Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot Photos


Oleg Volk took these photos at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot:

Tavor 4205

Lahti 20Mm 4251
Lahti 20mm anti-tank rifle ( / cannon ). That thing is HUGE.

Many more photos of the shoot by Oleg here, here and here. Time magazine took a photo of Mike Z. Williamson’s discerning young daughter.

Hat Tip: Gun Nuts Media

Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    How did someone get a Tavor? I didn’t even think they were on sale in the states yet?

  • Freiheit

    “How did someone get a Tavor? I didn’t even think they were on sale in the states yet?”

    The same way everyone shooting at KCR got their stuff, a shitload of money. 😀

    If you’ve never been to KCR shoot, start making plans to go to the next one in October. It’s the best $10 I ever spent on a show.

    The gunshow there is worth the $10 entry fee alone. There was just gun stuff there. No jerkoff selling purses, no beef jerky booth, just guns guns guns. And ammo. A little thin on the pistols, but a decent selection of rifles.

    KCR also has a great rifle range 6 days a week. I shoot there at least one day a month. If you’re in the Louisville area, you should be shooting at KCR.

  • Here’s my story of the Lahti that a friend of mine bought while we were in college—and stored in my room. We cleverly hid it by draping a sheet over it. 🙂

  • steve

    I would love to know that too!

  • Tom Stone

    I liked Williamson’s books.but Scalzi’s “The Androids Dream” is wonderful.The most imaginative assasination scheme I have encountered.

  • Nathan

    I came on here to ask the question about the Tavor too… Love the answer Freiheit! 🙂 I have really tried to search a civi version of it, and can’t seem to find a thing. Anyone else heard anything on it?

  • Cmathews

    This is on sale in Canada, all I can find right now. It does come with a Meprolight M21, which is a nice touch. But for $3000, its a bit steep. And its in Canada, I figure its only a matter of time before us Texans get them.

  • Nick

    “I figure its only a matter of time before us Texans get them.”

    Nope. Not legal for import into the U.S. as a semi-auto rifle, thanks to Bush #1.

  • Ez

    I like Lahti 20mm!

  • dave binkley

    looking to buy lahti 20mm wood barall cover. 419 350 0453

  • Cmathews

    @ Nick
    I was not aware of that, thanks for the info. That is quite depressing, I would love to add one of these to the safe.

  • Jay

    A little late to comment here about the Lahti pic but thats me and my Lahti in the picture . This was my first time out shooting the 20mm and it was a great success .