Iraqi Special Forces M4

This is the first photo I have seen showing an Iraqi solider with a M4 Carbine with all the goodies that go with it.


A Soldier from Al Anbar’s 9th Battalion, Iraqi Special Operations Forces, storms an entryway during close-quarter combat training on April 4 in Al Asad, Iraq. The ISOF Soldiers are being trained and advised by U.S. Special Operations Forces. “The training will make them better and we are happy to be included,” said the 9th BN commander. “We are capable to make the area safe.”

(Photo by Sgt. Brandon Pomrenke : Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Arabian Peninsula)

The Iraqi Army are slowing migrating from AK-47s to M16s and it looks like their Special Forces are getting M4 carbines for good measure. I am pleased to see they are getting the equipment they need.

Steve Johnson

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  • Valhalla

    How do you say ‘Ooh-Rah’ in Arabic? 😛

  • Jim W

    Does this mean that billions of rounds 7.62×39 will no longer be necessary to supply the iraqi army? Does that mean supply will return to normal?

  • Andy

    Obviously a photo op, given the lack of any other gear. Now, will he use his super nice M4 to actually take on bad guys? Does the IA screen their SOF applicants for true loyalty?

  • Dom

    I wonder if this will relieve some of the scarcity of 7.62x39mm. Particularly brass.

  • Peter

    And this means they’ll have casbah ninjas, at least until they start building malls.


  • Peter

    All the cool gadgets don’t for nothing if your rifle won’t shoot because its dirty. Check out that pick. The soldier is pristine. His weapon is filthy. Perhaps the real accessory needs to be a decent cleaning kit.
    Seriously, they should go back to the AK if they can’t keep their weapons clean. The M16 does ot function well, if at all, when its grubby.

  • This means only that 5.56 is going to get more expensive. The “mysteriously” slow approvals of import applications for ammunition are unlikely to resolve just because the (we hope they’re) Good Guys start using the same round we do. The brass that was going to go for their 7.62×39 is now going to go to 5.56.

  • Mad World

    That thing is in serious need of a good clean!

  • noname

    They’d be more pleased if they get mags as well.

  • Carl

    I wonder if deals like these (M16 to the entire Iraqi army) are open for bids on the world firearms market or not. Presumably Iraqi politicians select the guns. I guess they found the M16 to be the best weapon in the world for the job.

  • jdun1911

    You can shoot an AR dirty as long as you lube it. IIRC Pat Roger clean his AR between every 3k or more. Run your AR15 wet and you’ll be fine.

    The Iraqi went with the AR because most of their AK are jam-o-matic. Their entire AK inventory are mismatch parts from different manufactures over time. By going directly with AR it solves the AK problem.

    One thing is given, the Iraqi intent to use the AR instead of safe queens.

  • Carl

    With all these gizmos on the rifle, are you then required to use them rather than iron sights or instinctively pointing with the barrel/handguard (because you can´t really see it very well under all the electronics).

  • jdun1911

    Iron sights are now treated as back up sights. Optics are typical on AR and has shown to improve the performance of the platform. I’m not a big fan of mounted lights but it has its place. The laser are use with night vision.

    Here is a video where US and Iraqi SF went into Sadr City at night.

  • darcy

    ha my frend livs in iraqi and he ons a m4a1 he says go for the a2 because da a1 tends to garm a bit

  • MOG

    Glad they are getting the equipment and training they need to support their stable country and make it safe. Another success story for Democracy. (jeeeeeze).