 2HST .45, 230 gr. +P round nor the .44 magnum 240 gr. rounds I have that are traveling at 1804 FPS out of the model 29 I have. Since I have shot competion in the military and as a civilian the beter part of my life I learned shot placement is everything. This shotgun brings Home Defense into the year 2011 and for people that may not know alot about guns or for the disabled who need a simple weapon that is not too small for clumsy hands. I would hope in the future a 410 or 28 guage model with shorter barrel to legal limit is available for petite women and handicapped these would take advantage of the ammunition already out and made for the judge revolver. The only down size with using a massive weapon like this is the clean up after the police let you go becuase a shotgun at close range leaves a massive hole in a person and the bleed out fast… big mess you have to do yourself. 5 stars for Stoeger!

  • I have seen an over and under at gander mountian with20inch tubes ,,do not recall the brand. Does anyone know about this shotgun?

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  • pa-pa-k

    Simple double barrel shotguns never jam..Ammo at any walmart in the