Winchester 1885 single shot rifle

The Winchester 1885 single shot rifle, designed by the one and only Mr John M. Browning, has been in and out of production for over 120 years. Winchester is once again manufacturing it. A variety of models are available:

Picture 7-26
1885 High Wall Sporter

Picture 13-23
Creedmoor Black Powder .50-90 Sharps

Picture 11-25
Short Hunter

Picture 10-20
High Wall Trapper

Not pictured is the Traditional Hunter model.

They are available chambered in:

* 45-70
* 50-90 Sharps
* 38-55
* 405 Win.
* 30-40 Krag
* 32-40
* 45-90

I really like the short barreled trapper model. It is available chambered in 38-55, 30-40 Krag and 45-70. Weights only 6 lbs and has a 16.5″ barrel.

MSRP is $1514.99 to $2226.56 depending on model and caliber.

Steve Johnson

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  • I like the High Wall Sporter. I am starting to drool over the old style stuff, uh oh. LOL My poor wallet.

  • Matt Groom

    I’d love a short-hunter in .30-40 Krag, but what the hell is the Herstal Group thinking? There’s no way a single shot ANYTHING is worth that kind of scratch, and the damn things aren’t even made in the US! Most of the nice Winchesters are made by Miroku in Japan, which was a good move when that made them cheaper, but there isn’t enough machining, material, or technology here to justify that kind of expense, no matter how well executed. When a South American company begins to produce “inferior” copies of this same design, I’ll be inclined to buy one, even if the wood isn’t as nice and the metal isn’t as pretty. This is why the New Haven plant closed: quality-built, formulaic, obsolete designs that cost too much.

  • Matt Groom


    anyone who’s interested in the Trapper models should check out CDNN Investments, which has the 30-40 and the 38-55 for $980.

  • The new manufacture Winchester 1885 is a fine gun, but does not follow the original John Browning design other than appearance. American Gun Company sells a “custom” 1885 high wall with all the bells and whistles for less. Everyone should check them out.

  • mike snarr

    I have been using an 1885 Hi Wall Sporter since 1991. I have only fired 20 factory winchester 300 gr.hps through the thing and the other 500-600 rounds have all been hand loaded. My every day load is W-W cases, CCI primers, 63 gr. of 3031 and a Remington bulk 300 gr JHP, this is highly compressed and the bullet will just kiss the rifeling when inserted. I can only estimate the velocity, 2500 FPS, but can really testify to the leathality of this load. The deer and elk that have been shot in the heart-lung area didn’t move except to fall dead on the ground. I have loaded the 350 GR RN Hodgdon they shoot really well also but a hit on a large elk doesn’t have the slam-bam-thankyou-mam that the 300 GR exibits. Some other bullets I use is a 340GR plain base cast, a 405GR Gas check, both of these cast bullets with the correct load will exibit a might fair bit of tight groups. Only after 5-6 years of use the but stock split through the hand guard into two pieces, contacted Browning and shiped the rifel to Utah, even tho the warrenty had long ran out the stock was replaced at NO charge. Every one that fires this rifel falls in total love with it! All in all if I need to dispatch anything and want to feel totally confident in the round in the gun, this is the rifel I pick up and drop a small drain pipe into it an have at it.

  • Has anyone tryed the trapper model 30-40 krag?(1885) I wonder if 16 1/2 inches is enough barrel for this cartridge. I would love to have one but not if half the powder burns out the end of the barrel. How well do they shoot?

  • To answer my own question in case anyone else is wodering about this little barrel. I bought one. So far I realy like it,100 yds,the best group so far is 1 1/2 inches with open sights.4 Shots.Once I figger out bullet drop at longer range, I think this will make a great saddle gun for horseback use. If you are thinking of buying one,I’d say go for it. If you don’t like it you could always sell it or re-barrel. Mine is 30-40 Krag. 45grains IMR 4064.

  • fanbatcher

    I own one of these 1885 Trappers in .38-55. A handy little rifle and comfortable to shoot off hand with factory Winchester rounds. Basically approximates the balistics of a .44 magnum model 92 @ 50-100 yds. ( P.S. – Factory ladder rear sight is a let down – install a Skinner peep instead ).