Ruger 30 round Mini-14 magazines: Time are a-changin’

In last November for the first time in a long while did Ruger finally start selling mini-14 20 round magazines to the general public. Previously they had restricted them to law enforcement only. Now only 5 months later they are selling 30 rounders!


This is a great move by Ruger. At this rate we should be seeing a 100 round drum pretty soon 😉

Bob Dylan got it right when he sung

Come senators, congressmen, please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled
The battle outside ragin’
Will soon shake your windows and rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin’

They are selling for $49.95 at

Hat Tip: Michael Bane via. Say Uncle

Steve Johnson

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  • KP

    FIFTY BUCKS? *choke*
    I’ll stand up and take notice when the mini14 can take STANAGs and is priced as if it’s not gold plated.

  • Tom

    Ruger traditionally has a very high opinion of their own products, and due to the LEO marked 30-rounders being in such high demand for the past decade plus, a lot of desperate Mini owners will sing Ruger’s praises for this price.

    I’ll still to the CJ mags I got from Brownells and spent a few minutes tweaking with pliers and a file. They’re a firmer fit and feed just as well as any factory mag.

    On a sidenote though, I seem to recall Bill Ruger himself saying he never intended civilians to be able to purchase high-cap mags. The times are a changin’ indeed.

  • Matt Groom

    Now if Ruger could only start making guns that weren’t crap, they’d really be onto something. I’m not holding my breath on them coming up with their own designs, though.

  • EzGoingKev

    I think Ruger really blew it by configuring their rifle not to use mags that were compatible with the AR.

    If the mags were the same but just needed the hole in front, most manufacturers would have just added the hole. I am sure there would be a drill jig sold also to convert older mags.

    Either way, you would not have to pay $50 for a 30 round mag.

  • Matt Groom

    Correction, EzGoingKev, that’s $50 for an INFERIOR 30 round magazine. I bought two factory 20 rounders for my K-Mini-14 a few years back, and they didn’t feed any better than the lousy unmarked 20 and 30 rounders I already had. The best mags I had were the AR-15 compatible Ramline mags. During the ban I couldn’t find decent Mini-14 mags for less than $40, whereas good AR mags were going for $18.

    The Mini-14 design is based on an M1 Carbine prototype that was intended to be easier to produce, but ultimately proved too fragile for use with the .30 M1 cartridge and was rejected by the ordinance board. Odd that Ruger chose to do the same thing with .223.

  • rugershooter

    well, i think if you try the new mini 14, you wont be calling it junk. the new 580 series mini 14 ranch rifle can shoot circles around AR15s all day long. as far as the magazines price, you get what you pay for. ruger mini 14 high caps are the absolute best you can get. sure you can spend $14.95 and buy the el-cheapazz wannabee junk magazines and spend $100 bucks in ammo and 40m hours trying to get them to shoot right just to have the jam when you really need them , or you can buy a ruger factory high cap and have no problems and be happy, your choice. thats the problem with this world anymore,alot of you guys feel that if you cant get it for next to nothing or free its to expensive. if you want the best, buy the best. you know as well as i do theres not one single manufacturer of mini 14 mags out there that can even come close to rugers reliability and quality. i remeber when ruger first started selling high cap magazines to the public. that lasted all of about 11 months if i can remeber correctly. ive got 2 20rd and 1 30rd blued and 1 ultra-rare 30rd stainless factory mags. all of them are still working flawlessly even after all of these years. id suggest instead of sniveling about ow expensive they are, you save your lunch money and have daddy buy ya one with it and try it out.

  • Bruce

    I bought a NRA edition Ruger M-14 Ranch Rifle and it is the best damn rifle I have ever owned,and I have and still do collect rifles and handguns. I have put over 2000 rds. through the rifle w/o a misfire,stovepipe….etc. ! This fine rifle came with two 20 rd. mags.,and when Ruger came out with the 30 rounders I bought six of ’em. ! You pilgrims just can’t go wrong with this rifle.

    • Bruce, good to hear!

  • stanleyhkg36

    What about the mini-30 any hope that they are going to make a 30 round magazine any time soon. i got 8 different after market 30 rounders, they are all crap. from the polymer promag to the stainless steel national. all crap i tell u.

  • shoji

    I just ordered my new ruger mini 14 tactical for $560 via an employee purchase program. (I work at a gun shop.) Cannot wait to start putting some rounds down range through this baby. Hope it lives up to the hype. For the price, I found this to be a good solution, while I save for building my dream AR.

  • Steve williams

    Ive owned my mini for almost 2 years now, never had a problem with the gun. One of my favorites. The only problem I have is getting magazines. New york state law states I cannot have a magaizine with a capacity over 10 rounds. Class b felony. Hope all the criminals and thugs got the memo. Be a bummer trying to defend my family with my 5 round mags against some guy with a 30 or 40 round capacity ak or ar. guess i could chuck rocks right? Is that still legal? glad the mags are out there wish i could legally have them.

  • steve schaedel

    I own many “assault” rifles and those of you bashing the mini-14 are showing your stupidity and confirming you have never owbed one. As a matter of fact the mini-14 was my first rifle over 25 years ago … amybe more 🙂 and it is a damn fine rifle. Sure it doesnt hold all the foo foo stuff that my AR-15 has on it but I cant remember a single time I had a FTF or FTE issue or even an event on my mini-14, I can NOT say the samething about my AR-15. As far as Ruger producing the 30 rd. mags again there is only one down side ….. my stack of original 30 rounders are no longer worth $150.00 each 🙁

  • Wayne Schober

    I have had a stainless Mini-14 since 1987. Got it in a trade and put in in the closet. With the political situation in the U.S. and living close to Mexico, I felt the need to upgrade it to a home protection carbine.

    I have removed the wooden stock and installed an ATI Tactical package. I would like a single-point sling. Anyone out there have an ATI or “Tactical” Mini have a recommendation for a 1-pt sling?

  • John

    Go with Tapco, Blackhawk, or Cheaper than dirt websites.

  • Steve


    I just bought four new Ruger factory 30 round mags @ $29.95 each at CDNN.

    Nice people, quick delivery, fantastic low price! Better hurry!

  • Pacman

    Steve williams good news my friend plenty of pre 94 mags available and perfectly legal in New York.

  • Sean

    Shot AR’s for six years in the Army. Worked in the Armory for two years while I was in. I’ve owned two Mini-14’s and if I somebody gave me an AR-15 I would beat them over the head with it, and sell it for two more Mini-14’s. In the years I have owned the Mini-14’s I have NEVER had a bolt over-ride, a double feed, a failed ejection, misfires, or cooked off rounds. I can’t say this for the M-16/AR-15’s I’ve worked on and had the misfortune to have been forced to shoot and qualify with while I was in the Army. I bought an ATI equiped Ranch Rifle (Mini-14) last year and it shoots GREAT out of the box with superb accuracy. Don’t waste your hard earned money on a AR “assault” rifle unless you plan on using it as a club.

  • Craig

    Sean, my heart goes out to you. You just describe my exact same experiences. The trouble is, however, the AR crowd view that platform as their religion. You can’t argue religion with facts because religion is based upon faith, not facts. Just take comfort knowing you (we) have the superior advantage and we are keeping this to ourselves!

  • gun boy

    I agree with the fact that a mini can be dropped in the mud or other krap and still fire. Not so with an AR-15/M-16. They are about half the price and function reliable. Why bother with an AR?

  • Mike

    I’am a LEO. I’m issued a Colt AR-15………I do love it. Heck, I even own a Rock River Arms with an abundance of mods, yet if I ever had to “depend” on one of my rifles……it would be my modified Ruger Mini 14!! Never a mechanical issue, always accurate………simply put……..a better option than the AR.

  • Jerry

    Impact guns has the factory ruger 30 mags for $35.95. Lowest price I could find. Bought two Magpro metal 30 mags and one works, the other goes back to the store.

  • Tom

    I own 4 Rugers. A 10/22, new model single six, a vaquaro .44 special, and a mini 14 .223. I have put thousands of rounds through them and never had a problem. I have killed all manner of varmits with all of them. I have never had a problem with any of them. I have used the single six coon hunting so much that most of the bluing is worn off and it still kills with one shot. The 10/22 can put 10 rounds in a 1 inch circle at 50 yards (has scope) The vaquaro at 25 feet puts six in the bull and ring. Just got the mini and so far it seems to shoot as good as the rest. Ruger does not make junk!!