RCI XRAIL (Roth Auto Index Loader)

The RCI XRAIL (Roth Auto Index Loader) is a auto index loader magazine extension that can expand a tubular shotgun magazine to hold up either 14 rounds (compact version) or 23 rounds (full version).


This video shows the XRAIL mounted on a Benelli M2 Tactical. The benelli magazine appears to be shortened and the gun can now hold a total of 26 rounds.

Cropped Web 6 06-26-07 Autoloader U.S. Patent Pending  60.926.991

Now I will be honest with y’all, I don’t actually know what an “auto index loader” is. This is how I imagine the system may work:

* Each of those tubes are a magazine.
* Each of those magazines feeds into the shotgun magazine.
* Once a magazine is depleted it rotates.
* The final magazine contains a spring long enough to feed the shells that are in the shotgun’s magazine.

Because I enjoy making you suffer by awful drawings, here is a graphical representation. The blue box represents the shotgun magazine. The red boxes represents the XRAIL magazines. In this example the shotgun magazine holds three rounds while the XRAIL has three “magazines”, with two holding two shells, and the third a spring.

Picture 15-17
First two shots

Picture 18-13
3rd and 4th shot.

Picture 19-11
Last three shots

I have watched the above video frame by frame and there is seems to be some additional things happening during the magazine rotation. Maybe I am completely wrong … in which case I would have patented my above idea and not blogged about it πŸ˜‰


The system will be able to work on multiple guns. From what I have seen on youtube Benelli and Remington autoloaders work with the XRAIL. I don’t see why this system could not be adapted to work on pump action shotguns, aside from the fact that if would have to be mounted quite far forward.

A very interesting product. Hopefully it will come to market soon (and probably a video game as well, when game designers get word of it)

Hat Tip: Tactical Life

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • 22lr

    Cool, but it looks like way to much weight up front. Even 8 rounds of #000 make a shotgun very muzzle heavy, 26 rounds would be crazy. But I guess if your strong enough to move that mass around then 26 rounds of #000 would be amazing if the SHTF.

  • This is a ‘not a whole gun’ variety of the multi-magazine concept I seem to recall seeing here a while back. You know, the shotgun with like 4 magazines under the barrel? Yeah, this is an add-on for capacity instead of capacity or cartridge types.

    And if you need 23, you need something besides a shotgun.

  • Mu

    For the hunter with the really bad eyesight I presume, kind of a Mr. Magoo attachment? Since the position of the magazine will pretty much ruin the handling of the weapon as a quick-aim defense uber riot gun, I fail to see a practical application.

  • moo

    And afterwards, what, you’re supposed to chuck in 26 shells one by one?

  • clamp

    I likey and I wanty. Now all I have to do is hit the weights so I’ll be able to carry.

    My Mossberg 500 with a full tube, 5 on a side saddle, and 5 on the stock is unweildy enough.

  • Beamwalker

    They should put a rail on the bottom, so you could put a grip, because those shells are going to put a lot of weight towards the barrel.

  • cornelius

    Boy, that looks like fun! I want one. Their website says: “Models for military and law enforcement will be available soon.” I wonder if civilians will be allowed to own them.

    Good to have you back, Steve.

  • Valhalla

    Finally, realistic Sci-Fi shotguns with 20+ rounds… lol.

    Maybe in Halo 4… πŸ˜›

    Wonder how long before the US Military starts using them… 8 years is my guess. (What with Obama’s idea of a military.)

  • Tony

    While I love the idea of that much ammunition capacity, I do wonder about the balance of that thing… Wouldn’t an ammo drum like that so far forward move the center of gravity quite a bit towards the muzzle end of the gun?

  • Wow. Whatever happened to the KISS principle?

    Perhaps it’s just me but wouldn’t a Saiga with a couple of box mags taped together be a more efficient solution to the “problem”?

  • Mu

    One odd thing, the patent application number they have in the one picture does not come up on a USPTO patent search; and current applications get number in the 12,xxx,xxx range, while issued patents are in the 7,xxx,xxx range.

    • Mu, I also tried searching for it. Its still pending so maybe it is not online yet.

  • Daverino

    Very cool find. This type of content is why I love this blog so much. Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Tam

    Heh. I thought it said “23 pounds” at first, and thought “That sounds about right.” πŸ˜‰

  • Crabula

    The practicality or need for the device may be debatable, but the design is really clever. It seems pretty well thought out from a mechanical point of view. Considering how complex this thing could have been I am pretty impressed. Now if they can adapt the device to be quick detachable from the shotgun, allowing the user to carry multiple “Auto Index Loaders”, then it could potentially have some military applications.

    Just when I think that everything has been thought of someone comes out with a neat gadget like this. Cool stuff!

  • Cymond

    Watch this video to see it in extended use. Pay particularly close attention to the reloads around the 0:50 mark. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFgmQj3uFUw

    I have seen videos of specialized sport shotguns with extremely long magazine tubes, even longer than an full-length barrel. This may be a more useful option. It keeps the length down and wouldn’t shift the center of balance as far forward as straight magazine tube of an equivalent capacity.

    • Cymond, thanks for the link to that video. Very interesting. So you can reload it normally.

  • Good post.


  • I second the remark about front-heaviness.

  • Matt Groom

    Other than the weight, this is an interesting idea. I saw something similar to this at the 2008 SHOT show. This thing is gonna be featured as a special unlockable weapon in every Zombie Apocalypse video game to come out for the next 20 years.

    It may be more practical in a .410 bore, me thinks…

  • Big Daddy

    I tried hard to think of why people use shotguns, they are very useful for hunting and some military/tactical work. But I cannot come up with a reason to have that many rounds other than to make cool youtube videos.

    Heavy, out of balance and hard to aim especially in a combat situation. I just can’t find any reason or need for it.

    I guess you could take out a whole flock of birds or just do some type of new skeet shooting……in other words I have no clue.

  • Tony

    BigDaddy: Umm… Ever heard of action shooting sports? πŸ™‚ Like in the aforelinked video?

    As for that tactical/military work, I am having a hard time coming up how less rounds are better (except for the whole weight issue mentioned earlier). Okay, maybe if we’re talking about a strictly special purposes instrument like a shotgun meant just for breaching rounds, then a low round count wouldn’t matter. But anytime a weapon is used for “go out there and kill anything not wearing the same uniform” work, more ammo is merrier.

  • Mad World

    A saiga 12 with 20 round drum would be my choice over this, but still an interesting concept.

  • As the developer of this product I enjoy seeing all the cool comments even the critical ones. Its interesting to see your perception of the concept.
    To all, keep in mind the XRAIL is only a tool for your existing firearm(s) as an attachment, and has always been our intent to produce a solution to the never ending capacity problem that stems from life and death situations. We do not believe this product that enables poor marksmenship when hunting, rather a suppression tool that provides time in a crisis.
    Would you rather cary the ammo and have to load it, costing you valuble time, or would you prefer it in your gun?
    Of course the answer is always “in my gun.”

    Q. Is it front heavy?
    A. Yes, but it gets light quick, and reduces muzzle jump by about 40%. We have found that when one builds muscle memory the target aquisition time is about the same as without it.

    Q. Is it hard to load?
    A. No, loading method of your gun does not change.
    Fill main tube full rotate to auxilary tube fill full and repeate until all tubes are full. When unloading, whether firing or just cycling the action, the tubes will rotate on there own once empty. The last tube emptied is the first one loaded.
    Keep in mind that when it is installed loading it full is optional. If you wish you have the option of just loading the main tube which replicates your normal shotgun with an extension tube.
    This design allows you to use the additional rounds from the auxilary tubes and once they are empty you can continue to plus up your gun using only the capacity of the main tube untill you have completed your mission.

    Q. How long does it take to load?
    A. This depends on your ability to load, but for me I can load any of the models full in under 30 seconds from the box on a table.

    Q. Can I use 3″ shells?
    A. Not at this time, currently we have structured the design around the 2 3/4 ” shell because it is the one most commonly used by MLE.

    Thanks for your time. Hopefully I have helped improve upon the basic perception of the XRAIL System with this posting.

    Sincerely, MR XRAIL

  • I’d like to see what Tom Knapp could do with it.

  • AGuyInJoplinMO

    I just wanted to comment that I just saw this on an Outdoor Channel show, American Guardian. Mark apparently offers at least 2 versions, the 4×2? and the 4×6? At the beginning of the show, it looked like he started off with 1 in the chamber, so the 4 x 6 came out well at 25 total. Wow. And it looks fairly simple. Only thing is, I have 2 Mossberg 500’s, which means I’m SOL for either one of these accessories. But it sure got my attention! I like it!

  • jd

    “And afterwards, what, you’re supposed to chuck in 26 shells one by one?”

    Now that was funny.

    Imagine the next drug related shooting or homicide trial, where someone was shot for breaking into a home, on court TV.

    Why did you shoot him 25 times with a 12g? Because the front end was too heavy and my finger jammed.

    neat concept.

  • ColonelPeaches

    I really like this too, and would love to have one despite the weight.
    However, unfortunately, I live in Iowa, where it is illegal to possess a semi-auto shotgun with a “rotary” magazine. I bet this qualifies as one of those! And I’m way too lazy to pump a shotgun that many times. I do have a Beretta Extrema II with an extended tube magazine that holds 10+1. I guess I’ll have to live with that.

  • gene

    Yes it makes it a little muzle heavy but watch Jerry Mitcluk fire 23 rounds in 7.3 seconds and hit every target. Its probably not good for pheasant hunting but when the shtf it would be quite devastating.

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  • megan kelly

    Looks pretty cool. I would be interested to hear more about it also. I
    wonder how heavy it would make the front of the gun though.

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  • Karen Patrick

    This is one
    of those items you know its only a matter of time before its illegal to
    buy/own… Kind of like the new slide fire stock system..Seems really
    cool and “fun” but I’m sure someone is trying very hard to ensure they
    won’t be around for long. voluntary bankruptcy