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  • Interesting. The US Coast Guard evaluated the M16 as a line throwing gun decades ago and found it inadequate. The report may still be available online from DTIC. In addition, the US Navy is replacing the majority of M14 on board ships with M16A3, except for those used for line throwing.

  • It has about the same dimensions as a golf ball launcher my one buddy has and, while it’s kinda cool, it doesn’t really send a golf ball very far (you’ll do as well or better with a club)…I can’t see how it would send an object of appreciable weight plus a line any worthwhile distance.

  • Brandon

    they should use a blank 7.62x51mm minimum, probably a 338 lapua magnum would be better. i think the BMG would prove to powerful and may be dangerous to use in this fashion. but a 5.56x45mm is not going to give you very much oomf.

  • Freiheit

    What metric would one use to measure this? Muzzle energy?

    I’m inclined to agree with Gregory, .223 just doesn’t seem like it would have the yutzpah to get ‘er done.

    A hot shotgun blank seems more suited to this task.

  • Dave

    Even if they blocked the gas system?

  • Valhalla

    Why don’t you just buy an NFL quarterback?

    Get a Desert Eagle one with .50 AE…

    But in all seriousness, a 7.62 NATO would be in order I think.

  • Ted

    I love how the shooter has his goggles UP ON HIS HARDHAT instead of down on his face. Way to go!

  • Jim

    Quite a few of you seem to have overlooked something with all your citing of “its not powerful enough”

    If it didn’t work, and didn’t get the job done they wanted it to, then they wouldn’t be using it.

    • Sam Suggs

      um it has to still work but it may reqire the ships be closer together Jim which means you put a candian naval vessel in just a littly more danger becuase you couldent just use whatever their military shotgun is

  • Freiheit

    Hah. Good point Jim.

  • Dave

    I wished it worked that way in the CF Jim. Have you seen the tac vests they make us wear?

  • Lance

    I dont know what your saying most US ships still have M-14s on board and they are used not just for tow line throwing but also for guards on the ship. M-14 is not going away from the Navy dispite the Canandians useing C-7 for there ship security and line throws.