Sig overwhelmed with demand or trying to make an extra buck?

Sig Sauer have in the past shipped two magazines with their pistols. They announced today that they would only be shipping one magazine because of unprecedented demand. From the press release:Sig Store

This change in configuration is a result of the critical shortage of magazines throughout the industry. SIG SAUER’s decision to ship commercial pistols with one magazine will allow existing and new orders to be processed without interruption.

Without this change in policy, magazine availability would severely hinder SIG SAUER’s ability to meet market demand and ship product in a timely manner. Distributor and dealer single magazine pistol shipments commence immediately.

I do wonder if this is simply a way to make extra profit and spinning it in a positive manner.

Steve Johnson

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  • Why don’t the put a voucher that you can send in to request your second magazine? This would allow them to ship to dealers a single mag and get the firearms to the dealers. They could then fill the vouchers as they were able to get inventory to do so. This would also probably not be a 1 to 1 demand of gun sold to voucher request because we know that people are always on top of sending in stuff that is in the manual if it costs an extra $.35 for a stamp.

  • War Wolf

    I call BS on this. Siggy is just being a piggy.

  • War Wolf

    AIG…SIG…See a pattern here?

  • clamp

    Sounds like a pile of horse ****. If I’m going to pay the $700-800 plus price tag I usually see on Sigs, I expect to be able to reload the pistol at least once for that amount of money.

  • I tend to believe SIG on this one,the rush to buy guns and ammo is un-precedented in the American public.
    However,the voucher idea is a good remedial action for them to take.I think that they should include a voucher for an extra magazine.

  • jdun1911

    That’s BS. Handguns aren’t selling anywhere near AR15. It’s a money grab that will backfire on them. This policy will turn the borderline buyers away.

    For those people that doesn’t have firearms and ammo. I suggest you get one soon because there is a good chance the the US government will collapse in the coming months due to incompetence. It’s good insurance. Stay safe.

  • Dom

    +1 to teke175.

    Besides – how do stamped metal parts become your bottleneck when you’re milling just about everything else but the springs?

  • JustinR

    According to MadOgre, a Sig rep told him they have 80 million dollars just in BACKORDERS. It would not surprise me if this was a legit move by SIG to get inventory shipped out, but they should lower the MSRP the appropriate amount as well.

  • JR’s boy

    No BS. I work with four major firearms distributors all over the US. Just for kicks this week, I was checking what they had listed in stock in handguns on their web sites. In Berreta 0, H&K 0, Sig 0, Para, less then a dozen, Smith couple of dozen, Karh 0, Springfield OK on XD’s but not much else. I got depressed and quit about that point. Called one of my contacts and was told it was very limited supply and all on allocation. He could get me a Sig if I needed one, but he only had one or two per model at a time.
    One of my co-workers buys mags and he can get $250K(wholesale cost) in from Pro or National and they are gone in less then a week. And that is week after week.
    Me? I buy ammo. It’s going to be hand to mouth for the rest of this year and maybe next. I’ve already had two manufacturers tell me they couldn’t produce what they already have on order within this calendar year. I am writing more and bigger orders to them this next week. I work direct with two of the big three ammo mfg in the US and they are not giving me expected dates.
    Ammo, mags, parts, guns. I fear we are going to be seeing a long dry spell.

  • Nick T

    I couldn’t really blame sig even if I tried, everyone is feeling the economic crisis, and with a backlog of orders, and each magazine at a couple bucks a pop, that could be the difference between staying afloat, and going bankrupt. Its a smart move on their part, in case this little economic pinch we’re in goes even more sour, it could help them stay in the running even longer, and keep them going strong through it.

    If it helps a good gun company stay with it, I think we should take this little sacrifice.

  • Burner

    This isn’t the first or last time Sig stooped low to make an extra buck. Anyone remember the CPO guns with the painted on finishes that would flake of after first cleaning?

    BTW, you guys need to stop fueling the fudder with this buying ammo and guns crap, I can’t find ammo to train my students.

  • The Sig Trailside only came with one magazine, and that was long before the current mess; and even though it’s molded polymer the damn things sell for more than $40 now