Chinese CQ M4 being sold in Canada

Canadian gun dealers are importing the civilian version of the Norinco CQ 5.56mm Type A, a clone of the Colt M4. It pretty much a straight clone of the M4A1, complete with 14.5″ barrel, the biggest difference being that the civilian version that is being imported is semi-automatic only.

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The rifle seems to be well received by Canadian shooters, although the finish is said be be poor. Of the Norinco manufactured firearms I have seen, they tend to be poorly finished. The badly scratched finish can be seen in this photo:

Picture 3-25

This video shows the firearm being used (iron sights and Magpul stock has been installed): are selling it for C$899.00, which seems like a good price for a M4 clone, although I am not sure what M4 AR-15s normally sell for in Canada. Canada is likely the only country where it is being sold to civilians.

Thanks to Dennis for information about the rifle.

Steve Johnson

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  • OT

    Well, clearly a cold weather gun!

    I think $900/CA sounds pretty cheap to me – small market, plenty-o-taxes, lots of import hurdles for firearms, etc. Heck, that would be cheap in the US.

    I am resisting making a comment about the Chinese (!!) selling M-4 style rifles back into a NATO (if barely) country.


  • Matt Groom

    No, thanks. I don’t want guns built in Canada, much less China. The receiver looks like a straight casting, and not a very good one at that. I shudder to think what kind of steel they’re using in the barrel, but knowing the Chi-Coms, it’s almost certainly chrome-lined, which is a real plus. $899 Canadian is $744 US, minus 25% for approximate dealer price is $558 American, so there’s no complaining about the price!

  • “The operator enjoy a better annihilating firepower within 460 meters”

    “Semi-automatic rifle for infantry to kill individuals or group active objects”

    I’d like to read the rest of the manual. That’s some funny stuff.

  • Crystal

    Matt… I don’t think that’s a fair statement. Canada has the ability to put out some pretty nice guns. For example… Para-Ordnance? Canadian. and they make some pretty nice handguns, nice enough to sponsor Todd Jarrett. Please don’t make it to be like Canada is not adequate enough to produce guns here. Thank you 🙂

  • Denn

    Thank you Steve for starting up this forum. I just recieved my M4 from Frontier Arms a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying it very much. The big advantage is the ability to use any AR type magazine and the fact that ( in Canada ) I can use the LAR15 magazine that holds 10 rounds. Too bad this rifle is restricted ( 14.5″ barrel ) but I am a range shooter anyway. The fit, finish and action on the M4 are just fine. Scratches and scuff marks are a fact of rifle life, otherwise, the finish was good right out of the box. I am in the process of installing a forend rail, strobe/laser and a reflex scope. I get really good groups at 75 yards with the iron sights. ( my eyesight sucks though ) and for me that’s pretty good. I will get a short T-dot scope for the 100 yard targets. The manual ( as pointed out in the clip and by Olav ) is just a riot but still readable and well layed out.

  • Denn

    Matt Groom and OT: Let’s keep politics and country bashing out of this forum please. I happen to be Canadian and admit that we don’t have our own firearms manufacturers, just branch factories ( in Ontario ) like Colt, Savage, Para Ordinance and a couple of others based in the States. These factories export to Europe and yes, back to the U.S. Our firearms laws are severe to say the least. All AR type ( and other military type ) rifles are usually classed as restricted and you need a special license to purchase and use these firearms. (RPAL) Our rifle magazines must be pinned to only accept 5 rounds with the exception of the LAR15 magazine which is a pistol magazine and can therefore hold 10 rounds. I know it’s weird but that’s the way it is here. Canada is a member of NATO and we fight along side of the U.S. and British troops. We have lost 127 soldiers in Afghanistan, the latest being a 21 year old young female soldier blown up by an IED. I respect our troops and those participating in the NATO effort in Afghanistan and elswhere. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

  • Robert

    Please don’t buy stuff from china. Thanks.

    • grow a brain

      if you don’t want me to buy chinese, then start selling us guns and bullets, also start competing, i am not paying more than five hundred dollars for a new M14, if the chinese can do it, so can you, you have only yourselves to blame for the influx of norincos that come in to canada, when you stopped selling the good stuff to us, we had to get it somewhere, why not the chinese, when we found out that they were actually good, and cheaper, it was a blessing in disguise when you stopped shipping military type guns and gear to us. the americans like to flap their tongues, do this, do that, don’t bla bla bla… i am not an american, i am a canadian, i don’t care for american jobs any more than you care for canadian jobs. if a chinaman can make the product almost as good for a quarter of the price, kiss your factory jobs good bye. you are shooting yourselves in the foot by shopping at walmart. oh, come next election, get rid of barack obama, he is the anti-christ. our steven harper put obama in his place when obama said that you did’nt want our dirty alberta oil, he told obama that the chinese would get the oil if the americans did’nt buy it, so if you don’t sell us guns the chinese will, same thing, only the chinese get work, not americans. by the way, how is the economy down there, not as good as in china, i suspect.

      oh, when i say you, i mean your gov’t, not individual americans, most of you are very good people.

  • Dom

    I dunno about you, Olav, but I’ve been in the market for an object to take care of all these group active objects running around on the ranch here. After all, sometimes the only thing that can take care of an object is another object.

    Notice his manual says 2006 on it? I wonder if these have been sold over there for a while or they’re coming out of stockpiles now that the Obama rush is on. If Canadians have been using them since 2006, there ought to be someone who’s put a few thousand rounds through one.

    Stupid question I know, but does anyone know what kind of legal barriers would be in the way of importation?

    • Dom, the full auto military version has been in production since 2006. They appear to ship the same manual with the civilian version.

  • irishman

    Matt, i have a savage in .17HMR that shoots so tight its scary. I would buy any Canadian made product. Some Chinese made stuff is good too.

  • Dave

    Part of the reason for the success of this rifle is the increasingly onerous export restrictions on US made ARs and AR variants. It’s increasingly easier to buy guns made in Europe and Asia than US made guns due to US State Department restrictions. I’m sure if we had fewer hurdles up here and pricing was closer (after the exchange rate conversion) the Norcs wouldn’t have the same market. Right now it makes more sense to buy one of these and get it Parkerized locally than to deal with the aforementioned hurdles around US made guns.

  • Matt Groom

    On my comments made earlier, I did not mean to imply that Canada is comparable to China, and I would much rather live in Canada than a communist country like China or NYC.

    It’s just that I have a general rule that I don’t buy new guns from countries that don’t trust their own people with guns. I know, I know… gun ownership is permitted in Canada, just like it’s permitted in Chicago. Get it? Permitted? Sorry.

    So, in conclusion, I apologize for offending our English speaking brothers and sisters to the north. But not Quebec, ’cause they suck.

    KIDDING! Jeez!

  • jdun1911

    You can make the AR15 lower from any material that can hold the trigger assembly and extension tube. It’s stress free.

    The upper have to be metal. Casting is fine and will last forever as long as it is taken care of. The majority of the stress is in the barrel and bolt. Most bolt will last between 5k-15k depending how well it is made or how lucky you are.

    There have been rumors in the past that the Chinese is thinking about switching to the AR.

    I’m a capitalist and I hate how the US government export laws makes US companies uncompetitive in the world market.

  • CS

    This clone’s finish is pretty scratch prone – doesn’t hold up to much wear and tear but it is cheap n’ cheerful for the price point I guess. This Canadian doesn’t buy anything from China when possible, which is hard to do 🙂

    There are some nice high end makers of long range rifles though in Canada. Prairie Gun Works is one I can think of. The coyote isn’t the prettiest gun but shoots nicely from what I hear.

    My favorite gun store in Canada is in Calgary, Alberta. They carry the Coyote.

    Thanks for the blog.

  • Crystal

    Denn.. I believe Para-Ord isn’t a “branch”. It’s headquarters is in Canada. I believe thats where Para-Ord started.
    Matt… Again, there’s nothing wrong with the guns manufactured here. I actually know a couple guys in the US army who have shot and used Norinco rifles and like them a lot. And it’s not that we’re not trusted with the guns. Please do not start spurting off things you don’t know much about. I love this blog because it’s not focused around politics and certainly don’t want this to turn into such. Just because we have stricter rules to prevent crazies from getting their hands on these kinds of weapons doesn’t mean that our country doesn’t trust us. If you know anything about Canadian politics, you’ll know that there’s such tight rules because of ONE former Prime Minister who put the current laws into effect.

  • Denn

    Like I said. Let’s start talking about the M4, not who made it or why we shouldn’t buy from China or whatever. I can get all that kind of c**p from Canadian Gunnutz and I thought this forum was above that. Back to the topic. I just finished installing my goodies on the M4 and I will post a few links to the pictures. Thanks.

  • Denn
  • Shame on Canada for buying from China when we have plenty of folks making AR’s here in the US.

    • David/Sharpie

      Then make them cheaper.

      I am NOT going to spend $1000+ on a gun I can only use at the range, when I can get the same for $700, with a less “cool” finish……. (Except my CANADIAN made 1911)

      I’d like to get an AR soon, and it’ll be this Chinese AR.

      caper & Hugh Jorgen: I think he means you’ll loose his ATT without a range membership, and caper, you need to get an ATT everytime you go to the range.

      Also, Canadians, there is a Canadian AR Manufacturer now, call North East Armories, only draw back is the price is up there with American ARs

  • CS

    @Heath… Canada (the country) isn’t buying Chinese guns… individual Canadian private citizens are doing that in small quanties. I belong to several gun clubs and don’t know anyone with a chinese gun.

    I think Lever Arms is a private gun store that buys chinese guns due to demands of the local chinese population in Vancouver that wants to buy them for whatever reason…

    @Denn – nice pictures! I like your efforts to get us back on topic.

    • gentleman, back on topic

  • Denn

    The weather is a bit on the cool side and I have a cold so I can’t get out to the range to try out my little Docter reflex sight, but I am itching for the chance. The strobe/laser doesn’t fit tightly on the handguard rail. I noticed that the rail seems a bit thinner than the one on the handle so I am assuming that is the cause. I thought all the rails met the same specs but I guess not. Oh well, it’s just for the light mainly. I’ll see if there is a way to tighten it as it has a quick release mechanism.

  • Denn

    Has anyone tried a .22cal. conversion kit on their M4? Would be good for practice. How well does it work?

  • Carl

    Here is some info on the steel in Norinco´s 1911 handguns:

    In a nutshell, it is superior to Colt and most of the rest of the manufacturers.

    Of course this may or may not apply to the barrel of this M4. But it seems plausible that it would.

    I agree that the finish looks rather rough though.

    An accuracy comparison would have been nice. Seeing that it goes “bang” when you pull the trigger is nice but not terribly informative IMHO.

    It is rather fascinating that the Chinese still cannot write an instruction manual in proper english :-). But perhaps that is part of why they manage to keep costs down. No unneccessary paychecks to translators…

  • Len

    The reason for the popularity of this rifle in Canada is that you cannot buy an American AR15 rifle with 14.5″ barrel, flash hider, and six position buttstock due to US export regulations.

    SW M&P that I saw in a local gun store could only be had with a straight 16″ barrel with no threaded muzzle and fixed stock.

  • Ed

    Some Americans are complaining that why Canadians do not buy from the US.People are buying Norinco becasue the US DOS refuse to export to Canadian citizens firearms.

    Maybe you should ask your Congressmen why the US State Department make it so difficult, almost impossible, to apply for export permit for AR15 to Canada. It is impossible to get AR in quantity out of the US. No flash hidder, no collapsabls stock, no 5.56mm chamber, nothing under 16″. Anything that is “military” calibre (5.56, 7.62NATO, 7.62X39, 50BMG) is not allowed out of the US to Canada.

    Canada fought hard in afghanistan as an ally of the US. And the US in terms cheat Canadian citizens like Mexicans. We fought in the GWOT, and this is how the US repays Canadians who vote for a US friendly Canadian government.

  • Denn

    Having been in China myself, and having a few Chinese friends, I can tell you that translation between chinese and english is difficult in the extreme. Many of their words can have multiple meanings. It’s all in the way they are pronounced etc. The manual for the M4 is still very readable. I worked in a machine shop for years and we had some sophisticated CNC machine tools manufactured in Japan. The manuals were no better written. Please don’t judge the quality of craftsmanship or make fun of the people of other nations just because they don’t have a proficiency in our language. The M4 is a good quality rifle and I wouldn’t hesitate to tell someone to purchase one. Sure, we would like American AR rifles but they are expensive and difficult to get in the type that we want. The U.S. government has made it nearly impossible to get many firearms and parts. I can’t even order a tactical scope from the U.S. never mind a magazine or AR parts for the M4. I wish this cold I have would go away so I can get out to the range. Noe let’s get back on topic people.

  • Denn

    I am finding the M4 to be very dependable and extemely fun to shoot. I just need to get better at mounting accesories. I have learned that Loctite is a good idea to use on threaded items. Now if I can just get the play out of the strobe/laser mount.

    • hey guys, you are awesome w/ your comments. i think i prefer to buy chinese m4 here in the philippines because of your positive feedbacks. im a retired navy seal, for 20 years ive been using colt m16 . colt are fantastic but when it comes to amphibious assault it always jams. but now im retired im supposed purchase a colt le 6920 when i saw this website i changed my mind. norinco cqa are sold here everywhre in the philippines for $2000 much cheaper from $5000 colt. pls send me more feedbacks

      • David/Sharpie

        I wouldn’t keep it as a “go to war gun” but for normal target shooting, it’ll be fine, the only drawback is the finish, it isn’t very durable so it would need a little bit more maintenance.

      • Adam

        From what I’ve experienced with the CQ-A… great purchase. I never had any jams or issues with mine and I’ve thrown a ton of ammo through it. I did some slight mods to it but they were all external. Quad rail, grip, etc. For the price ya can’t go wrong. Since I bought the CQ-A I’ve tested out a few other Norinco’s and just picked up a NP22 9mm (Sig copy) and the first time firing it I was hitting a 2 inch grouping at 19 yards. Yes, I know that’s not something to brag about but when I pay 350 bucks (Canadian) for a 9mm clone and it’s shooting that well I’m a happy man. To sum it all up, I continue to be happy with Norinco’s. They have their issues with certain things such as the finish but they shoot well and they take a beating. I’d buy a second CQ-A in a heart beat if I was to buy another AR.

  • Whatever

    I have to echo the comment about never buying anything from China if at all possible. The money we send them funds their shenanigans, like their harrassment of our Navy’s ships in international waters. Buying their products also employs their citizens, not ours. We need to do everything possible to keep manufacturing here. China is probably our number one enemy in the world right now.

  • Jett Rink

    Ed is right.

    However, the DOJ no longer grants export permits to Canadians for anything of military utility.

    Dealers such as Questar and Eastern Arms have sold US ARs and parts (Rock River, Colt, DPMS, LMT and Stag), but not sure how easy to get these items in light of the current run on arms in the USA.

  • Denn

    Steve, You might as well close this forum as it has turned into a political mess. For pete’s sake guys. It’s just a rifle not foriegn policy. Nuff. said…
    I was going to ask if anyone has instructions for the Burris Fast Fire cause I lost mine and am having a difficult time ranging in the scope. Stay on the topic!!!

  • Denn

    Well, I finally got my reflex sight roughly ranged in. I used my rifle workstation stand to hold the rifle tightly so I could adjust where the dot went. I put a ranging target on the wall in the basement so it was about 30 feet away. No, I didn’t actually shoot. Just used the iron sight which is right on,and then adjusted the red dot so it was just a bit lower than dead on. I then adjusted the laser to hit where the red dot was sitting on the target. I hope this method will get me on paper at the range.

  • woodfiend

    Well, after looking at the pictures of this rifle………………….. no thanks. The finish on the rear sight adjustment knob is simply diabolical. I mean, really, just spend another 200 and get a Bushmaster. Not now though, because you can’t get them.

  • Rick

    I was one of the first ones to buy a Norinco M4 from Armseast, I have put a little over 4000 rounds through it with exactly zero stopages. The finish could be a little better, but its not that bad. If this rifle was approved for sale in the US, thousands of people would buy it.
    In Canada we do have several home grown AR manufactures Dlask, Alberta Tactical Rifle. We also have some businesses that are starting to produce short barrels, rails, flash hiders and so forth.
    If I had my way I would buy all my gun parts from Canada, but unfortunately that’s not possible.

  • Denn

    Thanks for the info Rick. I would sooner buy parts made in Canada anyway. Good to hear of someone who has cranked 4000 rounds through the M4. Really proves it’s reliability. Any signs of wear? As for the finish on the rifle, I don’t mind the finish at all. It’s a military type rifle and the finish isn’t that bad. Maybe it varies from rifle to rifle, but mine was just great. I was at a local military display and the C7 rifles were just scratched and dented but obviously worked just fine. Alittle touchup here and there helps if necessary but I wouldn’t go through the trouble just yet.

  • John

    Well I finally ordered one today maybe before I can’t even get one.

    I would buy an american or canadian M4 Type but they are on the average of 700 to a 1000 dollors Plus Tax more then this Norinco. If you can even get one. This is a large difference in Price. never Mind trying to buy the ammo.

    I do have a Remington R15 VTR I bought myself last Christmas And My car is An GM and my wife’s is also a GM so I do contribute to our side. But it took a year of waiting before they let a few R 15’s through the border. No iron sites on it though. And then they went up $250 before I could buy it. This CQ .223 will be for my spouse or backup, its a bit shorter then the remington R15. But she has a small frame.

  • Fox

    I was born and live in Canada , and am an Infantryman in the Regular Army with a tour overseas in Afghanistan.

    The only AR15 clone I can affordably get here in Canada is Chinese made, I just bought one, and they shoot and operate just like the C8A2 Carbine I use at work. The finish has a lot to be desired, but so does the Smith and Wesson M&P AR15, and Bushmaster models that go for almost three times the price here up north. The American made AR’s also don’t have flash suppressors, bayonet lugs, or retractable stocks to complay with some BS export laws. The S&W has a 17″ barrel and the Bushmaster I have shot had a 16″, the Chinese CQ had a 14.5″ barrel, which is just like an M4, or the C8 in Canada.

    For those who want the best bang for there buck here in Canada we buy Chinese because they can provide what they want for sometimes half to three times less then american made, they also work and shoot just as good, or better.

    I own four guns from Norinco in China, I also own one Chech, one Russian, one Italian, and two American and they all function perfectly. When the USA firearms companies and policy makers decide to stop screwing us around in Canada, I will buy more American.

  • uzim16

    I bought my AR15(heavy barrel 1:7 twist rate) for 1425 CAN$( tax included). So this clone isn’t so attractive to me.

  • Tom

    I have numerous Chinese guns, they’re all GREAT.

    My favorite, the Norinco M-14S is in my opinion a superior product to the SAI M1A in every way; except the *consistency* of the barrels, which range from slightly better to slightly worse, the majority of the time they’re on-par or better.

    Most of their pistols are pretty great too, I have a $399 nickel plated 1911A1 that shoots 7 round groups of 1″ at 15 yards, if you can (which I can’t, but I had it tested). I don’t think that’s the best pistol, but for a $399 glitzy .45 ACP it’s damn good.

  • Jim

    Just got my Norinco CQ (M4 clone) from dealer in Alberta who shipped to Ontario. Took off the carry handle and added a weaver rail for more height with a Nikon Monarch Variable Size Red Dot scope. I boresighted with a Cabelas .223 ‘cartridge’ laser to line up the Nikon Red Dot at 25 yards then fine tuned at 50 yds where it consistently punched out a one inch circle in the bullseye. Going back tomorrow to work the 100 and 200 yd range. Finish is a little rough but the action is smooth and it shoots beautifully. Worst part is the magazines – not exactly precision made. They ‘unload’ fine but get the rounds in is not a slick process. Going to look for magazines from other manufacturers. Any suggestions welcome.

  • John

    Hi guys,

    Has anybody tried putting on a Magpul MOE handguard on this Norinco? Is the buffer tube mil-spec or commercial? I live in the Philippines and am soon to receive my Norinco CQ-A. It’s exactly like your rifles but it has full auto fire, we also have no restrictions on magazine capacity so ours come with the 30 rounder magazines.

    • joe

      Where do you order from? Interested in getting supplies that don’t have any nasty restrictions.

  • Filippo

    Hi Everybody and best regards from Italy.I happened by chance to find this site and this interesting discussion about this Norinco M4 type rifle since I am looking to find informations about this weapon.
    Well,the situation in Italy is not so different from the situation in Canada.It’s almost impossible to find on the market american made M4 clones,the few new ones go for terrific prices (as I am writing now,march 2010,the could go from 2.500 CAD up,5-bullets only magazine,no bayonet receiver and other limitations).Sometimes it’s possible to find on the market second hand Olimpic Arms,Bushamsters or whatsoever but in this case too prices are very high.
    I am considering to buy one of these Norinco because it’s cheap and it’s of average quality,I admit it without any problem.I just need it to play at the shooting range and to be able to rearrange it with all the different odds and sodds available on the market,that’s why I won’t be looking for an “original US-made” one.I am sure the american produced rifles are of much better quality ( I have had a K3B and I have one M1911 from 2nd ww and one 1991 so I know the meaning of good quality)but this is just an hobby,although a nice one for me

  • pc9

    Well looks like we are getting in another shippment of theese M4s here in Canada.
    Best part is one retailer will be selling them for $699.00.
    I am buying 2.

  • China Made M4 Carbine very nice easy to use, good quality and make for Military and Civilian.

  • john

    Chino Ar’s ! Save your money! If a wrench made there used once, will break. How can they make m4’s? The diamaco m16’s are very good, used one over There. BE SURE to wash your hands after handling one, and do not let your kids lick it. We should not buy anything from china, and neither should the knucks.

  • zenos

    just got my cq ,what a great gun, finish is just as good as any other AR I have seen 14.5 barrel flash hider six position stock …..goes bang when you pull the trigger and it is accurate and cheap and my kids don’t lick guns ?

  • omegaman

    Got My CQ today and LOVE it ,acurate right out of the box! made no adjustments! Fit is awsome and I’m more then happy with the finish after all its an asault rifle not a sports car! and can you say $749 Canadian! OH CANADA OH OH OH CANADA! FYI the 10 round LAR pistol magazines work’s great and are legal to use in Canada. Wow and to think I almost shelled out $1800 for a used American made, Thats $1251 more for the nice finish.
    And i Know it will hold up as well as my $349 Norinco 1911 commander has over the years of hard abuse and lack of maintinance i have put it through! Thats what i want guns that are cheap work great last long and don’t need to be baby’d

  • omegaman

    Got My CQ today and LOVE it ,acurate right out of the box! made no adjustments! Fit is awsome and I’m more then happy with the finish after all its an asault rifle not a sports car! and can you say $749 Canadian! OH CANADA OH OH OH CANADA! FYI the 10 round LAR pistol magazines work’s great and are legal to use in Canada. Wow and to think I almost shelled out $1800 for a used American made, Thats $1251 more for the nice finish.
    And i Know it will hold up as well as my $349 Norinco 1911 commander has over the years of hard abuse and lack of maintinance i have put it through! Thats what i want guns that are cheap work great last long and don’t need to be baby’d

  • Muhammad Safeer

    Great gun in the world

  • chardson67

    Great Rifle!

    The CQ-A 556 is now being sold in the Philippines for US$ 2,000 (Includes license) and comes with 4 pcs. 30 round magazines.

    14.5inch,1X9 twist, chromelined barrel, anodized,full auto capable (Philippine Law permitted)

    The buffer tube is not milspec and is commercial.

  • Hugh Jorgen

    Shame on us Canadians………For what? Getting something we want without the nightmare of trying to get it from our neighbours in the states. Believe me, we would gladly purchase our guns from the USA if we could. The import/export laws of firearms makes it almost impossible. Not to mention the licenses, transporting documents, and storage laws that apply. Hell, if we have a handgun (restricted) we have to belong to a shooting club or they will take them away, that goes for this Norinco (also restricted) as well. We have to pay a lot more up here, and the Norinco is the best option for the money. I’m getting one too.

    • caper

      you don’t need to be in a gun club to have handguns in canada, i am in nova scotia, i have eight handguns and i don’t belong to a gun club, i am a collector by status.

      • David/Sharpie

        You only have to belong to a club if you want a long term ATT.

  • Stephen

    I have a norinco carbine. It’s great. I wanted to buy an American version but I can’t afford to dish out an extra grand. The finish isn’t great. But the rest of the rifle meets or exceeds mil-spec. And that includes machining and metal grades. For accuracy it shoots identical to a river rock ar-15 on a bench rest. Oh by the way to the Americans that whine about us buying from china maybe you should research how economies work with global trade. Because the US actual buys more stuff from china per capita then Canada does.

  • Stephen

    Sorry for double post. (did it from my phone) hopefully the forum mod can get rid of the first and this one

  • Mike the frenchman

    Got my M4 today. At first glance it seems ok. Pretty tight fit between the lower and the upper. Pulled it apart and I don’t see any difference from any other AR models. Only thing was that the fire/safe lever was a bit stiff. Can’t wait to bring it at the shooting range . What about fitting railguards and other equipment on it. Any complaints in that area ?

  • randy

    i’ve had my cq-a for about 6 months now. I have about 300 rounds through it, not a single misfire. i replaced the irons w/ an 80 dollar NCStar scope, and i’m looking at sub-MOA accuracy from 100m, as fired by hand, match 55gr. FMJ. not bad for semi-auto let alone one w/ a 14.5 inch barrell. finish is similar to other AR’s i’ve fired, notably the colt canada C7A1 and A2. Big bang for the buck from norinco, though i also cringe at my currency going to china. i now have my eyes on an EoTech 512, costing almost as much as the rifle. also on my shopping list is the latest batch of polytech m305’s, (norinco m-14s)same story, 400 CDN from marstar, 1200 and change from sprinfield.

  • Dave

    I’ve been looking at the CQ for a bit now and in all honesty for the price it can’t be beat. In Canada it’s strictly a range gun so it’s a toy so I don’t want to spend a pile anyway. If I was in the market to spend mega bucks on a “black” rifle in the great white north I wouldn’t buy a AR anyway,-Swiss Arms Classic (sig550) is where I’d spend my money and you can smack yotes and ground hogs all day with it and RCMP won’t say boo.

    I also have a Norico M305 (m14 clone), It shoots just as well as the springfield version and I have been told (by the guys at Fulton Armory in the US) that it’s reciever is acutally somewhat superior to the Springfield versions because of the alloy used. Fit and finish leaves bit to be desired though.

    Food for thought, I have a brand spanking new (now Remington owned)Marlin 1895 GBL which has been having extraction problems and has disapointing finish and have a Savage .17hmr that has fed poorly from day one.

  • Wayne

    I have a Norinco M14 clone that, as everyone here has pointed out, had a less than desireable finish. I have since spent almost $5000 on it including things like a pelican case and ballistic software.
    I first had the whole thing bead blasted and re-coated black to mil-spec so the finish is now better than SA. I put a Vltor mod stock on and glass bedded it, lapped the barrel and finished it off with lots of U.S. made goodies and a Leupold Mark IV FFP scope.
    All that to say, I consistantly hit human silhouette targets beyond 800m and even have some hits out to 1000m. Point is these Chinese knock-offs are absolutely not inferior in any way other than price.
    I am currently waiting for my M4 to arrive and I will likely do the same with it, re-finish it and add whatever accessories it will accept.

    • Rob

      where id you get yours recoated?

  • Wayne

    Does anyone know if standard M4 accessories will fit on the Norinco? Like fore ends and stocks?

  • Trond

    Hey, I’m canadian, This retails for $695.00 in stores here. Only complaint from over 50 people i’ve talked to is this finish. Rifles function great, alright accuracy and cheap as borcht! Go to “Whole Sale Sports”, paper work takes an hour than you walk away with it. Oh, and who the fuck said Canada makes shity rifles. You americans want an AR, get a “DLASK” or Alberta Tactical. Range from $1500-to$3000, but what ever you get they are f’n amazing. All made right here in the big white north

  • CplRead

    Ok from a Canadian Soldiers point of view this is an older but good weapon. We used to use the C7-A1 5.56 Nato standard (M4-A1 if your American) and it really is a nice rifle it shoots true, operates in almost all conditions, rarely jams if properly maintained, and has a decent range and rate of fire. For the price you really cant go wrong with this rifle as long as you take care of it proprly, if you let it rust, never clean it ect you will have problems. If you are looking for somthing new and try the A2 model its almost the same just a few small differences. Id take this rifle over an ak-47 any day just because on the range and accuracy. Now heres the problem where its made im not sure whats being used to make these and how they are probably mass produced an mininal cost but again its a cheap rifle and you will have fun. I only wish we could have full auto in Canada!

    • Nate

      Hi everybody and cheers from Switzerland. Stumbled over this site somehow and wanted to share my experiance with the Chinese Norinco AR-15 clone. I bought one because it is as impossible to get an american made AR in Europe as it seems to be in Canada. We have German and Swiss made AR’s which play at around 3000-3500 CAD. In my opinion way too much money for an AR. I have spent this money for a SIG 553 but in my opinion that would be like comparing a BMW with a Ford.
      I bought it 11 months ago for 1390 CAD and my CQ came with a 14,5 inch chrome lined barrel with a birdcage style flash hider. I was surprised how well the Norinco was made compared to photos (as above) and comments I had heared. The finish was comparable to American made AR’s on the lower price range and came well coated , laser engraved, etc. My local gun dealer told me that I bought the newer, much improved (from a finish perspective) lot. Only part which was really inacceptable was the buffer tube (looking like it was made in some backyard afghan ak factory) and the collapsible buttstock which came lose very quickly and was impossible to tighten after that. I replaced both parts very quickly for little money.
      To this point I have put around 3000 rounds through it and it has functioned flawlessly even with the crappiest magazines or ammo. Wet, dry, in the heat and in the cold. Normal gun maintenance provided. Not a single malfunction up to date. As a tactical shooter with a military and law enforcement background this already does it for me.
      Accuracy wise I would give it a 7/10 but the trigger is the big surprise. A 10/10, for a factory trigger.
      Overall great value for money!
      Did I care that I bought a gun originating from country governed by a totalitarian regime? Yes I did. If a reasonably priced american AR would have been available even for a few hundred dollars more I would have refrained from buying it. But as they are not available anymore….

    • Adam R

      I was Armored Recon with the CF for 5 years and I used the C-8 for half that time. For the rest, I used the C-7. Other then the fact that the C-8 has full auto, the CQ-A almost seems better! The C-8 always jammed up and that’s coming from a gun owner/ex-military person who’s very anal about how clean and how well maintained a firearm should be. I’m in school for gunsmithing at the moment as well, so I am pretty anal about that stuff. I love my CQ-A. Love it. If you’re interested in a cheap-to-fire side arm, take a look at the Austrian ISSC MK-22. I just got one and I’m pretty happy. $20 and you can shoot all day!

  • Adam R

    It’s great to hear so many good things about the Norinco CQ-A. I just bought my first one and waiting on the ATT to get it home. Until that comes in I’m just doing a lot of research on aftermarket parts for it so sites like these really help. I used the Canadian Forces variation (C-8) through out my career in the Canadian Forces and it seemed to jam up a lot no matter how well I took care of it, so it’s good to know that these rifles don’t have the same problem. Does anyone know of a really good, reliable and affordable place that I can get some after market rails, sights, scopes, tach lights and etc that ship to your door?

    Thanks for the great reads everyone!

    Adam – Thunder Bay, Ontario

  • HelloNiceKitty

    Here’s a video of an Italian Norinco M4 endurance test. Thousands of rounds in sequence, cooled in a barrel of water multiple times. The rifle apparently shines. It comes at around 800 EUR here. Have to get one. It is imperative.

    • HelloNiceKitty

      And of course the link

    • Adam R

      I watched that while waiting for my Norinco to come in and I was blown away. I don’t plan on firing my CQ like that but it’s nice to see that you can beat the crap out of it like that and it still functions. Can’t wait to customize mine!

  • commanderbuttnaked

    have the rinco sks, fun shooter, never fails, almost is indestructible. Dont know much about this thing. The sks is such a bang for the buck.

    • Adam R

      I’ve never fired the Noricno SKS, but if it fires anything like the Soviet SKS then yes, great rifle. I had a Soviet SKS a little while ago that fired a 7.62/39 round and I pumped a ton of rounds down that barrel. Only thing that sucked was when using that Soviet military ammo, your rifle get’s so damn dirty that you end up spending hours cleaning that thing after you get it home from the range. If yours came with the bayonette, try firing it with the bayonette extended out. It really helped with accuracy with the Soviet version. As far as the Chinese model… I’ll never ever purchase one. They’re garbage.

      • David/Sharpie

        Judging from what he said about his own rifle, it isn’t garbage

  • Mark

    I just had a question, whats the size of the buffer tube for the CQ M4, and will it fit a Magpul CTR buttstock? thank you

    • David/Sharpie

      Maybe try contacting Wolverine supplies or another place that sells them, or someone who owns one (Range, gun show etc)

  • dtap

    i own a norico m4 clone with the 10.5 inch barrel and it is prone to double feeds and jams.i was wondering if anyone else has this issue and do yo think a heavy buffer would help .

    • Todd

      The first batch of 10.5 had a weak ejector spring. A call to North Sylva Co.,and they sent me the correct piece at no charge. Works AWESOME!!


    Buy one you will not regret it. Have the 10.5″ barrel version and runs flawless thus far (about 300 rounds). GREAT rifle for $660!

  • ildirtydevin 288

    Why would the canadian govt allow this chicom crap to be sold win theu have diemeco(sp?!) That builds “home grown” m4s ( C7) thay are as good, of not better than their IE colt cousins

  • amaso

    Americans pay the additional $1000-$2000 for the finishing, that’s the only diff. The US banning of Norinco is simply to prevent US gun manufacturers from bankruptcy and brainwashed their citizens to believe their guns are worth every penny when they are simply way overpriced.


      Not true at all. You can buy a rifle exactly like that in the USA “with the finishing” for $1,100. And that’s for the somewhat more high end ones(all LMT parts). You can buy a rifle exactly like this for the exact same price in the USA if you buy from a lower end company like Palmetto State Armory.

      I don’t know how Chinese rifles are today, but if they are maximizing quality for their money, the Chinese ones will be much more quality than the American versions of the same price, but that’s a IF.

    • John

      You forgot about when Norinco tried to sell LA gangs tanks and MANPADS.

      Regardless, the price of good, plain jane ARs has dramatically fallen and is cheaper than this (Even BCMs)

  • Belac

    They retail for 550-600$ now :p