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  • Tom

    BATFE are a bunch if indian givers 🙁

    It really goes ruffle my feathers that an agency can change their mind and rules at the drop of a hat.

  • dogon1013

    Are there any other appeals possible?

  • jdun1911

    SCOTUS that’s the last stop in any cases.

  • Noah Sachs

    Can someone summarize what is going on for this?

    • The Akins device allows a for simulated full auto fire, now as bump firing, from a semi-automatic Ruger 10/22 rifle. I say simulated because it is not really full auto.

      The accelerator is basically a stock that allows the entire action, trigger group and barrel to recoil inside the stock when a shot is fired. Basically all the working parts move backwards. A recoil spring then pushes then forward again. Now all someone needs to do is keep their finger down on the trigger area and when the action recoil spring pushes the rifle back the operators finger will depress the trigger.

      You can see the rifle moving backwards and forwards in this video:

      The disadvantage of this system is that because the entire rifle is constantly moving backwards and forwards it will be incredibly inaccurate.

      There are many different techniques to “bump fire” just about any rifle. Do a search on youtube for “bump fire”.

      The issue is that the ATF originally have them the ok for production, because a single trigger pull was required for each shot (the device simply makes that trigger pull happen very fast). They then changed their minds and now classify it as an illegal full auto modification. Akins took them to court over it and lost.

  • Bill Akins

    Steve is basically correct in his explanation except for one thing.
    The linear motion of the barrel does not make the firearm in the accelerator stock inaccurate at all. The barrel/receiver only comes back approx 3/4ths of an inch and then is pushed back forward by the recoil spring on the linear motion assembly. The linear motion assembly has linear bearings on two support rods. The barrel comes straight back and straight forward again. It happens so fast you can barely see the barrel/receiver move. It is very accurate compared to bumpfiring a firearm in any other way since the recoil is absorbed by the spring and the firearm does not rise up under recoil, plus the linear bearings that the rods ride within, very accurately hold those rods and thus thus the accuracy of the firearm is very good. I could easily keep most of my bullet strikes on a paper plate at 50 yards. My accelerator stock was never intended to be a target stock, it was designed for plinking fun. It did a very adequate and accurate job for that and was the most accurate way to bumpfire available.

    • Bill, my mistake, a paper plate at 50 years would be plenty accurate. I am sorry this did not work out for you 🙁

  • Brandon Waddell

    Excpect more anti-gun rulings now that we have Mao-bama in office. Bill can you still sell you stocks without the springs?

    • Brandon, even if he could, adding the springs would be a SERIOUS federal offense.

  • Dave

    While serving in RVN the AR’s sent to us were either single fire or full auto, which we dubbed spray and pray. The first auto’s had probloms and the rivers in Nam are full of the things. The full auto feature works well in a clean enviroment with the right powder but get it too hot she will malfunction. When they went to the three round auto burst, accuracy got better, malfunctions got less to the point most of the free world use the new AR. The super close tolorances were eliminated , they went to a gas piston operation to cut down on the extream heat and powder fowling that caused cook offs and allowed cleaner operation.
    Bump fireing is fun but accuracy was bad. The Akins device worked as stated and I believe the powers that be are trying to keep us peons from having fun. The new stock seems to basically do what the Akins did with the exception of the complete rifle moves without useing a spring, with the operator keeping the rifle foreward to create the bump fire. This device seems to be the thing for fun and keeps the fire within manageable control. The full auto spray and pray with the old bumpfire method shooting at the hip John Wayne style seems to be eliminated and a person can still have a manageable target grouping. I do not have one of these but a friend of mine has one and from shooting his I have posted this. I don’t know what the ATF will do in the future because BHO has deamed we old soldiers, anyone with combat experience that can shoulder a weapon, is a potential terrorist. Only time will tell if this nice piece of equiptment will be reclassified or not.