Sniper World Cup ’09

The Sniper World Cup is an sniper competition for police and military snipers held annually in Budapest, Hungary. The name is somewhat of a misnomer as the competition seems to be primarily made up of European teams, but it is open to all countries.

This year Russia won with the Ukraine coming second and Macedonia third. It is quite an achievement for Macedonia which has a population of only 2.1 million.

These photos are of the competition in 2007:


The range officers are armed … just in case of international incidents I suppose 😉


Picture 17-8
This photo was from the 2008 competition. Interesting position.

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  • I wonder how this stacks up against he best sniper competition the US Army throws at Ft Benning that you can see on the Military Channel. I know its only a couple of pics but the one of the two guys “cuddling” doesn’t make this look too realistic. On the top sniper show it had them going through some pretty realistic scenarios, such as shooting at moving targets in a crowd, dismounting from withing a armored vehicle and having to quickly orient themselves with multiple targets, a times stalk and shoot and even shooting at targets from a helicopter.

    Again, just my

  • Valhalla

    How did US do?

    Looks kind of fun.

    What sort of events are there? And I must ask if bolt action and semi-auto are segregated.

  • Carl

    Not much of a “world cup” if it’s only open to government employees if you ask me.

  • Dom

    Can anyone explain the cuddle position? Is that for stability or something? Or just for fun?

  • reed

    looking closely at the “cuddle” position, the bottom guy appears to be using his legs to hold a U-shaped rifle bag, look at where the bipod is relative to his leg to sort of confirm this. His shoulder is being used as a bench, maybe with another bag resting on it?

  • Alex Gagliardi

    The reason that Russia won is because all of the capable countries are hard at work protecting their citizens from terrorism.

  • It does appear that the cuddle position provides essentially a bench, but not sure what the advantage of it over prone is. The only thing I can see is if the extra height is needed to clear an obstacle. It seems to compromise the shooters grip somewhat, and certainly won’t be as stable as a firm rest, but it’s probably better than seated/kneeling.

  • The Silencer

    Actually, it was the Czech Republic that won the event in 2009 by Richard Marek or something. So it wasn’t Russia this time.

  • Claude

    This is as much of a misnomer as “the NFL World Champions Pittsburgh Steelers.”

    I think the award should go to the US Navy team that took out the Somali pirates.

  • Zebrik

    So what team really won?

  • HarryPurvis

    I was at this event and trust me the shots were very hard, the temperature was fearsome and the near sadistic corses of fire threw a hell of us out due to never having to shoot like that normally, I learnt a hell of a lot and skipped 2009 so as to give myself a chance.
    The top 10 places were occupied by only the best, The fact that the American/Aus didn’t put up a team was a shame (I was one of the few English speakers there) hopefully 2010 will change this.
    There was a wide range of guns in use, but truly the “nut behind the butt” was the only real factor, I did feel sorry for the Chinese as they had come the furthest and got pummeled, nice guys though (when the political officer wasn’t around).
    Oh Russia won, they were incredable and very much of the same cloth as Zeitsev.
    Please don’t disregard this event as it is quite new and the Hungarians put on a great shoot for us, the UK has such restrictions on it that practice is hard to get (our olympic team has to practice in Switzerland), the USA is hard to get a rifle into for comps but we are working on it (ideas guys?)

  • HarryPurvis

    oops on last, I shot in 2008 but nice to hear that Czech won.

  • Goran Nikolovski

    Congratulation for the macedonian police unit and their success to won the 3rd place. We were always the best soldiers since Alexander the Great.

  • HLTVpro

    Hi i’m a chinese firearm enthusiast who lives in the US. i heard all about this competition from the chinese crowd but little detail was revealed—-each team’s scores, shot group, weapon system and cartridges used, etc.

    I was searching for related information on the 2010 Sniper World Cup, which i have found NONE. maybe it’s the language i’m using—most english speaking country didn’t seem to care much about this event, especially the U.S

    now, looking at the cuddle position picture and i can’t help but to relate…

    just kidding. but i do have this picture of team china’s “cuddle shot” from 09.


    a little inside info: china’s police force’s sniper was their copy of SVD—the type 85, which is not known for accuracy. now they’re equipped with an “accurized”, semi-auto version of QBZ95—the Type 88 percision rifle—the accuracy on this one is so horrible that we started calling it the Type 88 shotgun. most cops back in the motherland just went back to Type 85.

    and the rifle that team china used in 09’s competition is actually a remington 700 (not sure which specific model). i think if the rest of the country’s cops can give up their “pride” and adopt the R700s, they will become so much more efficient.

    in 2010 china got into top 3, which amazed me. i just want to know if they’re still using that R700

  • Sunnis

    Hi I have the same problem – looks like this competition is seriously underreported. For 2010, there are some pictures I found on a Chinese website. The Chinese got 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze as far as I can tell.

    No report on other countries though…

  • HLTVpro

    @Sunnis: thx for the info. what amazed me was the fact while everyelse is using goodies like blaser, AI and DSR, the chinese team’s got some plain jane remington 700. i’m not saying that having a mall ninja configuration can help your grouping, but man, that’s gotta put a lot of pressure on the ones with the good stuff.

    p.s: the last picture broke my heart. i will never shoot my SOG knife, not even with wax bullets.

  • DN308

    Hi there,

    is there anyone aware of 2012 competition organisation? I’m actually trying to get someone able to give me some serious information about registration

  • wahjudi