Advantage Tactical Universal Shotgun and Ruger 10/22 Sights

WrenTech Industries have started selling a shotgun and Ruger 10/22 rifle variant of their Advantage Tactical Sight. The new sights work the same as the pistol version. To aim you simply line up the rear sight with front sight to create a triangular shape. This apparently allows very quick sight acquisition.

Picture 4-33
The ATS on a glock and the sight picture.

The Universal Shotgun sight fits any non-ribbed 12 gauge barrel that is 14″ – 20″ long and of .840” to .890” in diameter, which includes most non-ribbed Mossberg and Remington barrels.

Picture 3-26
Mossberg 500 Shotgun

The Ruger 10/22 variant is only compatible with the aftermarket Tactical Solutions fluted .22 LR barrel. It is designed specifically for .22 steel matches.

Picture 5-24
Ruger 10/22

Both sights can be purchased online and cost $129.95. You can read more about the pistol sight system in an article [PDF Link] from this months GUNS Magazine.

Steve Johnson

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  • It looks to me like the rear sight would work OK with an existing front blade sight.

  • jdun1911

    All this does is add more weight and limit the sight radius. I think it is a step backward.

    XS sight is a much better system IMO.

  • Overload in CO

    Don’t the Steyr pistols have these sights, or something like it?

  • War Wolf

    The Steyr sight are similar. I have a couple of Steyr M9-A1’s and I shoot very well with their sights. They are a little to large to EDC but they are great range guns. Since I live in a restrictive state that only allows 10 in the mag I can’t justify carrying a gun that has a 15-17 round capacity in the handle and only having a 10 round mag with a huge spacer. I roll EDC with my Glock 27 or my Walther PPS. But the sights on the Steyr are better than either of the two EDC guns I commonly carry.

  • Dom

    I know what jdun means, but you gotta remember that shorter sight radius also allows for quicker sight picture acquisition. Yeah, it will never be as accurate as a longer radius, but it’s easier to bring the bore in rough alignment with your eye. Good for a tac shotgun or pistol, I would think. Like Steve said, on the 10/22 you’d use it for plate matches. Definitely not a traditional sight, but I could see how it has its uses.

  • Matt Groom

    I always thought this style of sight was intriguing, and I personally shoot much better with sharp pointed sights ala’ ACOG Chevron vs. a conventional cross hair, but this was the biggest compliant I’ve heard about the Steyr M9.

  • Asjadest

    The only Finnish pistol currently in production: 🙂

  • Ocerload in CO beat me to it. Here is a Steyr picture with similiar sights.