Colt LE6940 AR-15

The Colt LE6940 Monolithic Advanced Law Enforcement Carbine, an upgrade of the 6920, have started popping up for sale. The rifle features Colt’s new monolithic upper receiver. This 1-piece receiver is machined from aluminum billet and includes a full length rail.

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Photos from Gunbroker auction

The LE6940 has a 16.1″ free-floating, barrel, MaTech back-up rear iron sight and gas block mounted front sight. The rifles pictured are semi-automatic, but I am sure Colt will produce a variant with a rock-and-roll switch for law enforcement.

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Bottom rail detaches from monolithic upper receiver (from Gunbroker)

The Colt name does not come cheap, although neither do monolithic receivers, and if you can find one for sale it will probably cost you $2400-$2800. It does come with two 20 round magazines and a sling … if that makes the price easier to swallow.

Some more photos:





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  • Nick

    OMG not another AR!!!!

  • jdun1911

    I like monolithic receivers but they tend to be on the heavy side. Great for accuracy tho.

  • jdun1911


    AR15 prints money. It’s like you own your own money printing press.

  • John Manion

    June 5,2009 Just purchased a Le 6940 quality is exceptional the best ive seen in Ar-15 at any price. My understanding this rifle was made for the military and Law Enforcement,it shows. For iron sights they are very adequate,use to have s Sigarms556 iron sights were terrible.The LE 6940
    feels good handles nice all around i believe the expression is its “THE BEST
    Shop around before you buy they are going to be hard to get but prices vary$1800.00 to $2600.00 . I lucked out i know a dealer i paid $1800.00
    and worth every penny. Being military i can see if in Afganistan this is the
    rifle for close quarters operation.

  • may have to upgrade from my 6920 LEO Colt. The new Ruger SLR .223 AR Rifle looks nice also though.

  • I got this gun for $1,700 new at a great gun shop that my dad and I visit, love this rifle, I really is the best of the best! The only upgrade needed is the gas piston conversion kit and you have a $3,100 H&k 416 rifle, haha.

    Man, I love guns…

  • Johnny Roast Beef

    I just got my LE 6940 today for $1649. Box had never been opened yet.
    Can’t wait to get out behind the house and do some shooting. Much nicer than the other AR/M4 variants i had looked at before i bought this gun.
    I paid sticker price at the local gun shop and they threw in a cheap hard case too.

  • Jesse

    I’ve had mine for about a month now and shot approx. 500 rounds. So far this rifle works fantastic. I would definately shop around though. I picked mine up at a local dealer unopened for 1,425.00. It had a 2,000.00 price tag on it. From what I understand Colt does not have an MSRP so it’s pretty much up to the dealer to decide what to charge. My dealer said he was making 100.00 dollars on the deal and I would say that has to be at least close to true.

  • Helo05

    Just ordered my LE6940.Although I’m way behind on these other postings, paid $1,475.00 for a package deal. Guess they’ve been out for a little while, but I was still seeing offers above(!) $2,000.00,..incredible.The “hit” people take when they don’t shop around.Guess I thought I needed another railed rifle behind my M&P15T and the Robinson XCR(which I haven’t had the chance to try out yet. Sooo lookin’ forward to the Colt. Guess I’ll have to start selling off 2-3 to make room for my ‘favorites’..

  • Tom

    To whom it may concern;
    In May of 2009 I purchased a LE 6940. The quality is exceptional without question the best I’ve seen in AR-15 at just about any price. My understanding this rifle was made for the military and Law Enforcement, you can tell. The LE 6940 feels good, handles like a dream and is a nice all around rifle; I believe one could say “THE BEST OF THE BEST.”
    Look around; I have seen them going for al low as 1700 bucks and das high as 2700 bucks. I lucked out and got mine for just 1795.00.
    Since then I’ve replace the iron sights with a Red dot scope and gotten larger magazines, even a C-Mag.
    The ability to shoot either .223 or 5.56 without hurting the gun is wonderful.

  • josh

    i just picked up a LE6940, my first ar15 rifle. paid $1460.00 out the door. after comparing the LE6940 to other AR rifles, i feel the LE6940 is a better buy. you might pay a little bit more than other basic AR’s, but for what the LE6940 comes with, the LE6940 is a better deal in the long run. i will end up spending less with the LE6940 than trying to bring another AR up to my specs.

  • I bought this model last summer and I am impressed with the build and quality. I removed the Matech BUIS and put a Troy on and added a SureFire E2DL and a harris bipod. The only optic that is zeroed is a Trijicon TA31RCO-M4CP ACOG. All mounts are QD and from LaRue Tactical. I also own 3 M4 type Bushmasters. I paid around $1800. and I have noticed the prices go up not down. Excellent Monolithic design, and my current set-up with my Colt 6940 is working great.

  • Realist

    Like someone said in this string of ‘comments’, this AR is like owning your own printing press. I too shopped around and was amazed by pricing; I picked up mine, NIB, for $1351 – shipping included. I put a C-More ATAC on in mere seconds and was hitting everything I aimed at; ranging from 75 yrds out to 200. I’ll see how it fares on longer ranges; I’ll be heading to the gun club in a few days.

  • Ron

    Looking over the ACR, SCRA, and the new CM901 coming out. there only claim to fame is swapping out ammo, or the gas piston.

    I dont want to fire 7.69, or 6.8, and I will keep my rifle clean.

    5.55 or .223 is just fine for me, so I am going with the 6940.

  • tyler

    great weapon for the time i had it until my bold catch shattered some how and ruined my upper reciever.

  • PSYOP 7th grp

    I used this rifle in fallujah iraq and fell in love with it. Alot of guys loved the rifle just wanted a heavier caliber. I love the rifle and just wanted better ammo. A 556 with hollow points makes one heck of a mess up close and personal. Anyways i bought my sp6940 for 1260.00 out the door. The pony has earned her reputation and this rifle is no exception. The rifle is sub moa all day long with no malfunctions.