Lies, Damned lies and Mexican Guns

[ I admit that this article is very long, about 1,400 words, but I encourage you to read the whole thing. It took about 9 hours of research and writing to put together. ]

For the past few months the media has been awash with articles discussing a new disease spreading across the USA-Mexican border, destroying lives and fueling the drug trade. The pathogen is the infamous “assault rifle” and the reason for the spread of arms is lax American gun laws, or so the American public is being told again and again.

Finally two reporters from Fox News, William La Jeunesse and Maxim Lott, took the time to look into the figures behind recent politicians’ speeches and discovered that only 13% of firearms confiscated in Mexico were of US origin. While it was a breath of fresh air to read an honest piece of journalism, I was still not satisfied with the number. It seemed incredible that an organization that is able to smuggle up to $48.4 billion [PDF link] worth of drugs into Mexico and from there export them to the US with apparent impunity are forced to purchase 13% of their arms from US gun stores selling civilian legal semi-automatic firearms, rather than the global arms black-market where just about anything can be purchased if you have the money.

To get to the bottom of this I engaged in some serious research and ended up reading up to 100 press releases and documents published by the office of the Procuraduría General de la República (Attorney General of Mexico) and US Government agencies.

What hardware is being found in Mexico?

This photo, taken by a US embassy official last year, shows weapons confiscated by Mexican federal police:

2008 0701 Merida Bh M

The weapons displayed from left to right are:

M72 LAW : A light anti tank weapon. This rocket launcher is used by the US Army and over 20 other countries. This particular launcher, and others I have seen confiscated by the Mexican police, looks to be one of the pre-1990 versions of the M72. Not able to be purchased by civilians in the United States and are unlikely to be in use by law enforcement.

Fragmentation grenade : Frequently seized by Mexican police. These particular grenades are likely copies of the US Army M67 grenade. Not able to be purchased by civilians in the United States and are unlikely to be in use by law enforcement.

Colt M4 Commando (1) : This fully automatic sub-carbine is not available to civilians and is marketed to military and law enforcement.

M249 Light Machine Gun (1) : The Mexican army uses this weapon. Not available to civilians.

A document entitled “USA-MEXICO FIREARMS SMUGGLING” [PDF link] , published less than two weeks ago list these arms:

On this 28 months of the government, between December 1st 2006 and March 26, 2009, it has been seized 35,943 firearms, out of them 19,801 are long weapons, most of them are assault rifles; 4 millions 772 thousand 517 cartridges and ammunitions; and 2,804 grenades.

It is highlighted the following weapons anti-tank rockets M72 and AT-4, rocket launchers RPG-7, grenade launchers c Caliber 37mm., grenade launcher additional devices caliber 37 and 40 mm, 37 and 40 mm grenades, fragmenting grenades, Barret rifle.50″, and new generation firearms like sub-machinegun and pistol FN Herstal by Belgium, imported by US, caliber 5.7x28mm, “Five-Seven” for their technical characteristics the qualities of its subsonic, tracing and penetrating ammunition able to penetrate Kevlar and Crisat armor, it is also known as “police killer”

M72 LAWs and AT-4 rocket launcher, RPG-7 grenade launchers, MGL (Multiple Grenade Launchers), grenades, sub-machine guns (1), and armor penetrating ammunition (1) are not available to civilians in the United States.

Picture 6-25
An inert deactivated RPG is the closest thing a US Citizen can get to the real thing.

[ 1: It is possible a small quantity are owned by civilians legally in line with the National Firearms Act. These have to be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and transfers between individuals are regulated. Because the Firearm Owners Protection Act prevents any more of these machine guns are entering the civilian market, they command exorbitant prices far exceeding the price that military, law enforcement or government departments pay. ]

These are all weapons you would expect para-military narco-terrorists to be using. They would have to have been either stolen from the Mexican army/police, stolen from overseas armies or acquired by arms dealers using forged end user certificates and illegally exported to Mexico.

What Hardware are the Mexican Federales reporting?

I have lost count of how many press releases detailing firearms and explosives captured during raids I have read. There are some glaring discrepancies in what they report.

Firstly, the Mexican police seem to have either little understanding of the firearms they are confiscating, or little command of the english language to interpret what they have captured. For example, in this press release from last year, they list this rifle “Un rifle marca Nickel Steel Barrel, matrícula 440236, calibre 30mm” (English: “A rifle brand Nickel Steel Barrel, number 440236, size 30mm”, emphasis mine). The “brand” was obviously read off the barrel. They also regularly name the same type of firearm under varying names. For example MAK-90 Norinco semi-automatic AK-47 clones are sometimes called MAK-90, Mark-90 or MK-90 or just “Norinco”. They do not appear to be able to keep consistent records. The police regularly make many other sloppy errors but I will not list them all.

Secondly, despite the significant desertion of Mexican soldiers who likely took thier M16 rifles with them (150,000 soldiers deserted in the past 6 years out of a force of 183,700 active personal) the Mexicans have kept very quite about M16 rifles being confiscated. I only managed to find evidence of three M16 rifles captured in the past 12 months. This does not make sense considering the vast quantity of these arms almost certainty exist in the hands of Mexican criminals.

Apart from the obviously missing M16s there appear to be very few real assault weapons confiscated. Fragmentation grenades are often found, but grenade launchers, rocket launchers, fully automatic AK-47s, machine guns and sub machine guns are rarely found compared to benign weapons.

Finally, a significant amount of arms confiscated are indeed made in the United States by well known companies such as Remington, Winchester, Mossberg and Ruger but these also happen to be arms that can be legally owned in Mexico. Hunting rifles in non-military calibers such as .22, .25, .270 and .30-30 are often confiscated as are 12 gauge shotguns and .380 ACP pistols. All these can be owned legally in Mexico, although they do require a license. These photos are of “menacing” weaponry that was captured last year:

Picture 4-32
Antique Winchester Model 06 pump action .22 rifle in front

Picture 5-22
Note the single shot 12 gauge take-down shotgun (bottom right)

While I did not do a scientific analysis of all the press releases I read, I would say possibly 25% of firearms confiscated by the Mexican police were probably at one point in time legally imported and legally owned. Just like in the United States, criminals steal arms from law abiding citizens. It is quite possible that the Mexican Army, who themselves run the only gun store in Mexico, imported many of these arms.

Top sold pistols in Mexico last year.


I suspect the Mexican police are deliberately or unintentionally obscuring the reporting of firearms confiscated. Embarrassing incidents such as the capture weapons that were stolen from the military or police are either reclassified, left off reports or not reported to the public. A significant of the captured weapons that the ATF traced may have been legally exported to Mexico.

While border smuggling or firearms is a serious problem, it is just one symptom of the leaky southern border. I took the number of firearms captured last year that were traced by the BATFE according to Fox News : 3000 ( 6000 / 2) and multiplied that by $1,500 (the approx. cost of an AR-15 rifle). I then compared that the most conservative estimate of illegal drugs imported from Mexico ($13 billion). Because the media like charts I drew this one:

Mexican Gun Imports

Can you see the bar representing firearms? The chart would have to be very tall to show even a pixel of the firearm bar. Illegal firearm exports are only 0.035% of illegal drug imports from Mexico. What hope is there in stopping such a small quantity of firearms from traversing the border when a torrent of drugs is flowing in the opposite direction?

[ Feel free to reproduce this article on your website or blog, but do not hot link the images, and make sure you attribute me as the author and link back to the web page. I would appreciate you post a link the reproduced article in the comments below. ]

Thanks to Jay for providing some research material.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • War Wolf

    Good article. Too bad I couldn’t sell my Walther P22 in Mexico for $4,839. I had to settle for $275 to my friend Joe (no, not Jose). 😉

  • Bleh. Could we avoide the use of “assault rifle” when describing the Colt Commando? There is no need to feed that particular hoplophobic meme…

  • Dom

    Great article, dude. It is definitely cool that you are looking into this more deeply. Like a one-man think tank.

    One thing I have to comment on is “El Top 5.” That’s Spanglish if I’ve ever seen it. And the caliber is .380mm on all those guns? Apparently they have pistols that shoot hypodermic needles at you in Mexico. They’ll set you back, too, $8,700 for a Glock. Talk about inflation!

    At the end of the day, any serious discussion about Mexico’s drug wars will have to end up discussing something other than the availability of consumables like weapons and the drugs themselves. These things are symptomatic. The real deal is more structural: why does Mexico have such rampant corruption, poverty and lawlessness? I’m sure somebody would find a way to blame that on the U.S., too, but in any case that is the real root problem and probably more straightforward to address.

    • Dom, thanks. the Mexicans seems to add “mm” onto any caliber regardless of the unit of measurement. “mm” seems to be synonymous for “caliber” in Mexico. This really confused me for a while. They list guns as 12mm which I assumed was .50 BMG (12.7x99mm NATO) but they actually meant 12 gauge.

  • Thomas

    You have an anti-gun agenda in the US government and an anti-American agenda in the Mexican government. Surprise! This is all so predictable. The facts were not only mis-construed, but totally mis-reported; except by FOX news.

  • Jay

    Please note that the Mexicans use “$” to mean “Peso”. Those prices are not in dollars.

  • Interesting that in the post the first mention of “assault rifle” requires quotation marks, with no quotes used in later mentions. I also note Linoge’s comment. According to Wikipedia, “An assault rifle is a rifle designed for combat, with selective fire (capable of shooting in both fully automatic and semi automatic modes).” Under that definition, the Colt M4 Commando is indeed an assault rifle.

  • Sean Nack

    great work, steve; but in the interest of “fair and balanced”, cnn’s anderson cooper mentioned the 13% statistic sometime last week, and i read it the week prior in the economist. the “liberal media” does still report facts. that being said, what ever can we do about mexico? this problem has gone beyond the “we need to seal our borders” argument, and i’m sure nobody really wants to send troops. but at the same time, the violence is spilling over and we can’t afford to just let a prominent trading partner fall into anarchy, and let’s not forget that there’s an argument to be made for legalization….there’s a better option here somewhere, i just don’t know what it is.

  • Mr. Wolf

    may i just say, i am now more in love with your blog than i have ever been before.

  • jdun1911
  • Ooh! Ooh! One of my favorite topics! Your article makes a lot of sense, and it jibes with a lot of what the bloggers are figuring out these days. A few months ago, I added my analysis to this issue, too:

  • Brandon

    So maybe you could send the article to fox, see if they post it. maybe glen beck would care to inform the people about the truth.

    lies get spoken again and again from the left. we need some one to speak the truth again, and again. sadly the people will believe what they are told most, not what is true.

  • An M-16 is a highly desirable weapon. If I was a typical Mexican cop, and found a couple in amongst the collection of a narcotrafficante, believe me, it would quietly and seamlessly disappear before any newsies showed up to take any pictures.
    With .380 mouse guns going for 6-10K, imagine what an M-16 must bring.

  • jdun1911

    The faster the liberal media die the better USA and her citizens well be.

    You do not need to be knows the subject to understand right off the bat that the reporting of the liberal media is at best bad, at worst outright lie by the ATF and them.

    How many gunshops do you know that sell live RPG and Grenades in the USA? It is cheaper and less risky for these drug gangs to build their own weapon in house or imported from Mexico’s southern boarders then to smuggle it from the USA.

  • higs

    Just a note, the official rifle of the mexican army is the G3 not the M16, so deserters arnt bringing M16s with them home, although this would explain the G3’s you see being confiscated.

  • K. D.

    Thanks for the article. This is something that we in Texas have known for months.
    Most of the Narco’s guns are either coming from China, or they are being bought from Mexican soldiers.
    True there are “questionable” Mexicans who are trying to buy guns at shows, but the dealers, private and otherwise are telling them “No.”
    The US Citizen’s of Latin decent seem to be the ones policing the shows. I was approached by an obvious Mexican National who tried to get me to buy a weapon for them at a huge profit in my case, I of course declined. It was the American Citizens who made sure the sheriff deputies at the show were aware of the situation, including myself.

  • Great job Steve!

  • Matt Groom

    Damn fine work, Steve.

    I’ve often wondered how much of a shit storm would emerge if a firearm owner in a south western state was trying to sell one of his privately held firearms and refused to sell to a person of Mexican decent who just so happened to be a US citizen who was not barred from ownership. The media would be screaming about how racist all gun owners were before the end of the day.

    As for the Federales, I refuse to take any report about firearms seriously from someone who doesn’t know the difference between Inches, Millmeters, and Gauge. “He had a .22 Caliber, fully-automatic assault shotgun!” Yeah, whatever.

    Also, there’s this:
    “caliber 5.7×28mm, “Five-Seven” for their technical characteristics the qualities of its subsonic, tracing and penetrating ammunition able to penetrate Kevlar and Crisat armor, it is also known as “police killer””

    I assume that some of that is just lost in translation, since that whole paragraph was incomprehensible and reptitive, but the 5.7×28 is most certainly NOT subsonic by design. Do they not know the difference between super-sonic and subsonic either? Gives me new faith in the American public school system!

  • Jeff

    Don’t worry, those pistols only shoot bullets that are around 0.22 mm or .380 mm in diameter. 😉

  • Thanks for this article, its reassuring to know there’s others out there that can think for themselves.

  • James

    This article is spot on. I am so glad that FOX did a report on all of this, and I am glad that you took the time to research it yourself. This is yet another study disproving that FFL’s and firearm owners in the US are responsible for the mess in Mexico. I’m glad you have used research, facts and logic – that’s something the media and Clinton have never used.

  • CEO

    Steve, EXCELLENT Job!

    I personally LIVE in a large border city and I’ve been seeing the effects from all of this “border war” crud for quite some time now. I Live in El Paso, Texas which is DIRECTLY across the border from Cd. Juarez. It’s really a pet peeve of mine, because quite frankly the American Public generally has absolutely NO clue how things really are down here. More specifically, the whole Eric holder saying “Der der, if we ban guns we can help mexico at the very least!” ordeal really angered me.

    Let me paint a picture for you, for information sake:

    I just attended a gun show this weekend. Now, I’ve been wanting to pick up an AR-15 for quite some time now, but unfortunately like many Americans I’ve been quite limited on funds and until recently I’ve been prevented from doing so. I remember about 5 or 6 months back, I had priced out a nice entry level AR for about $850, or about $1,200 with an EOtech on top of it. Of course, about two months ago when I started my search for the same AR again I was greeted with this price: $1,300 for an AR of LESSER quality with no accessories what-so-ever. It’s my honest opinion that this whole “border war” thing has literally drive the gun market down here on the border CRAZY! At least in El Paso, that is. Anything that could be possibly labeled with the ‘Evil Black Rifle’ moniker has shot up in price ridiculously, way past the price hike caused by the recent election (though, I’m sure the election isn’t helping the gun situation down here out much). Ever since the American Public all of the sudden decided to ‘care’ about the Cartel Wars recently, it seems like a lot of the options in our gun market down here have disappeared on us. let me elaborate a bit more on this.

    Again, for instance, at this gun show the cheapest you could find ANY AR styled rifle in the building was $1,200 for an A2 styled rifle. AK sytled rifles were actually pretty scares – I saw probably only about 8 or so. They were priced on the high side as well. Pistols on the other hand were actually quite readily available, mostly at high prices but We had them. Ammo was a plenty as well, which is good considering the ammo shortage that’s been running rampant through the country lately. It’s my opinion, since the media has been running the whole “Guns in Mexico are from the US!” line in the news that out long gun market down here has become very constricted, and the pistol market to a lesser degree. The two larger chains of sporting goods stores we have in this city, Academy and Big Five no longer carry arms of any ‘tactical’ or ‘assault’ nature. Academy used to Stock a variety of AR’s and even Sig 556’s, but stopped carrying them months ago because of a supposed new store policy stating that they would no longer carry such arms in border cities due to the cartel violence. Now they’re pretty much limited to hunting rifles and pistols – and their stock of pistols is very limited these days as well. No to mention they now keep all ammunition typically used in ‘assault weapons’ behind the counter now – 7.62×39 and .223 used to be out on the shelves before, but no longer.

    So, when a gun show comes into town, most of the residents of our city jump on the chance to purchase arms and items they otherwise don’t have much of an opportunity to purchase. We’ve been having gun shows almost every month, whereas before they happened ever 3-4 months if remember correctly. I’d also like to add that majority of folks that attend these shows don’t appear to be the stereotypical Narco-trafficker like folks might think.

    Thanks for your efforts in attempting to find out the truth behind these claims, Steve. I for one deeply appreciate them; Unfortunately all of the recent media attention has be grossly misreporting the events that unfold down here, and it’s nigh impossible to find raw truth in their broadcasts. And as a resident of the area they’re constantly reporting on, I certainly find it insulting to hear such deception coming from them. I don’t want to type a novel here, but I’d just like to encourage EVERYONE to do their own research and not just accept what your news outlet presents to you as the truth – Don’t even take Glenn Beck’s word as truth, as it’s not. Steve has the right idea about digging for the truth on our own! Stay safe everyone!

  • I will have you know that I have a pocketful of frag grenades everywhere that I go.It makes for an interesting trip to the supermarket.
    Why sure,that closet full of M-4’s are just there! Don’t ask me how,they just are!
    Don’t ask,don’t tell.
    Who are the idiots that are blaming American civilians for US Army ordanance?
    (Did I mention that I have a MOAB in my back pocket?)
    Who are these idiots and do we really need to fear thier tactics?
    We need to light them up on talk radio and anything else that is available.
    Fools are tolerated so long as they are not revealed to be fools.

  • Brass

    Matt, they are actually just listing the different types of ammo they make for the Five-Seven. They make five different types including one that is sub-sonic for suppressed fire. The only one we can buy in the US is the training round.

  • Wow. I thought this was a firearms blog, not a political blog. General comments about “lies” from the Left or from the Right are not very helpful. A specific “lie” would be good to mention or to analyze, but to talk about a pattern of lying… well, I could list a lot from the Right, probably beginning (in view of the blog) with the lie that the Obama Administration plans to take people’s guns away and/or stop gun sales and the like: no foundation of fact at all. It’s another case of judging another’s intentions based on one’s own fears.

  • Jeff M

    Thank you very much for this, I hope it starts a shit-storm of political reporting. Rush and Hannity need to pick this up.

  • Ed

    Great job Steve! A definitive debunking of the canard.

  • Awesome work! Thanks for doing this!

  • Tim Richardson

    Yes; the Mexican designation for PESO is “$”. The real designation (hardly ever used is actually a capital U with 2 vertical lines which was orginally formed by superimposing an “S” over a “U”, for US currency.

  • Dom

    @Leisureguy – I hear you, but I think this article works hard to be factual despite this issue having been politicized. In my mind, reporting facts on a politicized issue does not make for political reporting. We’ve got tons of apolitical research into illegal drug use, despite the fact that issue is similarly politicized. I don’t see one mention of a politician in that article, either. I don’t think you can blame the guy for writing an article on a current event in a factual way – the point, after all, is to keep one’s blog relevant.

    • Dom, you are correct. I was covering the Mexican gun issue long before it became a political issue. I cover arms trafficking in other parts of the world as well.

  • The original post was fine. The politics crept into some of the comments. Once Steve pointed out the pointlessness of the drug cartels acquiring arms through piecemeal retail sales, it was immediately obvious that the purchases would more likely be made in bulk through a wholesale arms dealer, probably in some country other than the US. Clinton may have been trying to be tactfully balanced, or she may have some special information. Certainly the flow of money across the border (from the sale of illegal drugs in the US) is part of the problem.

    Very good post.

  • Great article sir! I tried to do similar research a few weeks ago, but ran out of patience. There was an article floating around somewhere that also pointed to Venezuela and Peru (If I remember correctly) as being a major contributor to the drug runners arsenals.

    I will be reproducing this on my site and linking to your blog. Again, great article!

  • morris quimby

    Today made my first incursion into your website. It warms my heart to know that there are so many like me around

  • Sigivald

    I’ve seen other pictures of captured grenades from Mexico, and they appeared to be Commonwealth L2/3/4 type grenades.

    (Those look a lot like the M67, but they have a sheet metal shell rather than cast iron… the ones I saw were obviously not M67s, because they were visibly dented, in a way cast iron can’t be.)

    As for the M-72, I’d love a shot with the caps off. I own an M72 tube… with no rocket in it. I’d love to know if all these M72s I see in pictures from Mexico really have a rocket in them or are just empty display pieces.

  • Nathan

    Good work Steve. I will be sharing this with my friends ;).

  • Jerry

    Leisureguy, the “pattern of lies,” or as I prefer, the “pattern of deceit” from politicians you’re asking for is evident in the following areas relating strictly to gun initiatives. I also believe this should change your position that Americans are irrationally acting out of fear in the Obama Administration’s future movements toward guns. On to the lies/intentions:

    1. The current exploitation of the “90% of cartel weapons are from the US” myth that some politicians are using to bolster their anti-gun stance. In February 2009 Attorney General Eric Holder stated in a press conference that he and President Obama would like to reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban to curtail the flow of military style weapons to Mexico. Quote: “As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons. I think that will have a positive impact in Mexico, at a minimum.”

    2. The passage of the original Assault Weapons Ban as part of the Crime Bill of 1994, initiated by the Clinton Administration and backed by Congressional Democrats. Support for this ban was bolstered by expertly promoting perception that the ban weapons were fully automatic, when in fact the weapons named in the ban were semi-automatics.

    3. The untenable stance of many liberal politicians that the 2nd Amendment is not an individual right. The top ranking members of the House and Senate, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have both blocked legislation to repeal the Supreme Court-deemed unconstitutional gun bans in the District of Columbia.

    4. Joe Biden showing in subtle fashion his contempt for AR15 rifles and their owners. Quote from

    [Biden] showed less restraint in a CNN/YouTube debate a few months later, when a gun owner asked where the candidates stood on gun control, saying he wanted to know if his “babies” would be safe. “This is my baby,” the man said on the video, showing off his Bushmaster AR-15.
    “I’ll tell you what,” Mr. Biden replied. “If that is his baby, he needs help.”
    The audience applauded enthusiastically, but Mr. Biden did not stop there.
    He went on to deride the questioner, saying he incriminated himself because the man said he bought the gun while it was banned, then he questioned the man’s stability. “I don’t know that he is mentally qualified to own that gun,” he said in a gratuitous aside.

    5. President Obama’s record shows that he would support an absolute ban on manufacture, sale, and posession of handguns. Source:

    Given these data points, Leisureguy, I believe that your original assertion is found to be faulty:

    “…I could list a lot from the Right, probably beginning (in view of the blog) with the lie that the Obama Administration plans to take people’s guns away and/or stop gun sales and the like: no foundation of fact at all. It’s another case of judging another’s intentions based on one’s own fears.”

    Millions of gun owners, who I believe represent a large segment of the call-’em-as-you-see-’em population, clearly see the intentions of the new administration and majority party. We are not judging their intentions by our fears, but by their publicly recorded stances against semi-automatic arms.

    Whether they succeed in their anti-gun agenda by the end of 2012 will be determined by the health of the economy and other forefront issues, but also to a greater extent whether the American People let them.


  • Thanks for the specific examples. I believe the fear is overblown, but I see your reasons. Perhaps we should await actual proposals before reacting, though. I don’t think any gun proposals will come up in Congress over the next couple of years: too many other more pressing priorities.

    • lets keep on topic.

  • Matt

    There is one question that simply doesn’t get asked – this Fox News reports that the 90% number is not true, it’s actually 90% of the traced guns (a small portion of the whole number of firearms as reported in this blog) are from the U.S.

    Okay……so what’s the next question that any logical, thinking person would come up with? WHERE DID THEY GET TRACED BACK TO? I’ve seen the videos of, as stated, M249’s, M4’s with M203’s, I saw a video with some M60’s – all of these being fired by the Cartels. Where would those likely get traced back to? Damn sure not Wal-Mart. Probably a Purchase Order between Colt and somebody named U.S.G. or between FN and U.S.G. – The Mexican Government and the Cartels have been working hand in hand together for years, one feeding off the other and now they’re in a turf war. Our Government has been supplying the weapons for God knows how long. At the end of the day, who is the biggest arms supplier the world over? That infamous party known as U.S.G. Now, they want to use this to further restrict OUR access.

    Firearms, not Politics – okay. Unfortunately, the two are unavoidably tied together. Liberty is never gained without arms and it is never wholly taken before them either. This is a serious discussion that may well be noted in History Books as the Final Enslavement of America. First, Americans allowed themselves to be disarmed and then, well, we all know what comes next.

  • Sean Nack

    you have to remember though, matt, as much as i defend my colleagues in the media they occasionally have a hard time differentiating between their ass and a hole in the ground when it comes to firearms. i’m sure no one who’s intelligent/reasonable is saying that the M60/249/79’s, etc, are coming from the US. the media just shows those particular groups of weapons because they’re sexy and scary and the image sells. what’s getting traced back to here is more likely the “el top 5”, shotguns, and maybe an M4 here or there.

  • It’s not just the media. I’ve read three or four thrillers/mysteries where someone was detected when they released the safety on their Glock. 🙂

  • Matt

    And I could let it go as that if I didn’t have 75 years worth of Unconstitutional Gun Control and a now sitting Attorney General who seems to get his firearms information off the last CNN broadcast. I have to question whether it’s the media giving bad information to a stupid Government or, worse, a Government giving bad information to a willing and puppet media. Either way, The People need to start holding the culpable parties accountable, both sides are playing the same game here, no different than Bush supporting the reinstatement of the AWB because of the Terrorists. It’s the same game and I’m getting damn tired of it.

    Either way, the point of this article stands, the numbers are a blatant lie which any person who’s ever tried to release the safety on their Glock and then felt stupid would know.

  • talgus

    90% tracable to US should be 100% as guns manufactured for sale in the US are the only guns that have been marked in a manner to allow tracing.
    The fact that any auto weapons DID not come from the US should be run down the MSMs throats. No one is going to pay for a pre-68 full auto
    (and get the US ATF approval) and send it to Mexico. Stolen; now that is another story.

  • One quibble: A US citizen CAN own a live RPG 7. It’s a Destructive Device, same as a Lahti.

    Since the ammo is also a DD, you have to register each round as well.

    Since there aren’t a lot of live RPG-7s in the US, you will probably need to re-activate/repair a deactivated device … you file a Form-1 to do this.

  • Matt

    Yes, it’s true. I can own a lot of stuff. However, it’s HIGHLY regulated and VERY difficult to do so. The people who go through this process are going to be VERY careful and observant of where these items are at all times. Due to the difficulty of the process, the numbers are insignificant to this media report. The point is, you can’t buy an RPG at Wal-Mart, a Solothurn at Academy or a MK2 Grenade at Carter’s Country. The “Loose Gun Laws” are not an issue, they’re a lie – it’s a Red Herring and it’s going to be used to further prevent FREE MEN from possessing the Teeth of Liberty; something the Government has wanted for quite some time.

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  • Flu-Bird

    Liberal journalists constantly lying about guns and wonder why the public no longer trusts those scoundrels

  • Spurwing Plover

    I see where even our dictator OBAMA is also spreading these lies about guns but what else can we ever expect from a lowlife liberal demacrat who was raised by leftists slime snakes

  • I find the blog very interesting, but I must say the political comments are jarring.

  • kidzwitgunz

    “Thanks for the specific examples. I believe the fear is overblown, but I see your reasons. Perhaps we should await actual proposals before reacting, though. I don’t think any gun proposals will come up in Congress over the next couple of years: too many other more pressing priorities.”

    Yet the best time to pass certain legislation is when attention is focused elsewhere……just my .02 though.

    I mean as far as tactics go its probably the best, misdirection then hit elsewhere unexpectedly, has worked before and will again. I’m on the fence though because as others have said no one has tried it yet.

    Good post though, and you really did your homework too!

    On another note, recently heard some people at a sporting goods store saying how the current ammo shortage is due more to demand overseas……hmmm. During the height of the invasion and aftermath didn’t really notice any ammo shortage when I was back stateside so I think companies are taking a wait-and-see?

  • juan



    CHAVEZ current President of Venezuela.





  • Flu-Bird


  • Flu-Bird

    Notice how the mexican ambasador appeared on the BS news i mean CBS the LYING EYE

  • Excellent Post. I only wish that I’d come across it sooner.

  • karen

    The mexican army is like the pizza delivery guy, Bring the drugs over the border in hummers.

  • Flu-Bird

    Back when the notorious MICHEAL BELLEILIES wrote that book ARMING AMERICA he claimed to have studied all these probate records and said that guns were never a real factor in early america and all those idiots who praised his book and his undeserved award but soon his fruad was uncovered his award was taken away and he resigned in disgrace and liberals felt stupid

  • Karim

    Very interesting. Personally I loved the graph. What it tells me is the US consumers are much more fond of Mexican drugs than Mexican are fond of US Weapons


  • Casey

    I would like to thank you i am a high school student and i am wrighting a paper on gun rights. this information really helped me make a point about what Attorney General Eric Holder said about guns being exported to mexico. and don’t worry i am going to make a citation to give credit where credit is do and thanks again Steve this will really help my paper

    • Casey, good luck with your paper!

  • 1. The U.S. Cap limit is should be in U.S. is (10,000) 01 F.F.L.s too! maxium no limit 01 Retailer Gun Dealers Busineses too! by the A.T.F. too! agreed! 2,Every the 50 States should be maxiun limit of (200) 01 Dealers Retailers maxiun Cap No # limit at; is enforced too! by the A.T.f too! every state levels all Fifty States too! The renuals fees new 01 Licence is $2500.00 every there years too! evert time they renual or apply for a new L:icence too! agreed! The State Licence by all fifty States 3rd renual is $1250.00 every time they reual it too! In the Country Sheriffis Dept. Licening Dept. County Of State you live in too! agreed!!! This will cut the Number of guns off the Cities,Township,town Strrets too! in 50 Stayes too! Stop The Ganges are Robbing Guns out of smaller GunStores sporting Goods stores too!Agreed! There will be less guns on the Streets in 2010 A.D. too!

  • David

    1 The Real solution is : by the Year of 01/01/2015 A.D to 12 /31/2015 A.D. is one Year Period too! If Passes of Fail too! vThis is permont Plan is Forever too! The U.S.A Maxium Cap limit for (01) Gun Retailers Businese is Cap limit too! stop here too! No extras not Be added too! Applications forms too! renuals too! Agree! 2 vThe state Groverments : The Maxium Cap Limit is 100 (01( GunDealers Busineses for each of all 50 States too! is maxium Cap number Limit too! Agreed!! No Applications not be vissued too! by The A.T.F & Sheriffis Dept of all counties of Fifty States to State Licences for Firearms Gun Dealer Busineses too! Agreed!! By 01/01 w2016 A.D to Future is Forever too! Never Change too! Never Change too!