Green ammo strikes again! Makes soldiers sick

Two months ago I blogged that the Norwegian Army suspected that the ammunition used in their new H&K 416 rifles were making soldiers sicks. Chief of Staff Brig. General Rune Jakobsen initiated an investigation after Army HQ received three different reports about groups of soldiers getting sick after firing the new rifles. Symptoms included headaches, fever and joint pain. The investigation has determined that the soldiers were experiencing mild heavy metal poisoning caused by the “green” lead-free 5.56mm NATO ammunition manufactured by Nammo.

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Norwegian solider with H&K 416

The report states that the gas exhausted from the rifles contained high levels of copper and zinc which account for all the symptoms suffered by the riflemen. A few, quite comical, short term solutions have been recommended. These include only shooting outside, slower rate of fire and spacing the shooters out more when at the range!

In 2003, under pressure from environmental groups and politicians the Army started using environmentally friendly ammunition. Since then they have had plenty of problems. The Norwegian ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) troops in Afghanistan were ordered to use the new ammo. The ammunition delivered either failed to fire or did not have enough energy to cycle the weapons. 300,000 rounds had to be dumped leaving the troops with no reserve ammunition. All the troops who did not need to leave the base had to hand in their ammunition so it could be distributed to those who needed it. The Army has also had to ban the green ammo from use in the MG3 machine guns because unspecified malfunctions occurred that could harmed the operators.

Nammo 5.56mm ammunition

I found a powerpoint presentation on the internet made by Nammo in 2006 extolling the virtues of their green ammunition. Here are a few very ironic slides (I added the red arrows):


Picture 6

Recently it was determined that the “green” tungsten training ammunition used by the US Military could be toxic.

So in summery: don’t use green ammunition.
Many thanks to Daniel Watters of The Gun Zone for the research he did for this blog post.

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  • Andy

    Solutions will be found, I’m sure. There’s money to be made. I’d actually wouldn’t mind if there were some lead free bullet alternatives in the cheap training ammo market. Lead levels at indoor ranges can get quite nasty.

    For that matter…. I wonder how home-inventor friendly a green bullet replacement project might be. It doesn’t have to be *that* exotic of a material, at least in the training round market. Or does it?

  • Vitor

    Oh, the irony.

  • jdun1911

    Most green stuff products hurt the environment then help. The sad thing the majority of people are too dumb to realize it. Your chance of dying from green product is higher then toxic. Ironic.

    I’m too cynical to believe all the crap they try to shove if my face.

  • Matt Groom

    Looks like going green has people turning green.

  • The ultimate irony. Save the planet, but don’t save yourself! Let your grandchildren enjoy the earth, but you cannot!