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  • Nick

    You might want to point out how illegal as well as stupid this really is.

  • Nick’s Mom

    You might want to eat a drawer full of steak knives.

  • Matt Groom

    I didn’t think standard length 12 Ga would fit into these. I wonder if they used a Mini-Shell?

  • Blackwater

    What’s he doing? Firing a shotgun shell out of a flare gun? I’ve done that a few times before. The trick is to remove half the gun powder so the flare gun doesn’t explode in your hand. I shot mine a few times and nothing happened. The round went off fine. Then we gave it to my friend with a full shell and told him to shoot it thinking it would be hilarious. It blew up in his hand but luckily it didn’t seriously injure him at all. All it did was sting his hand. The stuff you do for fun when you’re 15…

    By the way, don’t try that at home. You’ll almost certainly kill yourself or lose a hand. We were extremely lucky to come away unscathed.

  • I was curious what would happen too… Scary stuff. For anyone who got any ideas from that video just remember just because you might get away with doing it once doesn’t mean it didn’t fatigue the barrel so the next shot may very well kill you. Don’t do it, and if you get curious put a magnum shell in a rifle and shoot it one handed and see how it feels.

  • Michael Hart

    Hey ya’ll, I was the idiot that actually did this. You just need to bore out the “bore” a little. I still think if I wrapped hose clamps around it that it might actually puncture the milkjug. Its still going to explode, but I figured it might give it more ummpph behind the slug. I suppose thats not the point of this blog, but either way.