Don’t shoot steel targets up close

This video shows a guy shooting a steel spinner target up close. He is hit by a ricocheted .223 bullet hitting him in the arm.

… he then goes on to show off the stitching kits he stole form the hospital / clinic that sewed his arm up.

Many thanks to Jay for emailing me the video.

Steve Johnson

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  • caposkaw

    this guy is really stupid!
    I’m not surprised if he shot himself in the foot…

  • Ouch, he should be glad it didn’t hit anything else on his body, could have been lethal.

  • War Wolf

    I saw one of his videos where he claimed to have purchased two NIB S&W M&P AR lowers, two NIB DPMS LPK’s, and two NIB collapsible M4 style stocks and a Magpul 30 rd mag at a gun show shortly after the election for a grand total of $200 for everything. I call BS on his “gun show deal”

  • Matt Groom

    This brings to mind an old saying of mine: “Bad things happen to STUPID people.” Those targets are made by Caldwell and are intended for Centerfire PISTOL, and most of the ones they sell are intended for RIMFIRES. Ohh, and you aren’t supposed to shoot them from 7 feet away either. Takes all of the, you know, skill out of it.

    When I was at Gunsite, I was watching one of the Shoot-offs and one of the rounds that hit one of the steel poppers ricocheted off and hit me between the eyes at 75 feet. “That’s why we wear safety glasses!” said our instructor, Allen Hall, later. Both shooters had 9mms, a Beretta 92 and a Glock if I recall correctly.

  • Freiheit

    Retard. Theres a reason the range officer makes me put the steel target for my .22 at least 25 yards out. Theres a reason the model he was shooting at says “for pistol calibers from .38-.44 Mag” and not “for rifles 10 feet away”.

    Can the gun community start self-policing and issue “shut up or get out before you embarrass all of us” letters?

    PS I think its a Birchwood Casey, they like to use that twist design.

  • EzGoingKev

    Didn’t some famous politician get a purple heart like that?

  • Tom Stone

    I hope he has had a vasectomy,the gene pool is shallow enough.

  • Not only the spinner targets, but the nice flat-faced rocks RIGHT BEHIND IT. Also, shooting from a standing position 10 feet away. . .are you kidding me?

  • CEO

    Frankly I’m not very surprised this happened. As Matt mentioned, these targets ARE NOT INTENDED for use with .223’s! Even manufactures of steel targets designed to handle rifle rounds advise against shooting their targets are close range. Most of the steel targets I’ve seen intended for this purpose direct the fragments of each round into the ground in front of the target; obviously a spinner isn’t going to have the same results.

    Shooting smart pays off; you don’t end up hurting yourself or others. I hope the fellow in this video learned from it…

  • Fred

    Just a couple feet and he could have gotten himself a pretty little Darwin Award… and many more laughs.

  • Seven meters is the minimum distance for steel. Plus, as has been said, they are intended for pistol rounds.

    Our range standing orders state ‘Lead projectiles only- no jacketed projectiles’

  • jdun1911

    If you’re going to shoot that close do it in an angle.

  • Wow, what an idiot.

  • Mac

    We used to have safety officers in the New Zealand army who thought that wearing a white arm band denoting their status as training staff made them bullet proof….I treated 3 of them for shrapnel and ricochet injuries over a 5 year period. I think they would get along beautifully with this guy, they could get together, drink a few 40’s and compare battle scars they received in “combat”

  • chris

    i was shooting at a steel plate match when one of the shooters hit a 6 inch hanging plate with a .40S&W… the jacket came back far enough and fast enough to cut clothing… it hit me in the upper leg about 3 inches right of my groin… it cut through the outer layer of my khaki shorts… it hurt… and the target was at least 40 to 50 feet from me… the shooter was perhaps 15 feet in front of me…

  • Logan

    Natural selection at work.

  • I can’t believe what some people shot steel with at close range. I’ve gotten zinged pretty good with low powered soft lead 38spl, can’t imagine what more powerful ammo can do. Jacketed no less……