Ammo Dump …

…. literally


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Okay, so we were out on a mission yesterday to provide security/overwatch for a team to do an audit/inspection of a civilian demining company clearing land mines in the Stan.

We get there and are in our vehicles covering the roads for about a half hour. I am sending messages back and forth with my bro who is the TC (Truck Commander) of the vehicle to my rear.

He said he had to poo. I told him he is ****ed because we will be here for another few hours, and he cant get out of the truck because of the mines.

He said he was going to look around in the back for an ammo can.

I thought he was joking.

I told him his truck crew was going to hate him for life…

heh heh

Steve Johnson

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  • Eddy Alvarez

    lolol pewp in a can. hope he didn’t cause a round to cook off…

  • That’s funny! Not everyone would appreciate good humor like that. Thanks for posting it!

  • rootman

    “I’m not going to tolerate nastiness, rudeness,….but civility is expected..respect the technical nature of this blog.”

    Low class.

  • So many jokes, so little time.

  • jed

    Hey, that ain’t nothing new. Just do a web search for ‘rafting groover’ (not quoted). It should be obvious why they call it a “groover”.

  • well, its better than crapping his acu’s in his seat! nice part about an ammo can, seals airtight after the fact.

  • Concerned_Soldier

    Roger that Huey, that s&it stinks and feels bad for the rest of the day. Not to mention, would you want to be known as the guy who s&it on himself?

    rootman have you ever serve your country or was your comment a joke?

    This soldier adapted, improvised and overcame and took a dump in an Ammo Can, and he never left his post, how many employers would kill for loyalty like that!

    Great Soldier and Great American!



  • Huey148

    hey, also this isn’t new, back (way back) in the day we used to keep a “special” 5 gallon water can in the back of our track (M113) with a couple of inches of sand or kitty litter in it to use as a pee bucket when we had to be buttoned up during NBC play and the like. Problem was the junior elisted guy on board had to empty it, that was me for over 9 months! yuck!!

    You know one thing about soldiers? we all have at least one or two storied to tell about bodily functions, must be the environment.

  • AK™

    THATS why it’s called an ammon I get it.


  • AK™

    or ammo..if I can remember how to spell properly.