BedBunker Safe

The BedBunker is a modular safe system designed to replace the box spring under twin, queen, or king size mattress and is compatible with standard sized bed frames.

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Total hidden protection for firearms and other valuables is a reality, using this 1300 lb secure 78”x 30”x 15” 10 gauge steel strongbox fitted with ¼” thick steel 140 lb. hinged doors.

Sophisticated Mul-T-Lock locking system, hydraulic gas-assist piston, and a strategically mounted maximum security hinge system carefully integrated for maximum strength and safe operation.

I don’t know how concealed a big steel boxe under a mattress is going to be, but this would be a good option for people running out of space in their apartment.

Hat Tip: David @ NFA Gun Trust Lawyer

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  • Fred

    If you put a padded mattress cover over it it could smooth out some of those corners I guess. I just like the extra storage space really.

  • It makes for a decent barricade, but I wouldn’t want to bump into the edges of that bed in the middle of the night. Bye bye knee caps.

  • Love the idea, but WAY too expensive.

  • j

    Sleep on a bed with a rolling drawer underneath and a small safe in the drawer. When the bed is made you wouldn’t know the drawer is there.

  • Nice idea, but then where do you put the wheelbarrows full of cash the NRA gives to all gun bloggers?

  • crimson30

    I’d get one if it were cheaper…

  • BedBunker video

    I could see how the knees would be a problem if you were Danny Devito