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  • emmanuel

    Bling! BANG! Nice one. Should go with the African Warlord’s gold and pearl inlayed machete.

  • Don

    still ugly…


  • 22lr

    Some guns look good with gold, the Glock aint one of them.

  • That’s pretty cool, I just wish they could have dressed up the plastic glock body.

  • Tom Stone

    Engraved single actions,yes.engraved Glocks,no.Glocks are functional, not pretty.

  • War Wolf

    Why would Glock need a “Master Engraver”? They should re-direct that salary to a “Master Ergonomist” instead.

  • M. Werner

    Yeah…. Kind of like gold-plating a hammer…

    I’ve carried a Glock 23 for years now, and it’s a great combat handgun….They are “unlovely” as one author said; no amount of prettying-up will fix that.

  • connor

    check out the nighthawk master edition makes more sense looks prittier too

  • Tom Coats

    Perhaps at some time in the future, Glock will face economic hardships.

    The executive who ordered gold engraved Glocks will certainly be fired then, if he hasn’t been already!

    What an ugly gun!

    I have owned three Glocks, and there is no way to beautify one of them.

    I was stunned to see one of the gold Glocks on Gunbroker.

    San Antonio, TX