Steve Johnson

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  • Heath

    Cool! But not cool enough to give up $100 to own one.

  • ExurbanKevin

    Any photos of the punt gun that uses that shell? :)

    • Steve

      ExurbanKevin, LOL

  • Fidget

    I’m sure some postal carrier would be afraid to open it . . . probably complain to the Brady Bunch or sumpin’.

  • Heath

    Hey, I didn’t get e-mail notification of these replies and I am subscribed to this entry. Any ideas?

    • Steve

      Heath, I will look into it (did this reply come through)

  • Heath

    No, I didn’t get your reply. I will change my notification e-mail addy to my G-Mail account and see if that helps.

    • Steve

      Heath, thanks. Email me if you continue to have problems.

  • michelle

    anyone know where i can buy one?? seems everywhere i looked they are all sold out or out of stock.ebay has none, great big stuff, amazon ect are all out…thanks

  • http://TheFirearmBlog grandpa

    I like it very much. one problem i can foresee is out here in the woods some jack ass would steal it or run it over with a high rise truck.