Trijicon ATWS Thermal Imager

Trijicon have partnered with FLIR Systems, night vision expects, to develop a very compact thermal imager for ACOG scopes. The ATWS or Advanced Thermal Weapon Sight uses a 640×480 pixel uncooled camera.


While it is compact it is not light, weighing in at 1.5 lbs.

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Groom

    Holy crap! I can’t believe they can make a FLIR system that small! Even an uncooled one! That’s impressive, and no doubt, still very expensive.

  • simpleguy

    Do we even want to know what the MSRP on that is? Nifty Neeto!

  • Casual Malice

    “For sale directly to Military and Law Enforcement agencies only!” Is what it says on the description page over at To bad for us little people.

  • MSRP is going to be high enough that, after the coming collapse, you will not have one but Uncle’s Sam’s Misguided Children will. Good luck. 😉

  • I consider this as a tool for squad/platoon leaders and squad sharpshooters.
    These troops need no under barrel grenade launcher and can thus easily accept the additional weight in comparison to the more normal starlight scopes.

    I don’t understand why it’s not meant as a stand-alone system, though. The normal sight has little function in addition to this and thermals are useful both at night and day (see through smoke, easier detection of freshly buried mines or camouflaged enemies).

  • null

    Flir is in the local area, was testing this at the range last week. It’s interesting, like looking through a CC tv, you can see heat signatures left behind etc… I didn’t see the reticle on it though.

    Damn, I should have gotten pictures, but I was too busy worrying about not dropping it. . . I hope they go back again so I can get pics. 🙂

    • null, please send me pics if you are able to take them.

  • art parniudom

    how do i get this? how much does it cost?

  • charles222

    You can’t. It’s LE/government only.

    The reason for using this as a supplementary sight is that if it gets damaged in some way, it’ll totally black out your iron sights-thermal and NOD optics are basically computerized imagery and don’t use a system of lenses like a conventional optic does. A CCO or ACOG is not and using your irons through one is quite doable. Thermal optics additionally drain batteries very, very rapidly; leaving one on continually would mean having to carry quite a large supply of batteries if you were planning to be operating continually.

  • Robert Hess

    I used the trijicon ATWS this past October, which is the same unit as the FLIR T60 thermosight ATWS. Trijicon and flir are in my book the best manufacturers in their industries. This ATWS really is a 10 on a scale of 1-10. I have used the AN/PAS-27 aka IWNS-T and the CNVD-T aka SU-232/PAS. Both are very nice clip on thermals. They have 320×240 resolution resulting in an image with a total of 76,800 pixels. The Trijicon ATWS has 640×480 resolution which totals 307,200 pixels, basically the image quality and detection ranges are 4x better. I like the ATWS simply because it’s simple, no menues, just straight forward instant button controls. I don’t think the Trijicon ATWS or the FLIR T60 are available to civilians.

    All of these clip on sight are high quality and military grade, unfortunately they are also around $25,000

    I also recently saw the AN/PVS-27 night vision clip on sight w/Leupold, and it rocks!

    -Semper Fi

    • Robert Townsend

      The FLIR T60 Thermosight or the Trijicon ATWS thermal sights are the best available thermal sights, they are not illegal to purchase for US citizens for non export & legal use, but FLIR and Trijicon make it policy that its only available to Law enforcement or military, I would love to own one, the “ultimate scope”

  • William Bonelli

    The Trijicon ATWS is in fact the same scope as the FLIR Thermosight T60 ATWS i came to find out. I was quite impressed with the image quality and the body, its very rugged and waterproof, its made for military spec, I was planning on purchasing the AN/PVS-24 LR Long Range night vision clip on sight, the PVS-24 is awesome, but in shadows and in very dark nights, they are pretty useless, Im saving up my pennies for the T60 ATWS, i can use it day or night.

    William Bonelli

  • Michael

    I know this is an old thread , but if someone bumps into it like I did the following may be of some use:

    The FLIR T60 ATWS is available to civilians through some dealers and on ebay, the price seems to be between $17K – $19K for a new unit. A common theme with the sale of these scopes: US citizens only not for export, End users only.
    I didn’t investigate whether a civi could by one directly from FLIR.