Ruger teases us : “Another platform redefined”

The Ruger website now features a flash animation saying they have developed a project that will redefine a weapons platform. Michael Bane confirms this on his blog:

Got to race down to Boulder to pick up a big ole Ruger box this AM and get to the range…once again, a spectacular new product announcement scheduled for the NRA Show…and, of course, you’ll see it as it happens on DRTV Friday.

He says a “big” box … so maybe it is a long rifle … AR-15? Shotgun? 1911?

I well placed source of mine who has seen the product tells me it is a very cool product! Unfortunately that is all I know, and even if I knew more I would probably not be able to say 🙁 Us plebs will have to wait till the NRA convention to find out.

Picture 25-3

UPDATE: As many of you noted in the comments. Ruger unveiled a AR-15. Read my coverage here.

Steve Johnson

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  • thomas

    This should be interesting. First the LCP, then the LCR, I hope it is a rifle of some sort. AR type?

  • Jason Smith

    It’s a box full of recalls.

  • I hope it’s an answer to a question that was actually asked sometime.

    I participated once in an effort to build a comprehensive list of machine guns – hundreds. Hundreds of designs, 95% of them redundant and unnecessary.

    It’s the same with carbines. I found dozens of subcarbines (the too short ones) when I did research on them, and I see new ones every few weeks.

    And shotguns. I mean wtf? The world could make good use of maybe half a dozen shotgun types, the others are redundant.

    New guns better show off significant innovations, or else they’re juwt a waste of time in my opinion.

  • cool, Ruger copies another weapon design and promotes the hell out of it with flash animation.

    Shop owner: You have got to see these new LCP’s that Ruger is making, they are state of the art design and fabulous
    Me: Where are they at?
    Shop owner: right here!
    Me: where?
    Shop owner: here! in my hand!
    Me: What? Is it behind the P3AT?
    Shop owner: no! thats it!
    Me: Did Ruger buy Kel-Tec?
    Shop owner: No! its better?
    Me: how?
    Shop owner: It’s got a SLIDE CATCH!
    Me: does it hold open after the last round?
    Shop owner: uh…no..
    Me: Is it lighter?
    Shop owner: no
    Me: smaller?
    Shop owner: no
    Me: less expensive
    Shop owner: no….but its a Ruger!
    Me: Ruger, same company founded by a guy who helped push through the 10 round mag limitation in ’94
    Shop owner: ?????
    Me: later

  • HK_USP_45

    As the Lord is my witness, if one more company makes a 1911 clone I’m going to puke. Don’t get me wrong, it’s bar none the best pistol ever made, but for pete’s sake, enough already. I think having a billion and 1 different makes/models/manufacturers of the 1911 is getting a bit much. Then it will be in all the gun magazines as a “new for 2009” because they decided to offer the near-century old pistol with a different checkering pattern on the front strap than any of the predecessors.

  • Isaac

    Striker fired pistols were out, Ruger brought out the SR9. Small, light DAO .380’s were out (Kel Tec, et al), Ruger brought out the LCP. Airweight 5 shot .38 snubbies were out, Ruger announced the LCR (though the LCR is revolutionary in its polymer frame). My guess is Ruger is bringing out something that is already popular but they do not already offer.

    Taurus’ “Judge” .410/.45 Colt has made a big splash, I could see Ruger hopping on that bandwagon. So far, Ruger has not made a repeating shotgun (pump or auto), that could be the surprise, but I don’t think so. That wouldn’t have the pizazz that the LCP and LCR have had.

    I admit, I am curious. I’m like a kid who wants a peek at his Christmas present before Christmas day.

    I do wish good luck to Ruger. I remember the .357 Maximum and the .480 Ruger.


  • Nick

    Piston AR.

    That’s my bet.

  • Matt Groom

    @ Jason Smith and Huey148:
    You guys are hilarious. Seriously.

    My guess? Tacti-cool Shotgun. They don’t have one, they are popular, they are relatively easy to produce. Pump or Semi Auto? I don’t know. But if they do an AR, even a “Piston-Driven” AR, it will steal thunder from the Mini-14 which they have now spent extensive amounts of time and money redesigning and re-marketing. If they hadn’t done anything with the Mini-14, I’d bet it’s a semi-auto carbine of some sort. Having seen everything they’ve done with the Mini-14, including selling it with 20 and now for the first time ever, 30 round magazines to civilians, something Bill Ruger would have NEVER allowed, the AR is OUT.

    Shoty. I bet you a dollar.

  • M’kay13

    I hope it’s a carbine chambered in 7.62x25mm.
    Or they relaunch the Deerfield-10/.44 carbine.
    Or a .45 carbine.
    Or it is an entry level bolt gun, like the Stevens 200, or the Marlin XL7.
    Or a 10/.17HMR.

  • cavalri

    Well, this IS Ruger we’re talking about. I’m thinking it’s a Mini-14/Mini-30 series carbine that you don’t have to spend an additional few hundred dollars so they don’t suck.

  • HK_USP_45

    I heard rumor on that one of the big brands was introducing a 1911 clone — I thought maybe this is what Ruger was doing, that’s why I made the comment I did earlier about “not another 1911 clone.”

    Maybe Ruger will call it “new and innovative” because it will have a big, ugly “1911” on the slide, like the SR9 and LCP.

    Maybe it’s a 1911 made completely out of plastic, and it will be called the LC1911, in the same family as the LCP & LCR (joking — I’m being sarcastic).

  • Jason

    Actually, a .45 ACP semi-auto deerfield type carbine would be cool, since Marlin discontinued the 45 Camp rifle.

  • Vitor

    Two-stage piston system…interesting.