Winchester 1895 Saddle Ring Carbine

Winchester are producing a limited run saddle carbine version of the famous Winchester 1895 lever action chambered in .30-40 Krag (Caleb: They must have heard you loud and clear).

1895 Saddle Ring Carbine.Jpg (Jpeg Image, 2400X502 Pixels) - Scaled (79%)

The Winchester 1895 was designed by JMB and made famous by Roosevelt when he used it, chambered in .405 Winchester, on his African safari.

The Saddle Ring Carbine has a 4+1 internal box magazine, 22″ barrel and weights 8 lbs 2 oz. The MSRP is $1639.99 and only 501 will be produced. This is not the first time a Saddle Ring Carbine has been manufactured by Winchester, although I am not sure how long ago the last run was.

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Groom

    They were last produced in 2006, and a .30-06 version was produced for it’s 100th year. I love these and have always wanted one because I adore the obscure, but $1640 MSRP? Maybe I’m just cheap, but JEEZ! Can’t they get some of these parts built in Italy or Croatia or Russia or somewhere?!

  • Tom

    Matt: Speaking of obscure, and Russian parts, how about a Russian contract M1895 chambered in 7.62x54r? 🙂

  • Matt Groom

    That’s the one I wanted! I was always hoping to find a “beater” M1895 at a gunshow that was a Russian contract one that made it back. I read a story about a guy who got one as a war bring back in Korea.

    When Winchester reintroduced this model, before the closure at New Haven, they had a survey on their website asking which caliber it should be produced in, and I picked 7.62x54R, since .30-40 Krag was already available.

  • Nomen Nescio

    i’ve been wanting one of those Russian contract ones too, badly enough to taste it. there’s just something about a box magazine lever gun that makes me go, “WHY doesn’t one of the SASS-gun repro companies have that in their regular product lineup?”

    (and never mind that the cowpoke era was on its last legs in 1895. i can’t be the only guy who wants one of these things, and the SASS gunmakers have the most experience with technology of at least roughly that era.)

  • I have an orriginal 1895 winchester 30/40 krag, it has “PERRY” stamped on the barrel. It has the saddle ring and some mother of pearl inlay on the fore end of the stock. It still shoots. I have been wondedring what its value is?. It a sweet old piece.