HERA Glock Carbine kit

German firm HERA Arms make a glock carbine kit called the GCC (Glock Carbine Conversion). REMOV told me the kit costs only 250 EUR and are available in various European states without any restrictions. The SD model is a suppressor compatible version of the kit .

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 Hera Arms 01
SD model. Photo Remigiusz Wilk (REMOV). Used with permission

Large 003.Jpg (Jpeg Image, 900X900 Pixels)
Standard Model.

Other Glock carbine kits include the CAA Glock Carbine kit and the Stellar Rigs Carbine Kit.

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  • Jesse

    I’ve heard the Stellar Rigs carbine kits are awesome. I don’t have a full sized glock to try them out though.

  • Too bad they would be illegal here, they look nice. I guess I’ll stick to wishing for the mech tech one http://www.mechtechsys.com/

  • Steve-O

    Or just get a Kel-Tec Sub2000 that takes Glock mags.

  • Chris

    I don’t believe they would be illegal here (if by here you mean the US, if you mean a particular state this could be different) with the proper form 1 submitted.

  • Nick

    Where’s “here”? U.S.?

    It’s not a complete weapon, so as far as I can tell as long as you file a form 1 it should be okay, legally speaking.

  • Wolfgang

    It’s basically a snazzy bolt-on stock to form a SBR.

    A combo between a mechtech and IGB. just a stronger. I guess you could use all those rails to bolt on a couple more extra flashlights and lasers….


  • Pat

    They are selling these in France now with no restrictions. They are retailing at 499 euros which does not include the front foregrip (extra 59 euros)


    Going to get one for my Glock when i can afford it !

  • SpecialK

    The suggested retail price in Germany will be around 389,00€ incl. VAT. The stock will be available in the US soon… 🙂 I think the retail price would be around 400,00 US-$.

    • Always in Cali…you can get it. But b4 u put it together submit paperwork bcoz of short barrel. But ther awesome…if 17 gen3 Glock uses only. Just think issue dependability not a issue with Glock…u just made it more destructive

  • Thomas

    They have new pictures online:


    • Thomas, thanks for the link

  • fred

    Still you are shooting a pistol with this kit. If i want a carbine, i will go for an M4 or HK416. Real carbine, not a toy accessory.

    • Tam

      This is not relevant at all. Who wouldn’t rather have a m4 or a hk416… that’s like showing up at a ford dealer ship and telling a buyer that he is better off buying a bmw … why did you even post this?

    • Tam

      Btw this gives you a bit more control then just shooting a “pistol” and it is a true carbine.