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  • caposkaw

    in italy we say “lavorare coi piedi” meaning “do not use the brain”….

  • caposkaw

    sorry… “lavorare coi piedi” literally translated “to work by feet”…

  • clamp

    Useful for when they get their hands chopped of for stealing chow or blown off while training with IED’s.

  • Peter

    Hmmmm…. Who knew?

    That’s bound to strike terror in the hearts of the enemy. “You can blow our arms off, but looky…!”

    Oh dear…

  • Larry

    Wow, that was stupid. Do they also zero and fire with their feet?

    Presumably they would be wearing boots if they ever needed to do it for real.

    They can’t fight, you can tell if they do this type of dog and pony show they don’t train very hard.

  • Big deal. Let’s see them change the barrel after 1 minute of fire.

  • Big Daddy

    Can they build a nuke with their feet? When they can do that then I’ll be worried.

  • So they field strip and assemble G3 LMG’s with their feet.

    Can anyone tell me why?


    • James, one word: tacti-cool 😉

  • Openminded

    …Looks like they do have some idea how to do it, guess thay can use hands also…when they are not intent on amusing general public 🙂
    Let’s be fair, not political 😉

  • Shayan

    Hmm Larry…if they can’t fight, then why did their proxy in Lebanon, trained by them, tactically defeat Israel in 2006? The Revolutionary Guards are all too skilled, unfortunately.

    Of course, these may be regular conscripts, in which case, yep, they’re eejits. But the R.G. do all the real fighting, so it’s moot.

    Anyhow, here’s more Iranian army giggles: