Rossi Tuffy .410 Youth Shotgun

The Tuffy is a new single shot youth shotgun chambered in .410. It features a thumbhole stock that can store five rounds, and has a viewing window for checking how many rounds are stored.

Picture 26-6

Two models are available, one in stainless, the other in matte blue. Both has 18.5″ barrels and weight 3 lbs. The MSRP is $172 (I think this is for the blue version).

The first Rossi I shot was a .22 / . 410 matched pair. They are really neat guns and an ideal inexpensive candidate for teaching children shot to shoot.

Steve Johnson

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  • Tom

    I guess I’m pretty unusual in that I never had a ‘youth gun’ growing up. I shot the same manly man’s guns as my dad, and the first long gun I ever fired wasn’t a .410 or a .22, but an 870 loaded with 00 buck!

    Actually the only .410 between both my father and I is a Thompson/Center Contender. Neither of us owned any .22s until very recently.

  • does anyone remember the SGI Snake Charmer?

  • I almost got a Snake Charmer a few years back but decided on the NEF Survivor .410/.45. Rifled so it throws shot wild but with all the new buckshot rounds for .410 and the good .45 lc loads out there is has become my favorite. Although it has never been particularly useful…

  • ben b

    I am looking to buy a 20 gauge that is in this price rang but hopefully isnt a single shot i really want a pump but am not old enugh to have job so it needs to be under 200

  • Ben H&R makes a pump gun that is just over $200 so you can probably catch it on sale for under. But frankly there’s nothing wrong with a good reliable single shot if it’s for woodsrunning or banging around the boonies.

    if you live near one Academy Sports has some good sales.

  • Nice handy truck,camp, or RV gun. Good with slugs or buckshot. The small szie makes it very manuverable in a vehicle or at close quarters.

    If you hike in snake or cougar country this is the gun for you. Big5 sells them for under $150 in stainless. .410 shells are cheap. Ya can’t do a tactical reload but it is fast enough for field use. Takes under 2 sec to reload cock and fire if you practice. As you should. SAFETY FIRST.

    It also has a child proof lock internally if you use such things. To me child proofing a gun is treaching a child the safety rules.

  • Jordan

    Can you get a .22 barrel for this gun, and if so where can i get it or is there a website that sells it with it also?