Fragmenting .50 BMG Ammo

Extreme Shock Ammunition are producing a .50 BMG projectile that can penetrate 1″ of meal and yet will not over penetrate soft tissue. The Fragmenting High Velocity (FHVL) round is made up of a propriety tungsten powder/flake compound.


From the press release:

Extreme Shock Ammunition, known for producing the world’s most advanced ammunition, continues to raise the bar with the redesign of their 50 BMG ammo. It is the only 50 in the world that will penetrate 1 inch of metal but will not exit a soft tissue target. Extreme Shock Ammunition continues to impress with the astounding performance and safety enhancements found in their 50 BMG.

The Fragmenting High Velocity (FHVL) Round is a lead-free replacement that offers far superior tactical capability over the lead core bullet. The FHVL has the same range and accuracy as a lead bullet of similar weight. Long range, reduced ricochet, controlled penetration, and exceptional accuracy make the FHVL the most technically advanced tactical round available today. The FHVL grants the operator enhanced tactical capability, such as controlled penetration (NO EXIT) and increased ability to eliminate threats instantly, all while eliminating ricochet and over-penetration hazards.


No military at this point in time is going to use expanding anti-personal expanding ammunition because it would be in breach of the Hague Convention (1899) (regardless of wether they signed it or if a 110 year old treaty is worth honoring). I cannot see civilians needing or wanting to use this ammunition and I cannot recall seeing photos of cops with .50 BMG rifles. I think this ammunition is likely being marketed to paramilitary / anti-terrorism / internal security forces such as the Mexican Army who regularly conduct internal operations and who like their .50 Barretts.

The cost is $161.14 for a box of 15 rounds.

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Groom

    I don’t get it, a .50 BMG round that’s intended to be less lethal? I think that if overpenetration is a concern, then .50 BMG is NOT an option. Anyone who thinks it is is…well, trying to sell expensive, exotic ammo.

  • Andy

    If the marketing on their website is to be believed, the technology sounds like a great defensive round for home handguns. Anyone with experience? I’d certainly appreciate a 9mm round that didn’t care for sheetrock but likes soft tissues of the bad guy.

    Not much on their SHOTSHOCK shotgun ammo, anyone know of a description?

  • Tom Stone

    When you hit someone with one of these it will be messy.

  • Kyle Huff

    0% mass retention.
    How many grains?

  • Kyle Huff

    OK, found it. 675 grains.

  • 22lr

    Dang and I thought regular FMJ .50 cal rounds were expensive.

  • Erf. If all of that energy gets expended on a single, solitary target… yeah, that target is going away.

    It does seem like a solution in search of a problem, though.

    Oh, and thanks for indicating that we have not signed the Hague Convention… I hate it when that argument comes up :).

  • Let’s see: they claim that Extreme Shock ammunition:

    1. Does not deform on impact with non-liquid targets.
    2. Fully fragments on contact with a liquid target.

    Sounds like ideal anti-personnel terminal ballistics, but it strains credibility to believe a solid, pointed bullet could behave that way in anything other than carefully orchestrated demonstrations.

  • Dom

    This is the company that brought us “anti-terrorism munitions,” right? Because terrorists are impervious to normal bullets. Among said munitions? The “Fang Face” round. “Explosive entry” indeed.

    A buddy and I spent about 20 minutes laughing at their other website ( It reads like an energy drink commercial. Or maybe a parody of one, like Powerthirst.

    I’m pretty sure Linoge nailed it – their products are almost entirely solutions looking for a problem. Who really needs ammunition this complex – er, “advanced?” Some of the special-purpose frangibles probably have a place, that market could use more competition. But I’m pretty sure the existing technology for what to shoot at terrorists is more than adequate.

  • Something like this that actually works would be incredible for interdiction and hostage situations…

    That is, if it actually works. The marketing and hype make me trust extreme-shock about as far as I can hit something with a BP NAA mini-revolver.

  • ParatrooperJJ

    It doesn’t work. Pure marketing hype.

  • AJ

    Box O Truth website reviewed a bunch of Extreme Shock ammunition and found it to perform less than advertised. It’s all hype, expensive as hell and doesn’t produce results. When testing the pistol ammo that was supposed to break up on contact to prevent over-penetration, the round did not break up at all. I suspect this 50BMG stuff to be the same as the rest.Hype.

  • Please look at our new website;

    This round is real and is being utilized by various organizations.