ATI GSG Kalashnikov .22 AK-47

The American Tactical Imports / German Sport Guns Kalashnikov has finally arrived. The Kalashnikov, endorsed by General Kalashnikov himself, is a AK-47 patterned rifle chambered in .22 Long Rifle.

Gsg Ak
An American model holding a German made copy of the iconic Soviet rifle … oh the irony 🙂

Two models are available, synthetic or wood, with either with 10 or 24 round magazine. They have an overall length of 34.5″ (an inch longer than the original wood stocked Russian AK-47) and a barrel length of 16.5″. Click to expand the photos:

Gerg2210Ak47.Jpg (Jpeg Image, 3057X1068 Pixels) - Scaled (48%)
Synthetic model.

Gerg2222Ak47W.Jpg (Jpeg Image, 3307X1140 Pixels) - Scaled (45%)
Wooden model 24 round magazine.

Gerg2210Ak47W.Jpg (Jpeg Image, 3307X1140 Pixels) - Scaled (45%)
Wooden model 10 round magazine.

It was rumored that the wooden stock would be wood-looking plastic, but it is real, and looks really nice. The gas system is defiantly fake, it is a blowback operated rifle that requires high velocity .22 ammunition to cycle. You can see in the above photo that the 10 round magazine has the same AK-like size as the 24 round magazine, which is a nice touch. It appears to be compatible with the AK side mount for optics.

The MSRP is $549 for the synthetic model and $569 for the wood. I think this will be very popular rifle.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • I would save a few dollars and get a WASR-22.

  • Tom

    The last AK style rifle I bought only cost a bit over $500 a year ago…why would I spend that much for a plinker version? If I’m going to buy an AK clone, it’s going to be in a *real* caliber 😉

    Hell if you want a plinker, just get one chambered in 5.45×39. Last I checked I can get a surplus crate of 2160rnds for $300.

  • “The MSRP is $549 for the synthetic model and $569 for the wood. I think this will be very popular rifle.”

    Except in Kaliforniastan, because AK’s can shoot down military satellites their mere presence makes San Fran Nan cry.

  • Carl

    What is up with the crappy magazine capacity of all .22lr firearms? You should be able to get 50 rounds into a magazine of this size, not a measly 24.
    Are .22lr difficult to double stack or what is the problem?

    The model on the poster should get some firearms safety training. Having her finger on the trigger reflects badly on the company.

    And why the hell would you make a rifle like this that requires high velocity ammunition? Sort of defeats the purpose a bit does it not?

  • R.A.W.

    The person cradling the gun in the ad…

    Is that a dude in drag?

    I think that’s a dude in drag.

  • “I think that’s a dude in drag.”

    I think the Internet term for a transvestite is “trap”.


  • Roadkill

    Its still only 20 bucks for 500rds of .22lr. 1/3 the cost of that 5.45×39, and not corrosive. I want one. 24rds? No problem. I use 20rd mags in my Yugo Underfolder.

  • Valhalla

    R.A.W., to bad you’ll never find out…

    I don’t think you can get easily 50 round mags without bringing the ATF hammer down on you.

    Example: FN PS90, 10 round and 30 round mag for 5.7x28mm, that should be able to hold 50.

  • Cymond

    Valhalla, I don’t know of any such restricitons. True, my knowledge of import laws is limited. however, I have seen 50 round magazines for the PS90.

    I understand that 22lr doesn’t stagger well because of its rim, but I just can’t understand why they couldn’t make the magazine 30 rounds or at least 25 rounds.

    Gun companies must remember that any 22 plinker released in the US will inevitably be compared to the venerable Ruger 10/22. I considered buying a GSG-5 until I realized that I could build a tacticool 10/22 for less money. Magazines for the 10/22 are also much more common.

  • V-Power

    For the record, both factory and ProMag “22 round” magazines for my GSG5 (MP5 clone chambered in .22LRHV produced by the same company as this AK replica) hold up to 24 rounds. I don’t know if it is a design flaw or what, but they do. When filled to capacity with 24 rounds they feed and cycle perfectly.

  • Microgunner

    I just ordered me one with wooden furniture. I like GSG.

  • Norvegiansniper

    i buildt an .22 AK myself
    cost: equivalent to about 350$ in NOK
    (im from norway)

  • Tim O in NC

    Received mine today had a long mag but restricted to 4 rounds, go figure.
    I was able to modify and shorten mag to make a nice 8 round mag, could have gotten 10 maybe but that was where it ended up after going through band saw.
    I like AK bur hate sights, old eyes are do not work well with this sight, similar problem with Colt and S&W but not quite as tough.
    Shot well at 25 yds with chead HV Winchester.
    Tim O

  • chris

    Got my wood version on sale for a cool $380 bucks with the 24 rd mag. I like it a lot….but the price didnt hurt either.

  • rick pagliughi


    Do u know if a butt plate is available for the gsg ak 47 with a wooden stock?

  • 12/30/09

    do u know if a butt plate is available for the gsg ak 47 with a wooden stock


  • do u think this ak-47 is a good beginner rifle?

  • RG

    I have done alot of research as i was interested in a tactical 22lr rifle. I own a Ruger 10/22 which is a great gun, but I wanted something “fun” and different. From what I can tell this is a good choice. There is not much out there online about this version, but from what I gathered speaking to local gun shops etc, is traditionally ATI/GSG produce good weapons. I looked at many other 22lr rifles in this category, such as the Colt 22lr AR-15, S&W MP and Ruger SRS-22. Based on what I found, this GSG AK-47 jams less and has less reported issues. I think the main reason there is no much information out there is not many people even know about this rifle. I ordered mine from and they have great prices and service. I should get mine later this week.

  • john egan

    Does anyone know where to find a mag for a .22 AK47? If so please tel me

  • RG

    You can get Magazines at Davidsons ( Just search for retailer near you and select store. (Not all retailers have online store). I just bought mine fro mmy favorite retailer. I did not have much luck searching the web, but there stil lmay be something out there. In any case does have them.

  • RG

    Does anybody know where to purchase the alternate Flashhider for the GSG AK-47? The manual indicates it can be replaced with alternate versions and I can see on a GSG website it appears a manufactured item:

  • Dave

    I own both versions of the GSG-5 and just bought this AK version as well…The german’s definately make quality products as I love all of my GSG’s. I wish I could say the same for my S & W mp15-22….it’s crap. I sent mine back to the factory….it jams constantly. The GSG’s are flawless and don’t require special ammo.

  • RG

    My GSG Ak-47 came with a cracked stock, yet because they ship in seperate pieces, could not tell. As soon as I attempted to screw in stock, it basically completely disintegrated. I understand these issues happen, yet two weeks later (as promissed) I still to not have replacement stock. I have not shot this rifle yet as a result, but compared to my GSG-5, the workmanship of the AK is considerably worse and cheaply made.

  • Range test on my new (wood stock) GSG AK .22 was great. I used 4 different brands of ammo – CCI minimag, Federal, Winchester Super X, and a generic LV round. There were absolutely no glitches what-so-ever. 50 yard accuracy was small paper plate size. But, I can do better. I am confident the rifle can.

    I have owned and fired many “full sized” AK’s. The fit and finish on these .22’s is better than most all of the low end rifles. While the noise and recoil (and price of ammo) are missing the fun of shooting an AK styled rifle is not. It definately has the look and feel. And, unlike regular AK’s, the bolt stays open on the last round. The magazine has a built in spring compressor that lets you load quickly and easily. The sites are typical AK. A tool is provide for adjustment and rifle take down.

    The Archilles heel of this weapon, in my opinion, is the comparatively complicated procedure that must be undertaken to field strip the gun. It breaks down into a lot more pieces that I am used to seeing.

    My overall rating for this gun is an A. I WOULD recommend it to my friends.
    Want some AK “feel” without the pinch of firing off the 7.62×39 round? Get the GSG AK .22.

    No, I don’t work for GSG or any gun store.

    • Mike, thanks very much for the review!

  • Curt

    I do not have personal experience with the GSG AK .22, yet. I do own a Walther manufactured, Colt licensed M4 Carbine, Umarex imported (no it is not made by Umarex who makes air guns). It came with one 30 rnd mag. I have purchased a 10 rnd mag as well as 20 rnd. So I know that you can get hi-caps for .22’s. Also, the SIG 522 uses Black Dog mags.

    I plan to purchase a GSG AK .22 soon. My questions being:

    1. Are the stocks interchangable with regular AK’s? Such as ACE’s skeleton folding stocks, Makos grips and forends? The stock on my M4 are interchangable. Even have Picatinny rail and removeable carry handle.

    2. Is the muzzle break removable? If so, will it swap with the birdcage style available for the regular AK?

    3. Does the optics rail fit standard AK side mount optics?

    I own several full size caliber rifles, but am quickly becoming a .22 whore. Oops, sorry if I offended anyone.

  • BobSmith

    You could have a ruger 10/22 for a fair bit cheaper, which is a proven design, accurate and reliable, for which all sorts of options and magazines are available. Also, it wouldn’t be a gay fake AK that people would laugh at at the range.

  • Curt


    Only someone with issues would care what anyone thought about the firearms he uses at the range. That said, I have owned and do own many full caliber AK’s. Including Norinco NHM-91, Norinco AK 47/84 S1 (for those unfamiliar – .223 cal., underfolder stock), Bulgarian AK-74, and Yugo M-72 RPK. I have also owned and do own, Olympic Arms AR-15 and Stag AR-15. I currently own 4 SKS’. Two FN FALs, Mosin Nagant M91/30, Yugo Mauser 24/47. As well as, Ruger 10/22, Armi Jager AP74 and Remington 522 Viper (which is not as big of a piece as most.) as well as the previously mentioned Colt M4 .22. I am also in the process of purchasing a significant amount of land (okay, obscene amount) where I can do as I feel. I can also keep in practice for a hell of a lot cheaper using .22’s than full size rounds. So, I do not really care what you or any other .22 Tacticool haters have to say.

  • Dave

    I take mine to the range a lot and not once has anyone laughed at it. I own so many guns that I lost count but always take a GSG to the range. Whenever I pull out this one, people gather to take a look and have had nothing but positive comments. As for the “gay” comment above……I thought our society had gotten past that. Married straight guy here but that was both uncalled for and childish. My bet is that this guy is about 13 and owns a BB gun and can only fantasize about one of these until his daddy buys him one.

  • Curt


    I agree with your statement on the “gay” comment. It still astounds me that this is 2010 and the best that someone can come up with is “gay”. Seems rather intellectually impaired if you ask me. I, too, am married. Separated.

    Also, .22 Tacticools are great for introducing younger shooters to our sport. Kids love them. Just insure that we teach them safe firearms use. For my children, I start with airsoft, step up to pellet airguns, then .22’s before working them into full caliber firearms.

    Reading over this blog, I read a question from Wyatt on 05 January 2010. In my humble opinion, as for his question “do u think this ak-47 is a good beginner rifle?”, it depends on what the end goal is. If the goal is just plinking and having fun – absolutly. If the goal is Tack Driving competition shooting – not so much, no. Something like the Ruger 10/22 would be a better choice.

    As for the MSRP of $549 – $569 is high. However, if one observes, I have seen these range from $298 – $375. Yes, you can obtain a Bulgarian AK-74 from Centerfire Systems for $369.99 delivered. So price, like everything else, is relative.

  • Brazilski

    I remember Armscor-KBI made the AK-22 ages ago. I didn’t look as sleek as this one I think, but finish might have been better.

    Question to someone who owns the GSG .22: On the picture I see a side rail, is that actually a functioning standard 74M-style siderail?

  • As much fun as these types of guns are, isn’t it better to spend your time shooting the real thing? I can see using them as trainers for newbies, maybe, but these rifles are styled after combat weapons. In a combat or defensive situation shooting is often as much instinctive as aimed, so practice with full power weapons would be much more useful if their use ever became necessary.


  • Curt

    The Bore Cleaner Guy (Rick),

    I just dropped $17.50 per box of 20 rnds 7.62 X 39. Likewise, at the same purchase, I paid $5.00 for 100 rnds .22lr HV. So let’s look at the math:

    17.50 divided by 20 = .875 per round.

    100 rounds of 7.62×39 @ 17.50 per 20 = 87.50

    5.00 divided by 100 = .05 per round .22 lr HV

    Granted you can purchase larger quantities cheaper, but I was in a hurry and it was on a Sunday.

    So, with all the math taken into consideration, it is cheaper to practice with a Tacticool .22. That and if you have an AK 47 in .22lr your firearm is close enough to the full size AK47 in 7.62×39 that the practice is close. Just the loud bang and recoil are not there.

    Now factor in the whole, really cool factor, and it does not take a rocket scientist figure out that Tacticool rifles are just plain awesome.

  • Dave

    You guys are so full of it…..get over it about using a .22 for target practicing. This gun is a blast to shoot and I own about everything you can think of. And for the idiot who said you need to be prepared by shooting the larger caliber…..I’m a Vietnam Vet, been there-done that. I own many AR style weapons including a genuine M16 and a Tommy gun. I still prefer taking my “little” GSG-5, GSG AK-47, and M&p 15-22 to the range. I can shoot a ton of ammunition for almost nothing. Sure, once in a while I bring out the big boys and blaze through 400-500 rounds but have just as much fun with the little stuff.

  • Curt


    I was not in Vietnam, but was in Iraq and Central America. I have a lot of respect for Vietnem vets.

    I have been trying to say the same thing for some time. Tacticool .22’s are a blast.

    How is that M&P 15-.22? I have the Walther manufactured, Colt licensed, Umarex imported M4 .22. Took it out last Sunday and blasted the hell out of it. Did a some Fail-to-Fires as well as a few Fail-to-Extracts. But, I would say all-in-all, it shoots 99.5% reliability.

    Oh, one question that I had on the GSG AK .22 that has yet to be answered, can someone swap put the buttstock for a side-folder? Can the pistol grip be swapped out? And lastly, can the integrated scope mount actually be used?

    Again, thanks for being there in Vietnam like my father was, and so many others.

  • Dave
    I too am a Vietnam combat veteran and probably own as many guns as you do and that includes many .22s. It’s always disappointing to see how quickly some people turn to name calling when they lack the mental capacity to respond intelligently to a valid but opposite point of view. I suspect that your reply will prove my point.

  • Dave

    I surelydidn’t mean to insult anyone and apologize if I did so. My only point was that these weapons (.22’s) are generally purchased for just plinking with at the range and are great inexpensive fun.
    I do like the AK and have now purchased the scope mount (though it was very expensive at 80 bucks) and mounted a nice scope to it. I also have a full size AK but rarely shoot it. My only real comment was that in my opinion, the GSG’s make a very fine quality .22.
    By the way, my MP15-22 had to be returned to the factory to be repaired as it constantly jammed. The company was very fast with the turn around time and it now works great!
    To be honest, I’ve never owned a gun I didn’t like. Have fun, practice makes better. It just like cars….everyone has a different opinion as to what you should buy but when it comes down to it, it’s your money!

  • Curt


    Thanks for answering the question about mounting a scope. That is a big help in makeing a decision on purchasing one. Did you figure out if you swap the stock out with a skeletonize syle such as those from Ace? Swap the pistol grip for a SAW style? The forearm for a Tapco Galil style? If not, it will not be a deal breaker in purchasing one, but would make it so much cooler than it already is.

    I also wanted to agree with your comment “when it comes down to it, it’s your money!” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Oh, one more thing, I know this is going back over a year, but in reguard to James R. Rummel’s quote “I think the Internet term for a transvestite is “trap”, Actually, that is term for a Transexual, not transvestite. There is a difference. Yeah, I fell asleep one afternoon and when I woke, there was a program on Transexuals on the Discovery channel. Unfortunatly, that is one of those things that once you have seen it, it cannot be unseen.

  • raymond

    bonsoir ,
    je suis raymond je vie au cameroun voisin, membre d’un groupe d’auto-defense. nous voudrions acheter des ak-47 et des fusils. nous prions toute personnes capable de nous fournies de bien vouloirs prendrer contact avec moi.

    bye bye raymond

    • Tengu

      Vous êtes fou! Ce n’est pas un site où l’on peut acheter une arme de quelque sorte que ce soit!

  • raymond

    je voudrais acheter des ak-47 et des pistoles je suis au cameroun a douala

  • Renzomatic

    Dare I ask if this CA legal? Hate to find out that the answer is “no”.

    • Justin

      Yes this is. I just bought one, and love it….The only downfall is it only comes with a 10 round clip…

  • Mr Gunsmith

    I have a GSG-5. Love it. Shoots great, and some of the parts are interchangable with the MP5. These guns are great for training. Not only is it cheap to shoot and shoot often, they can be used in indoor ranges too, allowing some one in the city, such as me, to train anywhere. As far as using .22 over the full size cartrage, it is much better. Many people using the large bore guns have a tendancy to develope trigger flinch in anticipation of the loud bang and recoil. By using the quiter, no recoil .22, a person can train and develope the muscle memory to keep the muzzle on target with out flinching. Accuracy is more important to develope than wooing people at the range with your cannon, that I bet you can’t hit the center of an 8.5×11″ target at 100 yards. I was thinking of picking up the AK47, since the discount sporting goods store near me is offering them for $349. Is it worth buying?

  • Bob


    Stopped at nearby gun dealer,(retailer) & checked the GSG AK 22lr. The build quality was very good. The weight of the rifle is much like an actual 7.62 AK also.I have had very good luck with my GSG 522SD and found this 22 lr to be a great plinker and range rifle. Ammo is affordable so you can shoot a lot for little $$. Oh…and that MSRP listed is a little high. I priced out a new GSG AK22 at 329.00 USD. That’s not too bad for a well made German product that will shoot inexpensive ammo all day. And you can mount optics on this rifle in the same configuration as the typical AK47.
    Check out for GSG parts and accessories. Also try or Shoot safe & shoot often !

  • Gregg

    I own a GSG (ATI) AK 47. I like it, however it isn’t the best made weapon in this caliber. My observations after several hundred rounds are as follows –

    1) jams and FTF (Fail to fire) : about every 6 – 7 rounds I get a jam. This using Remington ‘Viper’ 22lr. These were recommended over Winchester in many reviews.

    2) Field Stripping : the weapon is awkward to field strip. Not very field friendly, and not as simple as most.

    3) Weight : the AK I own is the wooden stock model. Very heavy and unwieldily to use. Comparably the Ruger 10-22 is extremely light in comparison.

    4) Sights : Adjustable for elevation front, wobbly threads, difficult to maintain adjustment. Elevation rear, simple slide but again, wobbly. Flat black and impossible to see at night.

    5) Magazine Capacity : pitiful! Mine came with a 10 round mag. With some simple mods I made this mag into a 21 round mag – there is a spacer that I removed. The slide action of the spring fed mag is binding both in factory 10 rnd configuration and as well (though noticeably less) in my modified configuration.

    Accessories are virtually non existent, i.e. Magazines, rails, sights, scope mounts, etc. The GSG Web Site shows this model with a drum, flash supressor, etc. These options can’t be found anywhere so likewise can’t be bought. I did find new 24 rnd mags online but nothing larger sadly.

    Overall Rating scale of 1-10 (10 being best) I give this a Rating of 6.
    It gets a 6 for ‘coolness’ and if not for that it would be a big fat 4!!!

    If you buy one just be prepared for the fact that this is more a toy than a real firearm of any substance.

    Yes I’m a Vet, avid shooter, expert marksman with rifle, and pistol.

    • Mark

      I recently purchased the GSG (ATI) Kalashnikov 90th birthday commemorative edition .22LR and have had GREAT success so far.
      I have shot a little over 1000 rounds through it so far without a single jam. I used CCI Blazer, and CCI Velocitor ammo as well as Remington and Winchester standard ammo and all performed without any issue’s.
      I did have a couple of screws come loose from vibration. The safety lever came loose, and the screw that holds the butt plate also came loose. Simple to fix. Added a little Locktite Blue Removable to the screws and no problems since.
      I rate this weapon a 9 out of 10 because even though the wood is a high quality Mahogany, it dented through the finish when I bumped it against another one of my rifles while putting it in my gun safe.

    • Randy

      Gregg, how did you remove the (spacer) in the ten Rnd. mag. ? I’ve tried taking mine apart to do the same w/no success, any info would be greatly apreciated!!! Most of all Thank you for your service in our military! In my opinion every soldier, no matter which branch of military, are heros!!

  • Dave

    That’s odd you only rate it a 4. I’ve owned mine for well over a year, having shot thousands of rounds… has never jammed, not once.
    But, IMHO remington .22 ammo is crap, I’d never buy it. I had a brick and it jammed in every .22 I owned except my Beretta Neos…..I swear that thing would shoot turds though.
    I would take it back to the dealer and have him send it back to the company. I’ll say it again, I own 3 GSG’s, love them all.
    I bought the S&W MP15-22 and had a jamming problem. I had my dealer sent it back to the company. I got it back and it’s perfect now. That’s my advice for what it matters.

  • Dave O

    To Dave, the Viet Nam Vet

    First of all, I salute you. I served in the Air Force for 22 years, and cut my teeth around salty old vets from your generation. They were one tough pack of bad asses!

    I own a S&W M&P 22 and just love it, love it, love it! Except for the different bold carrier group, it looks, feels, and fires just like any of the M-16’s I shot in the service. Oh, that and I don’t get that annoying TWAANG! coming through my cheekbone from the recoil spring.

    I plan on getting one of these AK47 clones as well. Primarily because the range I use does not allow centerfire rifle ammo, but also because of the cost of ammo itself.

    Yes, I also plan on owning “full power” versions of the assault weapons, but they will probably be safe queens unless I want to pay $18 an hour to go the the NRA headquarters range in my county.

  • Jack

    I have a quick question. On the left hand side of the receiver above the trigger guard, there is a spring-loaded tab. I am wondering if anyone knows what that is.

    • Matthews

      The tab that’s between the trigger guard and the magazine is the magazine release button. Just bought one of these.

    • Travis

      The spring loaded tab under the Kalashnikov name on the left side of the trigger locks the side folding stock in place (should you decide to purchase it).

  • “…holding a German made copy of the iconic Soviet rifle”

    a Soviet rifle that is itself a partial copy of a German Sturmgewehr 44.

    • ryan

      No its not…

      • Ian

        Actually it is

  • Travis

    My wife recently purchased me a GSG AK47 wood stock model for a birthday gift (thought it was a “real AK”). Since getting it and being a little let down, I’ve added side folding stock, black grip, quad rail, foregrip, tac flashlight (pressure switch on foregrip), quad rail covers, Gemtech suppressor adapter, Mock suppressor, metal scope mount base, and a red/green dot sight. I’ve got to say it looks impressive although it’s heavy as a brick. I had only 2 FTE my first time shooting it out of 3 magazines. It’s fun for rapid target aquisition in my brothers backyard. This is definately an expensive fun .22, however if I want to any distant target shooting I pull out my old trusty ruger. I am still in the service (over 11 years) and this is a gem to own in my collection due to the fact that its dirt cheap to shoot and everyone wants to come up and see it when I pull it out of the case. I’d still give it 5 stars.

    • Curt


      Where did you find all those parts? Do normal AK accessories fit? Got pics?


    • Cjhoover

      would you still have the wooden furnishings ? I would be Interested in having them email me at

  • Dan L

    I got 90th birthday for my grandson it has not jammed I only paid $300 & tax just found another @ dunhams for $300 gonna buy one for my son great plinker igf ya find a limited edition 90th b-day for $300 love it.

  • alex

    I have the synthetic version ak 22 and i love it.went shooting with a friend and his real ak and his was nothing but problems i have six 22 lr rifle a couple of Henrys and a ruger but none of them beats my ak 22 from GSG AN MP5 22 IS ON ORDER

  • JIM


    • Summer

      @ Jim: Where did you buy it for $280?

  • Travis

    Sorry I never posted pictures but here it is finally.


    I know this was overkill on a 22 but I have so many and high powered rifles that I thought it would be fun to build and cheap to shoot.

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  • Old Mort

    I get a kick out of some of you guys who refer to the .22 as a lowly plinker bullet. I think the .22 long rifle is the most underestimated cartridge ever. The .22 LR has brought down every large American game animal on the continent. Also: on Youtube you can find one video on how lethal the 40 grain bullet is when it penitrates a 1/2 inch piece of pine at 440 yards. That is equivalent to your skull. Just sayin’….

  • Cjhoover

    Does anyone know where i can get the wood furnishings I Love the Gun but I hate the plastic stocks !!!!!

  • Tom

    Does anyone know where I can buy a synthetic stock for this gun?

  • orville


    where can i get wood kit for my gsg ak47
    wound like to replace plastic

  • MadDaddy

    Does anyone know where to get mags for the GSG AK-47 .22lr?

  • MadDaddy

    I just took my new GSG AK-47 .22LR to the range and I can’t say enough good things about it. This was the first rifle I have shot since I took ROTC in college in 1977. Sights seemed very good right out of the box. I ran 4 different types of rounds through it, including some CCI 1070fps (standard velocity) and it handled every round flawlessly. Out of 200 rounds I had one FTL on the first round of a fresh mag, and I would say it was my fault. I don’t think I pushed the last round all the way to the back of the mag. From 10 meters to 25 meters (max distance of indoor range) I was touching holes. I had 1/2″-1″ groups taking my time at 25 meters and 2.5″ groups at a brisk pace. My wife was shooting her Sig Mosquito .22 in the lane next to me and the GSG sounded like it had a suppressor on it compared to the Sig! People have complained about the wood being loose, but after I stripped it for cleaning (which is a joy) and buttoned it back up, it was as tight as you’d like. MadDaddy needs mags! Heh heh!

  • hank

    I just purchased my gsg 47 today
    functions very well after just 200 rounds quite accurate
    i was just wondering if aftermarket AK furniture and rails are compatible because the plastic furniture it comes with its quite cheap and flimsy


    anyone want to trade furniture? I got the synthetic, want wood on my gsg ak22


    If anyone wants to swap ak22 gsg furniture I have synthetic. want wood. synthetic too light for me. email

  • ranman

    has anyone found 24 round mags for this ak in the 22 cal email me

    • machomelvin

      I order 6 of the 24 rd mags from a LGS, $29.75 each. Not hard to find. I wish the GSG AK 22LR mags would fit the GSG STG 22LR, but they are different.

  • Do you still want to trade I have the wood

    • iKawitan

      I just bought my gsg ak .22 polymer today and I think it looks and feels awesome but I’ve always wanted a wood accented ak! Wanna trade??and I am also interested in 24rd mags, anyone know where to find em? does anyone know how to remove the spacers in a 10rd clip?
      -Tnx:plz reply

    • Antonio Avila

      I have a synthetic if you wanna trade billy west

  • matt

    Anybody know where to get a muzzle brake for the gsg ? Metric 1×16

  • ss

    were can I get a clip form .22 ak47? would most clips for .22 rifles fit? not sure wat kind manufactured is from

    • Greg M

      I know this is an old discussion,but has 30 round pro-mags for 19.99 each (currently accepting back orders)

  • Steven Allen

    Does anyone have one of the commemorative numbered rifles?

  • J rooney

    Arizona Bounty Hunter
    Armscor used to make a AK 22 that looks just like the GSG. The mags even look alike. Does anyone know if the Armscor mags will work in the GSG. I ask because I have 6 brand new Armscor mags.