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  • JR

    I have been saving my pennies for the KRISS. Now it looks like I will have to save even more.

  • Brandon

    WHAT THE… that thing is freakin’ huge. thanks but with that size, price, and barrel length I’ll get myself a STI Eagle 6″

  • Dom

    In previous posts on this and here, there are lots of remarks about how expensive this thing is. Granted, it even _looks_ expensive…but what exactly is the price?

    By the way, I am in no way affiliated with the following, but I have shot one of their kits before. You could have yourself a Glock 21 and a carbine – doubtlessly for less money – with this kit:

    • Jon

      Its MSRP is $1900

  • Carl

    This looks somewhat over-engineered. I´m somewhat skeptical to the effectiveness of redirecting the recoiling mass downwards. Putting the barrel lower seems like a good idea to counter muzzle climb though. The ejection port looks like it sits really high too, like the shell casings could have problems getting out.

    A Glock 21 + full auto switch + big magazine seems like more fun to me… Assuming this is legal in your jurisdiction, obviously.

    This is a great blog, by the way!

  • Valhalla

    Actually it’s not that big. Look it up on Youtube, and the recoil system is amazing.

  • Cymond

    The supposed advantage of the Kriss is reduced recoil & muzzle climb, allowing faster follow up shots.

    As far as a fullauto glock 21, there are no transferable 21’s that I know of, and they would be expensive if they do exist. Not everyone is willing to go to the lengths of creating a class 2 manufacturer just to own a fullauto. Nor are they willing to start a class 3 ffl and get a demo letter from a law enforcement agency. (And not everyone has the political connections to get a demo letter from a leo.)

    As for the MechTech carbine, I suppose it’s fine but the fast follow up shots of the kriss still appeal to me. Plus, the MechTech is only a good value if you already own a glock … I wouldn’t want to pay out $1000 for one.

  • I wonder how much inspiration was taken from the rate reducer on the original Vz61… a weight that was thrown against a spring, downwards into the grip, where it would rebound and release the FA sear…

  • Whatever

    This thing is the most overhyped piece of junk out there right now. The claims for this thing just don’t add up.

  • Very nice!

    I like it! 🙂

    • Rifles, thanks for the video. I have added it to the article.

  • Mike

    The shooter in the video needs a little more sauce on that chicken wing.

  • J.A. James

    Okey dokey. I’ve shot an HK-UMP in .45ACP. I’ve shot .45ACP in everything from a single shot derringer-oid thing (which was brutal to fire) to a conversion kit for a 12ga shotgun. Recoil is not that big a deal. It’s manageable. It’s something that even tiny little people can be trained to deal with.

    The Kriss. It’s larger than a 1911, Sig-220, TC-Contender in 45-70, Glock M20, and looks to be almost as long overall as the UMP. It’s got a kinda-sorta (from an engineering standpoint anyway) recoil system. With a lot of parts. What happens when half a cup of sand falls into the top of this thing out in the field? With my Sig, I dropped the magazine and upended a half full bottle of mineral water through the ejection port. Reloaded and shot another several hundred rounds. Then my Sig went back into a nylon pack only slightly larger than a paperback book.

    Can I fill the Kriss with sand, dump some Evian into it and have it continue to work the rest of the day or does it have lots of mechanical widgets down inside that need more than a splash of water to degunge? Can I conceal it under a mechanics shirt and carry it all day, every day for months at a stretch and have it fire every time it’s used during that time even when it was not nearly as clean as perhaps it should have been?

    How much does the Kriss cost? Recoil management is a very silly reason to build a widget that looks an awful lot like the sear release thingamajig on a late-50s Czech machinegun? (technical, ordnance term here… long day, can’t find my drawings… cut me a bit of slack please.)

    Other than pure range coolness value, does this offer any advantages of similarly sized submachineguns? Is it easier to maintain at the operator and armorer level than a vastly more powerful, more effective 5.56 or 7.62 carbine? Does this offer any real tactical advantages or is it just another bit of kinda-sorta cool engineering that’s gotten way too much hype?

  • Royce C.

    (With a nod to J.A. James)I have been hearing that the Super V suffers from failure to fire/failure to feed malfunctions on a regular basis.(I Don’t think sand, water or dirt was involved)

    Could anyone with hands on firing experience with the carbine, or in-depth engineering insight please confirm or expain?

    It’s an interesting concept, but it seems like it might be susceptible to failure in adverse conditions, being a (fairly) complicated mechanism and all.

    • Shane

      I have a Kriss Vector and I can’t make it through a 25 round mag without multiple feed malfunctions! I can’t even make it through the stock Glock 21 mags without a malfunction! I bought it two months ago, and found out it was on the shelf since 2009. Now I’m wondering what needs to be done to it to avoid the constant malfunctions! Any help?

  • Jason

    Too much Hk theatricks,dump it in dirt, try that with the bolt open on your MP5k?,so what your realy saying is it needs a dust cover? that is fair enough. Recoil sensitive overrated? do you think that a 5.6 lbs firing full auto 45 ACP at 1000 rounds-per-minute hard to handle and stay on target? wow you must be a giant! .The Kriss does it better then anything in it’s weight class with all Hk theatricks aside.

    Who ever is crying about my semi Kriss does not work should send it back for a free upgrade and wipe his tears with the owner’s manual page 2.